Author:Joshua Daniel

A proven seller, this biography relates the Spirit-filled and Spirit-anointed life of Mr. N. Daniel, a man whom God trusted to demonstrate His mighty revival power in modern times. Although relatively unknown in the West, Mr. Daniel’s life and that of his family has brought abundant blessing to many poor students and thousands of people in India, Germany, Canada, the United States, and several other countries. The father of the author of the popular ‘Get Set...Go,’ Mr. Daniel faithfully set revival fires burning in several locations throughout the world, fires which are still burning the tin and dross out of the Christian church to this day. Mr. Daniel believed in and proved a speaking and a hearing Lord Jesus, often in the face of great hostility. He also imbibed some of the deeper aspects of Sundar Singh’s walk with God by being with him for a season. Sensitively written by his son Joshua, this account turns on its head the idea that ‘God is dead;’ or that the Acts of the Apostles are to be relegated to the history books.