Author: Joshua Daniel

It is truly sad that, as one moves along the Interstate today past Utica, Troy, and Adams, towards New York, there appears not to be even an ember remaining of the great revival fires God set ablaze through Charles Grandison Finney. Surely, if Christians would obey God’s call to them as Finney did, the whole world would once again know a living God rules on the earth. It has been estimated that at least a hundred thousand souls were converted to Christ during Finney’s ministry; the vast majority of whom remained true to the end of their lives. A New York lawyer by profession, Mr. Finney was soundly converted, subsequent to reading the Bible as part of his law studies. Unlike many of us who may think heart-converting revival a thing of the past, or not part of our responsibility, Finney’s response to Jesus’ ownership of his life resulted in prolific evidences of the fruits of the Holy Spirit, emphatically proving the reality of God, His Kingdom, and His righteousness. Wherever Finney went, revival fires broke out, thousands were brought to an eternal trust in the living God; and God’s righteousness was established in the lives of many.