68th Anniversary Report


“… And the Iron Did Swim!”

(II Kings 6:6)


 There are certain benchmarks of faith which the Bible sets before us.  Now when we fall short of these benchmarks, then the spiritual deterioration which sets in cannot be remedied, merely by new policies, fine agendas and a feeling of well-being generated by apparent advances. The real level of faith and the walk of faith, can only be achieved when one is closeted deep in a holy communion with God. Thus even a reverent recounting of advances and exciting developments can only be totally misleading. I wish there would be some way of presenting all the friends and the members of the Fellowship with a peep at ‘the gauges of heaven’. Only those gauges speak of the real state of our hearts and thus of the work.

In the 6th Chapter of II Kings, we see a simple picture of how faith works. Here was Elisha, the successor of Elijah the great prophet, in the midst of a training session. The trainees were called the sons of the prophets. These sons of the prophets reported to Elisha with some measure of distress that their accommodation was getting too crowded. It was proposed that they should go to the river Jordan and with new beams and timber build a new dwelling. They secured the assent of the prophet Elisha and proceeded with their plan.  It so happened that as they were felling some timber, the axe-head got loose and fell into some deep water. One of the young men cried out, “Alas, Master! for it was borrowed.”  In today’s living, many who borrow do not worry the least that they fail to return the borrowed implement or even lose it. But these were men with a conscience; otherwise they could not be with the prophet.

Now to many of us such a situation as a lost axe-head would present no difficulty. We would go to a hardware store and buy a proper axe. Many do not however realise that very often in a work of God, there is not money to buy some essential implements. People without faith often imagine that a Fellowship such as ours has plenty of money. Money and faith stand in inverse proportion. When money goes up, faith goes down. But when one has to pray much and seek God’s Face for every little need or purchase, then faith increases.

If Elisha did have a lot of money with him, he probably would have pulled out his wallet and said, “Fine, that is no problem. Go and buy a couple of proper axes, then you can return the borrowed axe and retain the other for our use.” Evidently Elisha’s mind simply did not think in those lines. The thinking that originates from faith is so different. The natural mind of man will get upset and exasperated by ‘faith-thinking’.

What did Elisha do? He asked, “Where did the axe fall?” The place was pointed out in the waters. He simply cut down a stick and cast it on the indicated place in the waters. Lo, and behold, what followed is against all the laws of science! Human minds could never have conceived such a plan to retrieve a heavy axe-head which had sunk into deep waters.  Yes, what followed was an act of God and a victory of faith. “The iron did swim!”  The young trainee who had been in such distress over the lost axe-head simply reached out and took it up.

Herein is a basic principle of faith.  When we talk about God, we are talking about the supernatural. Thus to try and explain all things pertaining to God, in terms of natural thinking and reasoning, is evidently wrong. No amount of natural reasoning is going to explain true faith and the supernatural. The early church was built by ‘God working with them,’ as the disciples went out preaching the Good News that Christ has died for all mankind’s sins and that the perfect sacrifice was made for our redemption. It is when God ceases to work with us that programmes, plans, finance committees, oft-expressed fears, and such like fill the huge vacuum. Now it is for us to tremble before the word of God. It is when programmes and plans increase that we begin to trust in the arm of the flesh.

When placed in leadership either in a small circle or a larger arena, or even as the head of a small family, the understanding and pursuit of the ways of faith are absolutely essential. People who have never learnt faith should not even aspire to leadership or want to appear on the platform. Now seeking the place of prayer, where God instructs you in righteousness and faith, is more important than appearing on a platform.

Oh, may the Living God help us to produce Elishas and not mechanical and mental robots. Let us turn to the precious promises which God has given us and put our whole trust in His unalterable word.

The following brief and incomplete narration of God’s works are for those who wish to give praise to Jesus’ wonderful and Holy Name.


New Centres and Advances

 The New Hall Under Construction in Beulah Gardens

Whereas the Scripture tells us, “They were all together in one accord in one place.” From several angles this is becoming very hard to secure. The largeness and the diversity of the Fellowship is becoming more evident to anyone who looks at the congregations at one of our Retreats in Beulah Gardens. With so many nations, peoples, races and languages from widely disparate climes and kindreds present, it is only the Holy Spirit that can give to such a group unity of thinking, of purpose and the one undivided goal of exalting the Lord Jesus.

As the congregation has got larger and larger, of necessity they sat scattered under the shade of trees all around. The congregation extended to almost 140 to 150 yards from the pulpit. Now this does not help towards cohesion, togetherness or oneness. But it is becoming increasingly difficult to physically gather everyone under one roof.

The new hall for which some columns had come up as early as three years ago stood as indicators of our poor faith. Now seeing that the projected hall would far exceed what was originally conceived, and being well aware that the engineers of the Fellowship were busy with their own jobs and ill-equipped to handle this huge construction, Bro. Joe prayerfully decided to call in a competent construction company. We were to make room for them to take over the meeting area as soon as the All Asia Students’ camp gave over in October. In spite of the monsoon breaking out shortly after the students’ camp in late October, these construction people with their considerable expertise have managed to make good progress. As to how the considerable bills have been met to date, is something which makes us wonder and give God all the glory.

God willing, it will take at lease six months more of steady work and a great deal of outflow of money before this hall will be fully functional. It is designed to hold a very large congregation.


Our New TV Broadcasts

The effects of our current Tamil TV broadcast of a little more than one year, are being widely felt. Inasmuch as Bro. Joe speaks in English and the translation immediately follows, it is like a double whammy to those who know English and Tamil. Furthermore, our message which is direct and simple is being used of God to touch many new people.

From the 18th of  February, 2003, the Lord helped us to go on the air, this time in Telugu over a popular commercial channel, by the name of Teja. While we have discouraged people from buying televisions merely because they wish to hear our preaching, yet there are many who by listening are being strengthened in faith and being rebuked and pulled up by the standards set before them in the broadcast.

Gujarat, the home state of Mr. Gandhi has turned out to be the seat of unspeakable and inhuman atrocities. The illegal activities of even the State Police of Gujarat are widely known  as they continue to harass the small Christian minority in that state. In spite of a High Court order forbidding the police from taking house to house statistics of Christians, they continue to threaten and question law abiding citizens simply because they are Christians. Such are the State-sponsored violations of human rights in this State. The law itself is held hostage by fanatic rulers.

We are convinced that this mindless religious hatred which breaks out in barbaric and brutal acts and bloodshed is due to a total lack of knowledge of the love of God made known and manifest by the coming of Christ, His death and resurrection. Thus on every Sunday morning over a Gujarati channel, the Lord enables us to publish forth His living word. May the Lord burden you to pray for these broadcasts, as they enter strange homes where Christ was neither known or mentioned.

Inching forward to the heart of India (and the neighbouring countries), where Hindi-speaking people number 400 million, we have just commenced a week ago a broadcast in Hindi over ETC channel, which has a very wide coverage. With real prevailing prayer if we plead for souls, God will touch millions through this one telecast alone.

Setting up our own facilities for producing these broadcasts is steadily going forward. We need the touch of God on every member of the crew as they engage in the heavy work involved behind the scenes, in the studios.


In Jammu and Kashmir

While a small Sunday service has commenced in Jammu, the work there is still in its cradle. Let us pray for faithful men and women to rise up here, in spite of the turbulence and danger of terrorist attacks which permeate the atmosphere.

During the four days of meetings, most of the team members from other parts of Kashmir came in and the Lord granted us His presence at the small retreat here. Even the Hindu owner of the hall which we occupied, observed the totally different atmosphere generated by the prayerful conduct of the people and began to attend the meetings.


A New Centre in Panruti, South Arcot District

Certain regions around Pondicherry the former French colony, have had very little preaching of God’s word. Thus many people have been deprived the saving truths of the Gospel. We too have been slow in penetrating these regions.

Panruti is a place of bustling commercial activity. A young pharmacist who at one point actively opposed the Gospel turned to the Lord when the Lord spoke to him. Moved by a desire to reach souls, he built a simple structure and was waiting a long time for its dedication.

Bro. Joe was greatly surprised by seeing a large overflowing crowd waiting at 8 in the morning on a working weekday to hear the message. A team of our brothers assisted him in this dedication service. The vast majority of the people in the crowded hall and the temporary shamiana erected next to it, were of course non-Christians. Many of them would never have heard the word of God before. If and when the fire of God comes down at all our services and especially those special services of dedication, then we will have spreading flames of revival reaching into remote regions. But if this has to be achieved by organisation, then obviously it cannot produce the results which only revival brings forth. No amount of organisation can take the place of revival. Some faithful brothers have been labouring in these parts including Bro. Johnston.


New Hall in Repalle, Andhra Pradesh

This place which saw revival under the ministry of  Mr. Daniel (senior) over sixty years ago, has never had a centre owned by the Fellowship. Now in the midst of rice fields, in a quiet part of town, stands our simple hall where people are receiving God’s word.

In July in spite of injuring his leg very badly earlier in the day, at the dedication of our new hall, Bro. Joe managed to haul himself up the three or four steps to the platform, being in great pain and preached God’s word practically standing on one foot most of the time.


In Gudiwada, Andhra Pradesh

A small place by the main road leading to this big commercial town bustling with business, has been recently acquired. Three nights of meetings took place here with the crowd seated in the open air. The neighbouring housing plots had also to be used to seat the people, as there was no room in our own premises. By and by as the Lord enables us, a place of worship will be erected.


The New Bookstall in Noida

Just adjacent to Delhi is this busy town of Noida, from which many commute to work in Delhi, a small bookstall had been functioning in a kind of irregular manner, for some time now. There was no person who could man the bookstall all the time.

Now in a much bigger place which we managed to rent, a bookstall with a wider selection of books and Bibles has been established. The Lord is enabling the brothers sent to run this bookstall to take these valuable books to various needy corners in this strategic place.


The School in Bansi, Uttar Pradesh

This school situated around 40 km from Nepal, operates in two sections; one in the hired premises which belongs to an erstwhile prince who is happy to entrust his premises to us; the other section is in our own small piece of land where we have put up simple structures.

Only a single day could be found for this distant yet strategic centre in the busy schedule of Bro. Joe. The Annual School Day function had already commenced when Bro. Joe arrived.

The plays which the children enacted were both revealing and inspiring. They brought new values to the audience who were largely Hindu and Moslem parents. Love and forgiveness which the Lord Jesus exemplifies  were set before the people.

When Bro. Joe spoke, the people listened with rapt attention. Dr. and Mrs. Karunakaran came from Nepal and shared in the programme. What a thrill it was to see five hundred children being ministered to by the faithful work of our dedicated teachers!


Medical Camps around Beulah Gardens

Teams of our doctors and nurses have been conducting free medical camps in the district around Beulah Gardens. Villagers are generally taken for ignorant and backward people. But the villagers around metropolitan areas are shrewd and calculative people. Not all of them are poor either. Socialism has certainly taught people everywhere one thing for sure—to look out for what one can get for free. So when they see many people going in and out of Beulah Gardens and the hectic construction activity inside, they quickly assume that there is a lot of money in Christian work. Now this impression benumbs their soul such that their minds are turned off from receiving anything higher.

Our medical camps are drawing hundreds of people. They see these busy doctors and nurses giving of their time, expertise and even free medicine, with love and gentle care. Even the hard and the cynical must surely see that there is something strange here! Surely they must wonder, “While medical doctors are hard-pressed for time everywhere  and they are barely able to pay their own bills and establishment cost in many cases, why are these men and women serving us, poor people?”

In the most recent medical camp, finding no other place from which to administer medical care to the people, our team actually operated from a panchayat office (village government office). However men may interpret our service of love, our motives are clear—we cannot but love and serve such that men will see Jesus.



Youth and Children’s Camps

 In nearly all our retreats anywhere, there is a sizeable group of students. But the camps which are exclusively designed for students and school children are becoming numerous, as we reach out to many areas.

Our Children’s camps are slightly different. The age group that is to be found at our children’s camps is from the Elementary school level upto the college level.

The well-attended Royapuram children’s camp was held as usual. The large group of children always presents a new heart-warming sight. It is very helpful that many of the parents of the children also attend the camp. This is a plus point which helps and ensures that the light given to the children, will not be quickly snuffed out in the home.

The Vellore children’s camp had revival meetings of the evenings added on to it. On the last night of this camp, when Bro. Joe addressed the gathering, there were many children and their parents from several outlying areas present.

At Langol in Imphal the capital of Manipur, our students’ camp is attracting more and more young people. The culture of idleness which is an age-old disease amongst the male population is driving many young men into the arms of insurgent and terrorist groups. Once they are recruited by these groups, it is very hard for them to gain their release. The effort to regain their independence often leads to their being shot and killed. A few of these young people, after meeting the Lord, are quitting these outfits, which terrorize the countryside.

Our students’ camps at Shillong a certain school of Kohima, Nagaland and Assam are resulting in young lives being touched and transformed.


The All-Asia Students’ Camp at Beulah Gardens

It is quite amazing that what began as a students’ camp for fifty or sixty young people has now become one where around 2500 young people gather to learn of the Lord and unlearn selfish values that destroy their talent and potential.

One of the largest groups at this camp in October was from Arunachal Pradesh. Their travel alone consumed nearly six to seven days. Now as God gives us a burden for China, Burma and other neighbouring countries, these young people from border areas become key people in the future advances to reach unreached people.

Although the much-awaited North-East monsoon appeared to break in upon us, yet the Lord stayed its fury such that the students’ camp went on unhindered.



Spreading Labours


It is never easy to continue the momentum generated by a person who would delve deep into the problems and bonds which hold people captive. Late Bro. Francis Daniel was wonderfully helped  to reach a wide variety of needy people.


The three nights of meetings, which came barely a month after the Home-going of  Francis, served to strengthen many who felt terribly bereaved by his death. But alas, these meetings were all too brief and quite inadequate to address the spiritual needs of this state and computer capital of India.



After a long night’s journey, Bro. Joe was also able to address the meeting next day at Dharapuram in Tamil Nadu.


The crowd here quite overflowed our small grounds. Bro. Jeyaraj,  the automotive foreman who was converted forty years ago, when an evening’s walk with his wife in the park brought him within the sound of the preaching of God’s word in the Coimbatore Coronation Park campaign of 1963, has been doing very good work.


This new centre needs further help and attention.



Nagpur, situated close to the mid-point of India, is a needy city, obdurately fixed in its opposition to the Gospel. Nominal Christians of this area have no doubt greatly contributed to the feeling among non-Christians that Christian teaching is an unnecessary implant and Christian work is some sort of foreign intrusion. Surprisingly no one seems to be ashamed of the fact that the plot to kill Mr. Gandhi and the orders to assassinate him went out from here. But only true love, meaning the love of the Cross, can break down the prejudice and hatred in the heart against the most lovely Person that ever graced this planet, the Lord Jesus.


There stands today a rather rickety hall built with much labour by our brothers, hard by a busy section of the city. This small hall was full and spilled over at our humble meetings.


Madurai and Pallamcottah

The southern districts of Tamil Nadu such as Madurai, Ramnad and Tirunelveli have been somewhat neglected both in our prayer and in the allocation of time devoted to ministry here. As we all know, true Christian work can never be static. Some of the older members of the team may get feeble and even incapable of much dynamic thrust, but God’s word, when the anointing abides, continues to stir new souls and use them powerfully.


New blessing and outreach in and around Madurai is visible. Bro. Christian Paul who was converted as a boy years ago under Mr. Daniel’s  (senior) ministry, is being used of God in this area.


Our team here needs to be augmented by men with prophetic fire.


In Pallamcottah, where the meetings were held right in the middle of the heat wave, we are expecting to see a new outburst of blessing, which will engulf numerous key outlying centres.


The team consisting of Dr. Jesudas, Bro. C. Paul and others was joined by Bro. Joe and Sister Lily Daniel for the last three days of the meetings.



The two nights given to the meetings on an elevated ground which has to be developed into the playing grounds of our High School here, made a wonderful meeting ground. A very large number of people gathered from all around and heard God’s word.


Dr. Frank and the team worked hard to get this undeveloped hillock-top ready for these meetings. On the second night, a severe storm which threatened to completely blow us away suddenly stopped when the message commenced. This was so spectacular that everyone could notice it. The stormy wind resumed after the meeting concluded and the people had left!  A group of our brothers had gathered behind the make-shift platform and prayed that God would still the storm and the dear Lord graciously answered.



No branch of the vineyard of the Lord should languish or fail in fruitfulness. It is true that we have not been able to take special care of the suburban areas around Madras.


This college town has a great deal of industry close by now and is such a big centre of population today. Our old prayer-shed with its very limited seating capacity should have been pulled down long ago, to make room for a structure which will hold some five or six times the number, which the present shed holds. We have been slow in prayer, in faith and in building up the lives of souls. The spiritual hindrance to this work lies in the heart and not in physical conditions or limitations of the prayer hall. To build a hall is pretty simple in comparison to recalling people to a state of true brokenness.


Our public meetings always draw new souls, but our follow-up by which I mean travailing for each soul, is poor.



Some congregations like the one in Avadi and Ambattur have not been built on the deep foundations of repentance and true faith. People have just come together drawn by the successful glow of our work. Such people are a headache to themselves and to others.


Like John Wesley of old, Bro. Joe is having to scrutinize and remove some of these unspiritual people. Those who are getting voluntary premature retirement with the expressed desire of building God’s work can in fact have other motives. However, most of our people who have obtained premature release from their work places have done so with a sincere desire to give themselves more fully to the Lord and His work.


The two campaigns which were held in Avadi drew many people, but sadly the want of personal work has greatly diminished a rich harvest of souls.



 Campaigns in Andhra Pradesh

 The work in Andhra state seems to be growing numerically all the time in terms of people and new prayer sheds or halls. By nature and by habit these Telugu-speaking people are tied pretty strongly to their lands and their places of birth. In other words, they don’t generally move very far from their own districts.

When revival first broke out over sixty years ago in the heart of Andhra State, people who were touched by God’s fire began to go out and preach God’s word. Their physical and financial well-being did not count with them, but doing God’s will stayed first. Thus most of the first moves in the Fellowship’s ministry were completely Gospel-oriented. Some poor wage-earning labourers used to work eighteen to twenty days in the month and give themselves to itinerant preaching for the remaining days. Their wages were so meagre it is hard to imagine how they managed to do this, but the Gospel came first with them.

Now when town to town and village to village our centres and humble prayer sheds have proliferated, Bro. Joe keeps dinning it into hearts that halls don’t walk and concrete structures don’t talk, it is the people who must be moved by God’s love to take the Good News to others. Thus the people in the Fellowship are in great danger, where people can just get satisfied with a nice place of worship. Furthermore, this State also is so vast that it is almost like a big country in Europe, with its population of 60 to 70 million.


Sturartpuram and Hyderabad

The year’s big campaigns begin with Stuartpuram convention.


Once again this year we enlarged a section of our meetings place by putting another steel structure of 40 x 210 feet. Now besides the standing structure which totally covers a vast area of 130 x 210 feet, many shamianas and tent fixtures were brought in to accommodate the bigger than ever crowd which attended these meetings. Yet many stood outside the protection of these structures and heard the word of God, remaining under the noon day sun.


We have had to further extend our boundaries recently. Thus the compound wall has to be shifted in the western side of the campus quite a bit. Yet, as the crowds increase our campus of many acres appears quite small.


Our emphasis however is now firmly centred upon depth. We must seek spiritual depth or we shall become a fixture of history. Many people seem not to know this. Riding the high tide of spiritual blessing is easy. But we need a spiritual strength which will ride out every deep trough and squally swell.


Bro. Eric Stewart and his wife helped us at the meetings. John Daniel too managed to get free from his job for some days to minister to the people.


These meetings overlapped Hyderabad meetings. Thus both the Stewarts and John Daniel went ahead of Bro. Joe and laboured in Hyderabad.


Eluru and Vijayawada

The meetings in Eluru where in the last few years we had begun to rebuild a work which had sadly been neglected for some years, merged into the big meetings which followed 80 km (50 miles) away in Vijayawada. In spite of our best efforts, it is proving extremely difficult to meet the needs of the increasing number of people who desire our personal attention and prayer. It is very painful not to be able to answer every call for help.


Bro. Priya in Vijayawada is bringing together all the evangelists and workers in the district methodically each month for a period of prayer and waiting on God. Bro. Joe often says that he finds many Christian workers to be very ignorant people, who do not realise how much they need their brother and how much the strength of their brother makes them strong for the work of the Lord.


Vizag and Rajahmundry

Vizag the port city, 500 miles north of Madras, continues to call for our prayer and attention. The congregation has become large but this work has inherited much weakness from the shallow preaching of past years. Visiting preachers must be conscious of their grave limitations. It takes time to know the people. Then it takes a lot of time to travail for them in prayer and focus attention on particular individuals and families and then there is the question of continuity. How does a visiting preacher who preaches some fine sermon have a continuing burden unless he is a very deep prayer warrior? People cannot be fed on lollypops. Now this is the place where we have had to rely much on people who went in, preached  and directly left the place. There is a turn for the better becoming apparent and a slow turning from the superficial.


In the important suburb of Gajuwaka, some revival meetings were held prior to the campaign here. A new prayer hall too has come up in this industrial suburb.



This pilgrim town on the banks of the river Godavari continues to see souls turning to the Lord. There are however quite a number of people securely and stubbornly closeted in their ardent worship of their traditional and family deities. They seem not to care for anything except success in business in terms of money.


Nominal Christian leaders of this city have greatly undermined the work of God by showing the non-Christian population here how greedy and dishonest they are, when it comes to selling away mission lands and properties.



There is so much hunger for God’s word, especially among the poor in Tenali. With more vision and faith, a great deal can be achieved to see many transformed by the power of God. The need here calls for men of true holiness who will throw themselves with unselfish abandon into the sea of humanity which is crying out for help in these parts. 


The need being so great, Bro. Joe feels that we are touching less than a mere fringe of the need. It was earlier planned that Bro. Joe would alternate with Dr. Jayasingh in the neighbouring town of Repalle. Bro. Joe however was able to labour in Tenali for two days, as Dr. Jayasingh took up the whole burden of the Repalle meetings, around 50 km away.


The Annual Retreat

The Annual Retreat in May is becoming more and more a crucial time of renewal, of instruction in righteousness and the opening of our eyes to discern new vision, for distant fields. Bro. Joe says, this Annual Retreat cost him much prolonged soul travail, extending over many months of preparation, at the dear Lord’s Feet.

The Retreat just past required complicated arrangements. Interpretations into various languages had to take place to various groups, positioned in different parts of Beulah Gardens. As the main area of the meeting, where the big pandal or shamiana used to stand, was taken up by the construction which is taking place, a few thousand Telugu-speaking people had to be accommodated in the dining hall and a big pandal which was put up next to it. There they received both the proceedings on the main platform through an enlarged picture relayed to them, as well as the interpretation into their own language.

The main meeting was held under the high concrete slab of the gallery above. We could only use a portion of the front section of the hall. Behind the platform stood the high scaffolding which supported the freshly cast concrete of the galleries. The people were forbidden to go beyond this point. Thus many of them would have gathered little idea of the immensity of the hall behind the cut-off point of the platform.

The accommodation at the evening meeting was a little more easy, as the chairs could be set out in the wide open area, which is the apron in front of the hall. A few hundred thatched booths had to be built to accommodate the people during their sojourn at the Retreat.

The severe drought conditions obtaining over large parts of the country did not however affect us. The Lord most wonderfully supplied all our drinking water needs as well as plenty of water for bathing.

Now the Lord graciously helped with the message which we all needed. In fact this is the heart of the retreat—the message and the prayer sessions which followed. The two Johns who preached were used of God. One of them is the oldest of Bro. Joe’s boys and the other John is a real Branch of the true Vine. The latter said that he had longed for the whole year to be with us.

The kitchen section which had to handle about 2800 inmates worked hard and efficiently so that all of us were given food convenient to our need. Inasmuch as some centres had to divide the numbers of those who wished to attend the Retreat into two batches due to the limited accommodation in Beulah Gardens, we were able to keep the maximum number at any given meal to under 3000. But in the days ahead, we foresee the need to be able to provide boarding and lodging for a much larger number.

The many mercies that we saw and received from the Lord in spite of the intense heat of the sun, are hard to record here. Our Saviour and Lord did indeed walk amongst us.

Our prayer and expectation is that the 4800 and odd people who had registered at the Retreat will continue to take the spirit of the Retreat and demonstrate the Saviour’s love in many corners of the globe.  There were a few thousand others who attended the open evening meetings, who were among the unregistered visitors. It is quite certain that few amongst this latter group could have escaped the touch of the Lord.


Our Schools


Our school in Bansi sent up the second batch of students to the final Matriculation exam in March of 2002 and obtained cent percent results. WE are hoping that the faithful work of our teachers will be likewise rewarded this year.


Our Eden Matriculation School in Ponneri, Tamil Nadu, has consistently been obtaining cent per cent results for several years now. This speaks of the hard and faithful work which our teachers are putting in.


Our Matriculation schools in Salem and Mettupalayam have not yet sent up candidates to this Government exam. Gradually these two schools are adding to the class or grade level as the batch of senior students move up. Currently in both these schools, which we had decided to upgrade from their humble beginnings only a few years ago, we are facing a crisis for more class rooms.

Now by hook or crook, the government wants to get their foot in the door and interfere in several ways with our educational facilities and programmes. By the Indian constitution, minorities have the legal right to run their own institutions free of governmental interference. President Reagan’s slogan was, “Get the government off our backs.” But the present servile trend in India is, “Get the government on our backs.”  A government that cannot even supply good water to the majority of the villages and towns of India and which can only provide roads with horrible potholes, which spell death to a majority of  road users, feels that they are the repository of all wisdom and knowledge. With the government’s continual tinkering with education, the schools have only managed to produce men who have riddled and filled the administration and offices with corruption and graft. Yet nobody calls for right thinking or straight dealing.

Just providing the right kind of classrooms for our schools is costing us a great deal and the concept of sacrificial service is being interfered with by all kinds of government regulations and demands, as regards pay and retirement benefits, etc.

Thus we are swimming against the current, as always. Those who are weak-kneed in faith are bound to fall victims to the system.

In speaking of education we are really talking about the tender, mouldable minds of little ones. We want to produce girls and boys who will live upright and righteous lives which bring glory to God and blessing to many.


Our Good News Clinics


In Mettupalayam area, Dr. Franklin is greatly helped by the Lord as he now takes care of two clinics, one in Velliankadu and the second in Mettupalayam. Besides this, he has to care for the congregation and the considerable building programme as well, in Mettupalayam.


In Coimbatore, after years of painstaking work in the ancient Lutheran Eye hospital here, Dr. Jesudas is enjoying his freedom and is able to move from place to place, preaching the Word.


In the Gospel clinic in Royapuram, Dr. Jayasingh still puts in long hours of service to the poor and to the large body of patients.


In Kashmir, our crew and their ministrations continually grow. We are in the process of sending them additional staff to help with the increasing number of patients.


In Jhansi, our neurosurgeon, Dr. Jeremiah and his wife are learning a lot of lessons of faith, while they acquire the local language, Hindi. The standard practice here is to employ canvassers who direct patients to their own clinics.


In Coonoor, Dr. Gladys has added to her medical expertise by finishing a course in gynacology and child health, as an external student.


In Gummidipundi, Dr. Jayanth has been fighting a fresh surge of spiritual battles in that area.


In Guyana, South America, Dr. Daniel is being used of God, as he testifies to patients and does a full job as a preacher.


Our dental clinic in Cavan, Ireland is badly short-staffed and needs like-minded helpers.


Numerous of our doctors both men and women are labouring in various capacities and helping to take the Good News of the dear Lord and His salvation to many who would otherwise never be able to hear.


Home-call of Bro. Francis Daniel


The youngest of the Daniel children, Francis, whom God had been using widely, was called Home in August. To us who are unaccustomed to seeing people decline in health rapidly, this was a new thing. Francis himself appeared to be somewhat homesick for Heaven, but to many whom he had spiritually helped and brought to the Lord, it was a very painful loss.


To his three children and Shanthi Daniel, his wife, the parting no doubt was painful. But even at the funeral, they showed a triumphant spirit. Although many had hardly any chance to get to the funeral, a very large number gathered in a big church which was kindly let to us in Bangalore. Betty Daniel, who as a toddler sat on Francis’ knees as he played on the piano, sang one of Francis’ favourite songs, “His eye is on the sparrow” and Bro. Whitson spoke.


Francis who for long years had been the leader of music at the Fellowship and its main meetings and retreats, in his later years, had been teaching the deeper things of God to many, even in our distant centres. We sorely miss him.


Another brother who from the days of the infancy of our printing ministry, laboured much in the Lord, Bro. G. Moses was also called Home. Moses turned to the Lord as a very young schoolboy, after hearing Bro. Daniel (senior) and he is greatly missed by many. A little less than a year after his Home-going his only son, Stephen, was also called Home. Let us pray for the comfort of the wife, Sylvia Moses and the young daughter.


Bro. Vasanth of Hyderabad who was so ably interpreting Bro. Joe into Telugu at so many of his campaigns was also called away at a time when we were expecting great things to come out of his ministry. Although his two children are very young, the dear Lord will carry them and keep them.


Some of our precious evangelists too have been called Home this year. Now that the Fellowship is almost 70 years old, many of our old stalwarts are getting aged and feeble. We do not want anyone however to just fizzle out but rather they would go Home roaring with a roar and a song of praise.


 On the Literature Front

Through our books, magazines and tracts, many are being reached in widely scattered areas. Some of our books are being greatly valued and the readership of our magazines too continues to grow.


We were able to hold book-fairs in six different states. These book-fairs served to scatter the seed of God’s word and many outsiders pick up books, which will certainly turn the whole course of their thinking and make them open to God’s voice.


Our small printing facility has been hard at work, producing books in many languages.


In English, a short life of Bro. Francis Daniel has been published. In Telugu too this book has been published. For our tele-listeners a short testimony of Bro. Joe entitled, “My Story” has been published in English and Telugu. A collection of simple but deep messages of Mother Daniel has also been put out in English first. The striking title of the book is: “A Hundred Years and Still Serving!” The Lord has granted Mother Daniel yet another year. She is now 101.


In the Telugu language, Norman Duncan’s “Abraham’s Journey of Faith” has hit the bookstands . The great missionary life of Henry Martyn has also been published.


As we quickly run out of stock of our titles, we have had to reprint Martin Luther, John Wesley, Hudson Taylor, Francis of Assisi and Esther Gulshan’s Life, “The Torn Veil.”


In Tamil too, many reprints were needed. Every reprint is very expensive and we want more of you to help move these books out to needy people. Hence Sadhu Sundar Singh, the Book of Martyrs, A Wise Woman Buildeth Her Home, Victory over Demons and Fear needed reprinting


In both Hindi and Bengali, our progress is far too slow.  We need much grace to penetrate the smugness of the Hindi-speaking areas and the Bengali readers.  In Hindi the revival accounts from Finney’s life and Sadhu Sundar Singh were published for the first time. In Bengali, our book on Sadhu Sundar Singh has made its debut.


In Spanish, our publications keep continually growing. Painstakingly Bro. Klaus takes these books to the people.


“Christ is Victor” our magazine, continues to be printed for the Burmese who are being reached in the border areas, near Moreh, on the Indo-Burmese border. The Lord has given us to build our centre a stone’s throw from Burma.


Select portions of “Christ is Victor” have begun to appear in the Bengali tongue too. 


News from Overseas

Youth and Children’s Camps in Germany and UK


Whenever we had special youth camps or meetings in High schools, all the way from Australia to UK and US, the children gave us their full attention. The attention deficiency complaint of the classrooms today has never hit us at any of our youth camps.


The youth camps in Germany and UK are painstakingly planned for by our teams there. In Germany, when  the children outgrow the elementary stage, they move to the teenage camp. Many of our young people help at these camps. Our Youth camps too always attract new young people.


Bro. Joe teaches them to set high goals of faith and vision before themselves. Many of these young people suffer from the want of real role models, in whom they can see the great works of God. Youth is a time of idealism and if one cannot set before these young people great thoughts and dynamic living, our youth camps will come woefully short of the required standard.


The English children’s camp was held in Wales, in a pastoral location quite far from crowded cities. To the children from London, this is no doubt a big treat, but alas, many of them return to very sad dysfunctional families.


Over the years our brothers and sisters have cared for these children and sown the word of God patiently. We look for the time of reaping.


Our Winter and Summer Retreats in UK, France and Germany

In United Kingdom

Our Anniversary Thanksgiving services of the 15th of July are followed by these retreats, year after year.


Bro. Gunter Schmid searches hard and long to find a suitable retreat centre. The strength of our retreats is still small but many nations are generally represented. As for denting the need in the British Isles, we are still very far from it. This country needs weeping prophets. O that God would raise such men from amongst us!


In the winter, our retreat is normally held in Brixton, London. A moderately big hall in the Recreation Centre, in Brixton was used for our Winter Retreat.  Many who visit our ‘Beautiful Books’ shop in the Brixton market, get to know of this Retreat and some of them take the pains to come and hear God’s word.


The Retreat in Germany follows hard on the heels of the UK Retreat. Our numbers hold steady here and there are but few places which can accommodate our retreats these days.  Most places are geared to take only small groups.


In Germany

Young people form quite a bulk of the audience. The older people who have been faithful over the years are also there. The dear Lord must cause our young people to catch such a vision, that everything which is static around them may become a thing of the past.

In Aldingen, Germany

In this village which has now grown into a town, our team went to work and transformed an old dwelling-place into a meeting centre. Both in October and in January, the Lord helped Bro. Joe to give two days, on each occasion, to evangelistic services here.


Several people in this area who had been touched by the Lord in the early years of our work, have now moved into other churches. Probably some of them felt that our evenings’ meetings on Sundays were more like a spiritual ‘snack’ than a full meal. Since we did not provide a Sunday morning worship, many have moved to the new churches which have now sprung up. Though we have always adopted the policy of not competing with anyone, yet when people hunger for more of God’s word, we should be able to provide them a godly company which meets on Sunday mornings, which provides plenty of spiritual nourishment and fellowship for them to grow in the Lord. It is our longing that God will raise up our young people to supply what the older people could not provide.


In France

In France, a goodly group were present at a retreat in a quiet countryside, where there were nothing but scattered farmhouses.

The absence of a central place in Paris for us to conduct our services is proving to be quite a drawback. We are praying for a commodious meeting-place.


In the United States

The retreat centre which we use in Sebring, Ohio, helps all our people to get away from the hectic lifestyle of the cities where they work. Also being closer to the Eastern Sea-board of the US, people from the East and South find it easier to get to Sebring camp. These six days of the Retreat however come and go so quickly, that the only way to really advance in faith and prayer is to take hold of God very resolutely.  Some of the people at the Retreat are found praying and waiting on God.


In this year’s Retreat, we were able to fit in also the marriage of Richard Rudolf and being a young widower with three little children, being joined to a godly girl, who immediately plunged into the work of a mother, meant a lot to him. Seeing her caring for the little ones touched our hearts. The small children had prayed earnestly and asked God to send them a mother.

The people who are caretakers at this Campgrounds, ours being the end-of-season camp, knowing that we are a disciplined and godly people, look with expectancy to our coming. We on our side are always grateful for their dedicated work in keeping this camp open, in spite of the mounting restrictions and County regulations. 

In the pressures of America, the word of God appears to be carried away all too easily by the devil. There is no way in which anyone can build a cohesive and happy family in the rough and tumble of the fast-changing life and tides around us here, unless one maintains a very humble walk with God.

The children too have their special classes and are lovingly taught the word by the young mothers. Lydia Daniel too takes a few classes for young girls.

The very little time devoted to meetings here is hardly sufficient. For a revival breakthrough, we need a much more concentrated effort. In fact, the leave situation in most companies is such that many are hindered from even coming to our retreats.

The Cleveland Heart Clinic being relatively near, hardly 70 miles from the Sebring camp, immediately after our camp Bro. Joe is able to go in for his annual check-up which takes almost a whole day. He however gives all the glory to the Lord for keeping him still on the road, preaching the word of God.


In Michigan

Michigan being a northern State bordering Canada, our two week-end retreats here draw fewer people. One retreat at Thanksgiving and one at Easter time however draw several new people.

When some new Indian teachers or computer people appear at our retreats, we know that they are there for a weekend’s trip and visit and often we do not see them again. It is hard to build any work when people like that simply come to our retreats for a ‘change’. They neither touch the local population as they have little burden for them, nor have they any commitment for the ongoing work.


In Atlanta

On their way to South America, Bro. Joe and Lily Daniel stopped for three days at Atlanta. One of our young families has been pressing us for many years to give a few days to meetings here.

The present craving for instant everything has hit the churchgoers as well. Many who desire instant emotion and excitement, all in one package, opt for churches where there is high decibel music which culminates in a deafening roar which is termed worship. Now this trend of losing members has hit some churches with a long record of godliness and sound preaching of God’s word such that many young people have disappeared. These churches no doubt need some intense knee-drill and heart-searching such that they are back in their old role of bringing new life to many.

While the attendance in the Christian Missionary Alliance church in which the meetings were held, was nothing too great, yet the people were so earnest and seemed hungry for more. Schedules which leave little time to accommodate a breaking movement of revival blessing are another great hindrance to revival. After the weekend, Bro. Joe and Lily Daniel had to quickly pack their bags and leave for the meetings in Guyana, South America


In South America


Little by little we have been covering the principal centres of population in this small country. This time it was the mining town of Linden. This town had suffered the loss of many mining jobs. A small group of people however gathered for the meetings.

Each night for three days, Bro. Joe and Lily Daniel had to travel a great distance in order to reach this venue. There was in the country and countryside panic over the indiscriminate shooting that certain escaped bandits were indulging in. So not many people were out after dark. Notwithstanding this, under the protective wings of God, the team travelled long distances on dark, empty roads.

The two meetings in George Town also were owned of God. Once again Bro. Joe had to act as song leader also before preaching. Susee and her husband, who used to help so much with the music at the meetings, gave sudden notice to Dr. Danny that they were going and left the country. This is the very first time that a thing like this has happened in the Fellowship. Thus the students’ work which they had been doing, has come to be badly neglected.

Dr. Danny however is greatly helped by the Lord to continue the work. He also makes sure that week after week our radio and television message reaches many.



Leaving  George Town in the morning we reached Caracas in Venezuela in the afternoon. Then followed the long ride to the town where our small work is situated, a distance of about 240 km.  


The meetings were held in our rented apartment with people seated even in the kitchen. The Word of God however rang out through a few external speakers which carried the message to those who will hear in the neighbouring apartments of this complex. Several of the people in the audience were formerly possessed by evil spirits or in some way oppressed by them.


There were three meetings each day and there were those who made long journeys to get to the meetings. Thus there is a growing hunger for God’s word here.


Much of Bro. Klaus Klingler’s time is taken up with praying with people oppressed by evil spirits.



It must be remembered that there is a small army of burdened students, teachers, preachers, doctors, evangelists, a few businessmen and other professionals who actively partake in this work of making known the saving power and love of Jesus. To record the work of each one of this vast team is literally impossible. The Lord is using so many of them.


Many of our team members in many areas continually see mercies and victories which thrill our hearts. They also face with patience many adversities, threats and dangers. Even at the time of writing, a report has reached us that in a village where people had being laying in wait to kill our preacher and his family, a sudden turn of events made some powerful voices in the village to be strongly raised saying, “We have seen the lives of these Christian converts for many years, they are quietly doing their work and they worship without disturbing anyone. No one dare touch them.” After this warning, those who had planned to ‘kill and burn’ disappeared. Thus God in His mercy keeps answering our prayer, keeping His own people and advancing His Eternal Kingdom.