My spirit that is upon thee, and my words which I have put in thy mouth, shall not depart out of thy mouth, nor out of the mouth of thy seed, nor out of the mouth of thy seed’s seed, saith the LORD, from henceforth and for ever. Isaiah 59:21    


The above precious promise was given to my dad many years ago by our wonderful Saviour Jesus. Over the years, we have seen the unfolding of this promise to some degree. The wide expanse of this promise and the never diminishing blessing which comes from its “henceforth and for ever,” we have to reach out more resolutely and possess. This promise speaks of succeeding generations of our children and the mighty prophesying Spirit which is to rest upon them.

Now with deep concern I see the emphasis which many parents are putting upon worldly prosperity. In other words, many parents are clearly indicating that what they deem as the most important accomplishment in their children, is educational and economic advancement. Well, I can understand if the lower rungs of society think a great deal of money and position in this world. Sometimes it does happen that people from an impoverished background  have the great temptation of only looking for material benefits. Now I never saw my father looking for these economic or material promotions or gifts.

This whole work has been founded on the promises of God, a broken and a contrite spirit and revival, which endowed us with a prophetic Spirit and taught us obedience to the Word of God. Thus souls that have turned to Christ in our meetings or ministry always went to God for a word from Him confirming the work of grace done in their heart and indicating the course which was set before them. Thus God was the prime mover and not money and planning or organisational skill. On all sides, the world is seeking to demolish these foundations on which we have been built. Convenience and comfort, besides other subtle temptations, are infiltrating the hearts of those who once made discipleship their prime pursuit. Hence we are in grave danger of producing ‘cheap’ disciples. I can see clearly how big halls and a turning tide of wider acceptance and honour are dangerous new features which presage spiritual decline and a turning away from our ‘first love’ for Jesus. I clearly see how those who had once ‘run well’ have gotten into reclining chairs and rockers. Had they faced and continued to face severe tests and trials and if much less honour and money had come their way, their spirits would have been far healthier and sharper!

Now shall we get back to the humble heart, the teachable spirit, the readiness to receive rebuke and correction and thus recover the prophetic Spirit and the flaming love for our precious Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, which rested so strongly upon us. In fact, we should cry for a double portion of God’s love and power which we badly need.




New Centres and Advances


New Prayer Halls


In the Fellowship, we never have any special ceremony of any sort  to dedicate our new prayer halls. It has always been that the revival meetings themselves are the dedication! It gives great joy to the people of those places to have Bro. Joe* with them on these occasions, when he declares God’s word with great authority and power. It gives us a great opportunity to reach the unreached. Thus Bro. Joe preached in these places, by way of dedicating the new halls built there.

In Avinasi, Tamil Nadu

After two weeks of prayer and waiting on God in Coonoor, together with John and family, Bro. Joe and Sister Lily left early on the 15th of June, for Avinasi.

In this town where many have shown militant hatred towards what they consider to be an ‘alien religion’, a fair-sized prayer hall was dedicated to the Lord. More or less it was essentially a service where the Word of God was proclaimed to many who had gathered at 9.30 am on a working day.

Many in this congregation had worked wholeheartedly in the erection of this hall.

New School Building and Prayer Hall in Bhavani

Straight from Avinasi, they went to Bhavani, over 100 km away, where many of the evangelists and preachers of four districts had gathered for prayer.

After a blessed time with the Lord, around 6 in the evening, Bro. Joe commenced the service of dedication when the new school building in Bhavani was dedicated to the Lord. There was a large crowd present who occupied three levels of the premises and the Word of God went out with power

In Tambaram, Madras

It was back in 1963 that the Lord fulfilled Bro. Joe’s desire to pitch our big tent of those days and preach in front of his college gates. The small prayer shed which came up as a result of the campaign, close to the college, had gotten so old and its woodwork was worse than dangerously rotten. The application to replace this humble shed with a more commodious and adequate building has been gathering dust during the last four years with the local municipality. We however decided that it was time to replace the shed with a more commodious structure, permit or no permit. We were not prepared to bribe anybody. Danger to life by the collapse of the old structure was to be avoided at all costs. Bro. Joe ordered our team to go ahead and build. Our brothers soon put up a much bigger hall. Although the floor was not paved, we went ahead with the meetings. The Lord helped Bro. Joe to address the last three nights of the revival meetings here. Many gathered to hear God’s word. With the big Retreat round the corner, we could not extend the meetings, though the need was very great.

Our public meetings always draw new souls, but travailing prayer for souls and building  them up in faith has to vastly increase.


In Burma Nagar, North Madras

When the regime in Burma drove out the Indians who had settled there, the then Government of Madras allotted a piece of land for these evacuees. It was a poor encampment of some nondescript huts in those days.

Our Gospel Clinic under late Dr. Jayasingh reached out with great love and service even to these poor evacuees. At that time we acquired a  humble piece of land amidst these huts where our Sunday services began to be held. We had revival meetings for these people and steady work was done by our team in Royapuram. This work has now grown into a sizeable church group. The original prayer shed having grown decrepit and rickety, was rapidly replaced by a large and commodious hall.

Revival meetings were planned for May 6 and 7 and the new hall had a large spill-over crowd seated all round it. The Word of God went out with power and we expect a continuing ingathering of souls.

In Gudiwada, Andhra Pradesh

Soon after the All-Asia Students’ Camp, the very next day, Bro. Joe set out for Vijayawada and from there he visited Kaikalur, Gudiwada, Palakol, Bhimavaram and  Stuartpuram before returning to the headquarters for the week-end ministry.

In Gudiwada, a huge crowd gathered to hear God’s word in our new prayer hall at 7 in the morning. Bro. Joe preached at this meeting and dedicated the new prayer hall. Our evangelist and preacher, Bro. Surayya, who for many years has followed the Lord renouncing his former idolatry and licentious living, is still active for the Lord.

Our New TV Broadcasts in London, UK

Soon after the Summer Retreat in UK, in fact the same evening, Bro. Joe was driven post-haste to a television studio in Central London, where he was interviewed live. When the interview was thrown open to questions from the audience, the overwhelming response of the viewers was one of surprise and wonder that the old standards and the plain, hard-hitting preaching are still relevant and powerful, when put to use. This telecast was heard all over Europe and the telephone lines were jammed with the calls. The interviewer could only take some of the questions as people began to say how greatly they were blessed.

Now this interview over ‘Revelation TV’ channel has opened one of the biggest challenges which we have taken up, anywhere. From August,2005, “The Lord’s Challenge”, our half an hour telecast, is going out into the whole of Europe, week after week.

From July 2006 onwards, we have added yet another channel to our UK network  to reach the whole of Europe. The Reality TV will also be carrying “The Lord’s Challenge” to the many nations in Europe every week. We must see many touched and transformed.

Advancing into Indonesia

In the midst of Bro. Joe’s tight schedule of ministry, only one day could be allotted to Indonesia. This was our first Gospel effort in this country. Sister Lily also accompanied Bro. Joe and they arrived in Surabaya, the second largest city of Indonesia, as dusk was setting in, on Saturday, February 4.

Sunday, the 5th February, was their only full day in Indonesia. In the morning Bro. Joe addressed two very large audiences in a church, the sanctuary of which was made up from nine shops of a great big shopping mall, with the intervening walls knocked down.

In a Moslem country where permits for new churches are hard to obtain, the vision of this young minister from America was quite challenging. Furthermore, this brother, Jeff by name, told of how he was visiting Aceh which was devastated by the tsunami in order to build a work for Jesus, where not one Christian existed and where he could be summarily beheaded with few questions asked.

In the evening of that Sunday, Bro. Joe addressed a large congregation consisting chiefly of Indonesians drawn from troubled backgrounds. The congregation appeared to be mesmerised. He little realised that their glassy looks meant that the Word was hitting right home. There was quite a stir with crying and confession and many thronged forward seeking prayer and the touch of the Lord. It was rather late by the time he returned to the hotel room quite exhausted and with a flight to catch in the morning for Singapore.

Reaching the Deep SouthNagercoil

Years ago when Mr. N. Daniel and Bro. Joe had preached in Nagercoil, there had been quite a move of God’s Spirit. Now Nagercoil is a greatly changed city since the time Bro. Joe was last there. It was very painful for Bro. Joe to realise that for such a long period, we had done so little for this needy southernmost district of India. Hence when so many other needy places were waiting for revival meetings, Bro. Joe fixed two series of revival meetings in this town, in February and in May.

The introductory campaign in February appears to have helped to kindle in him a much greater burden for this southern region.

 Just three days after the Annual Retreat, Bro. Joe and Sister Lily set out for a second round of battle in Nagercoil. Bro. Joe and John Daniel laboured for these people with great love and burden to see a breakthrough in this hard place, which is full of some from of formal Christianity, without the power which delivers from worldliness and the works of the devil. Even as the monsoon was just setting in, sending down the showers every now and then, we longed and prayed for the “showers of blessing” from God in this needy place, as Bro. Joe and John Daniel laboured with all their hearts for these dear people.

On Sunday morning, Bro. Joe preached in the Kaliancaud CSI Church in Nagercoil, where his dad and he had laboured many years ago. The overflowing crowd of people listened to the Word with rapt attention, as Bro. Joe delivered a powerful message, condemning the heathen practices of casteism, observances of time, occultism and black magic in the church. Some of those people turned up at our evening meetings to hear the Word.

The tearful sowing must be followed by agonizing prayer, if we must see any real breakthrough in this citadel of mere formal Christianity.




Worldwide Labours

In Europe


Winter Retreat in London, UK

We booked quite a spacious sanctuary of a centrally-placed church in Clapham for the four days of the Winter Retreat in January. A goodly number began to attend right from the start.

On the closing day of the Retreat, we had the joy of having Jean Blanshard and her husband at two of the meetings. After Bro. Joe’s visit to North Uist, Hebrides in 1958, this was the first time for him to meet Jean, who was then a close helper of Duncan Campbell. She and Mary Peckham had helped Bro. Joe much at the few meetings which he had addressed in North Uist and with great joy, they had announced to him before he departed, “The Lord has come!” By this they meant, revival had broken out.

On the last evening of the Retreat, the Revelation TV Channel which telecasts the Gospel out of London wanted a further interview with Bro. Joe and the Lord helped him much at this interview. Every Thursday, at 8 pm, (GMT) our telecast goes out across Europe on this channel.

Meetings in France

The Lord gave us His presence and His Word richly at the meetings here.  Night after night saw new people coming in and most of them were young people. The spiritual need here is so great that our small work seems to be less than a drop in the bucket. To hold any spiritual standards in the godless atmosphere of Paris one has to be really rooted and grounded in the Word of God. Empty talk and religious clichés will cut no ice whatever. Bro. Joe says, “I found myself to be poorly equipped for this vast ocean of need.”

In January, soon after the Winter Retreat in Germany closed, Bro. Joe and Sister Lily reached the Frankfurt airport in time to catch the flight to Paris and  drove straight to our New Year Day’s meeting in Paris, which they found to be in full swing when they arrived. The Lord granted His presence and His word at this meeting. On Monday, 2nd January, quite a number assembled for the meeting, despite the great distances and the heavy evening traffic in Paris.

Labours in Germany

The Retreat in Germany from July 30 to August 4, commenced in an ancient retreat centre where practically all the people that applied and registered were accommodated.  After the first meeting of Saturday evening, we had a short session of prayer.  Now this gave us a good start.  From the beginning therefore there was an earnest spirit evinced by the people.

More new people were in evidence and some of the older people due to age and health reasons were prevented from attending.

The days passed quickly but the Lord graciously gave the needful Word and the young people in particular were carefully applying the Word to their hearts.  There is therefore the great possibility of new and mighty developments arising from the lives of these young people.

Meetings in Leipzig, Germany

This city in former East Germany was once a centre of Christian work along with the neighbouring city of Halle. Many missionaries went forth even in the 18th century from this area.

After the collapse of the communist regime, we should have worked a great deal more to lift this eastern part of Germany, where faith had been systematically demolished by the former government.

The three days of meetings drew just a small number of people. Our Bro. Vitus and his wife must be used of God to reach more people. Most of our audience consisted of young people and God should raise up these young people.

The Winter Retreat in Germany

The Winter Retreat in Germany often tends to be smaller in numbers. This year also it was typical winter weather with snow on the ground. We besought the Lord much for blessing during these three and half days.

It has become the normal practice for Bro. Joe for the past several years to begin the New Year in the midst of the people at the Winter Retreat here. The season of prayer with which we enter the New Year is always blessed of the Lord. A new group of young people are slowly emerging out of the confusion of their past lives. The dear Lord Himself must thrust us out once again, saying, “Launch out into the deep.” We simply have to advance with faith and praise.

In South-East Asia

Visit to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

After a very short night on the plane, as the day dawned, Bro. Joe and Sister Lily reached Kuala Lumpur, which is generally referred to as KL in Malaysia. In the face of the usual difficulties which one must expect, we are going forward in faith in this country.

Only two meetings could be given to KL. At the first evening meeting, there were several whom Bro. Singarayar, our worker amongst the native Indians, brought to the meetings. He and his wife are slowly taking hold. Even as a travelling biscuit vendor, God is using him to touch lives. He and his wife brought a vanload of people on both nights.  The Malaysian Chinese who were in the meetings showed much hunger and earnestness.

It is very unfortunate that Bro. Joe’s entire stay in Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia, being limited to seven days due to his heavy schedule of meetings, was such a woefully inadequate time.

Bro. Joe hates to give the Word where there are few opportunities to nurture the seed. If all of you set your hearts to nurture the seed, praying for a bumper harvest, what great things would happen!

The second night too saw him sow the seed with great burden and he was kept praying with the people until long after the meeting closed.

At Ipoh

Making an early start, they reached the big and thriving city of Ipoh well in time for the noon-hour meeting which Bro. Joe had to address for the doctors and nurses of a speciality hospital. A noted surgeon in this hospital invited the staff, saying, Sister Lily and Bro. Joe had years of experience in specialised fields of service. They had been given more than a hint that a wise approach was required as this was a Moslem hospital. Now their conference room got quickly filled at lunch hour. Whereas the hungry doctors and nurses were at liberty to pick up their food from the buffet and eat while we were speaking, most of them quickly gulped a few mouthfuls and sat and listened with rapt and unblinking attention. One can clearly see that there was a lot of latent hunger for reality in these experienced doctors. It was complained after the meeting that it was too short, even though the hour allotted was up.

Some of these doctors were at the evening meeting which Bro. Joe addressed in a large church. Several came in and heard the Word which was pregnant with power from on High. In some of these shuttered lands where the preaching of God’s word is highly restricted, there are some jewels of grace who are longing to see exploits of faith done to exalt Jesus. Unless we pray much for these people, they appear to be destined to languish in their loneliness.

James Bong and his wife, who take care of the literature work in KL need much prayer support. Ong and Liang in Penang are standing fast for truth and righteousness in spite of much buffetting. 

In Singapore

The two evening meetings in Singapore in February were fairly well-attended. Dr. Rajadorai is nobly trying to build the work together with Enoch, although he is very limited in time and strength. We need to pray for our brothers there.

In North-America

The Retreat at Sebring, Ohio, USA

For years from the time of Mr. N. Daniel (senior), people in the Fellowship learned how to utilise their vacations for God and for the deepening of their spiritual life.  Now however some people are showing quite a decline in spiritual desire and hunger. Some of them use this vacation time to visit friends and family but find travelling to the retreats to be wearisome, expensive and not too convenient. So he warned such people in clear terms that neglecting the word of God at the retreats will only cost them a great deal of loss in days to come. As for Bro. Joe, he tries to be as gentle as he can be with these people, as they are fighting all the time against much stress in their places of work. 

Bro. John Branch also helped at the retreat for the first five days.  The main thrust of his message was “Satan cometh immediately and taketh the Word sown in their hearts.”  Now this danger which the Lord pointed out in the parable of the sower is continually happening while people fail to prepare their hearts to receive the Word of God.

There were quite a number of children in the camp and special classes were held for them.  Moreover, these children brought much liveliness and blessing to our hearts by singing to us and reciting portions of scripture. 

The two extended seasons of prayer were times of great blessing.  However, as the need of America and of the western hemisphere is so great and judgment appears to be so close, we come woefully short in our poor efforts and agonizing prayer for this nation.

Many prayed much for the retreat here and the Lord caused His Word to zero in on the specific needs of the people.

Meetings in California

This is a very large state, which seems to set some very dangerous trends which appear to affect the whole country. In the same breath it must be said that some very active Christian ministries too are located in California.

Being almost 2500 miles distant from where Bro. Joe lives, and three time zones away, we never could do any real work for the Lord  in this state. Some of our people there however do some witnessing and praying amidst the desperate need here.

Bro. Joe’s incessant travelling and preaching does not easily lend itself to giving some six months notice of his availability for meetings. But to schedule any special event most people or churches want no less than one whole year.  So though it appears very hard, Bro. Joe says,  I too need to correct myself and find someway, even at this late hour, how to offer some few days to those who really desire depth and reality, well in advance.”

The Thanksgiving Retreat

Thanksgiving is a very extraordinary holiday.  Remembering the hardships and the deprivations of the early pilgrim settlers in America and the mercies of God which preserved them from extinction and all the gifts bestowed by God on the nation make it a unique event. This holiday is a celebration of God’s many mercies.

Very dismal weather with snow and severe cold hit us that weekend.  But in spite of it many people came and the word of God was planted in needy hearts. In the midst of the rush of daily life here, hearts get dry and spirits get shrivelled.  Hence this time of heart-searching and humbling comes to us as a timely blessing.

The Easter Retreat

It takes a tremendous effort for Sister Lily and John Daniel to get all the foodstuff, books, sound-equipment etc., to this Retreat Centre which we rent.

Retreats in the North American continent generally are expected to cater excellent food and provide plenty of fun and games. Now our retreats are thought of  as being too intense.  In other words, save for a few, spiritual hunger is lacking.

It is unfortunate that several of our regular comers were absent. Hindrances and excuses abound in America. The Word of the Lord however went forth and we had a glorious and unhurried time of prayer on Saturday.

 After we closed with a blessed time around the Lord’s Table, we had to wind up everything and move to our church building at Novi, some 180 km away for the wedding of one of our brothers. The bride was one who had chosen to follow the Saviour, from the heart of idolatry and Hinduism, in spite of all kinds of opposition and worldly inducements which she faced and overcame.

Thus we had a different kind of audience on Saturday evening, as quite well-to-do relatives of the bridegroom, converged on our church from both the East and West coasts of America. It was a time of uplifting the Lord Jesus before a most reverent and respectful audience.

Meetings in Windsor, Canada

Windsor is a growing city in Canada across the river from Detroit. Of late casinos and gambling have become a big industry in this city.

Our meetings tucked in a corner of the university campus were but a small effort in the midst of heart-breaking need.

The Word of God did go forth with power. Bro. Lawrence labours among automotive workers as well, in this city.

In South America

Meetings in George Town, Guyana

It was a very long journey indeed for Bro. Joe and sister Lily from the West Coast of the US to Miami and from there to Guyana, South America.

In fact, there are three Guyanas, just next to each other. The remaining two are Dutch and French Guyanas, respectively.  Dutch Guyana is called Surinam. It suddenly came home to Bro. Joe, “Why, Oh why did I not have the faith to reach out to all these three countries?” We are not producing the right kind of missionaries, who will fill up the gaps and will face hardships gladly to go and  declare the coming of the “Babe, the increase of whose Kingdom, there shall be no end.”  Of course many amongst us would much rather eat Christmas cakes in His honour, than walk in His Footsteps!

 It is hard to describe the faithfulness with which our small team works in the midst of tough circumstances and very real dangers. Dr. Danny is being ably assisted by our nursing tutor, Tabitha, and Sekhar, our computer engineer, who is being seen as an asset in the University of Guyana, by the various departments where he has used his computerizing skills to good effect.

Sister Lily was also able to address the nursing trainees in both the Govt. Hospital and in the St. Joseph’s Hospital, where Dr. Danny and Mrs. Tabitha Sekhar work. We have been sowing and sowing in Guyana, which is the only English speaking country in South America. Some have been grateful for the wonders God has wrought in the midst of their dire need but others have never learnt the basic truth “of returning to give God thanks” for delivering them. But we labour on desiring only to see the Lord glorified. 

The five meetings of the evenings drew some who gave keen attention to the word of God. There was not much else to view or hear. Our small group of singers did valiantly, though often in several different keys!

Our main thrust here seems to be through the national TV and radio network over which  the message reaches many in distant areas, even in the interior of the country. Oh may God give us the love and spiritual vision to cry for the souls of those who seem to be “locked-in” into a terminal apathy, which has given up all hope of “lifting Guyana to greatness.”

We have  just initiated certain measures to reach Dutch-speaking Surinam. Dr. Danny undertook a special journey to survey the need of the land. We have now to produce literature for the people who use the Dutch language. Most of them do not know English. Every expansion of course requires godly young people who have a “Thus saith the Lord” which burns in their hearts.

Youth Camps

All-Asia Students’ Camp

When we first started calling this camp an All-Asia Students’ Camp, it did appear like an exaggeration. Today however the Lord brings in young people from farflung and remote areas including the borders of Bhutan and China and from Kashmir. To some, attending this camp involves a two-way travel of nearly seven days and much expense for the fares.

This year we lifted the restrictions slightly and permitted some from pre-college senior high school classes. What a sea of bright young faces was drinking in the Word in the vast hall which the Lord has given us! It was such a delight to Bro. Joe to labour for these young people who were yearning for the blessing of God.

Bro. Joe, Bro. John Branch and Bro. John Daniel shared the solemn responsibility of giving a timely word to turn to Christ and thus conserve and employ the tremendous potential hidden in their young lives to build His eternal Kingdom.

An early monsoon brought some heavy showers upon the camp. How greatly our hearts rejoiced that whereas there was hardly any shelter a few short years ago in Beulah Gardens, nearly 4000 people were now accommodated and we could meet under a rain-proof roof. When Bro. Joe told the young people that while he was a student himself, we commenced the first of our students’ camps in the city, with barely 40 to 50 young people and hardly any conveniences, it would have been hard for them to imagine what had caused the work to grow as it did. It is indeed the faithfulness of God and the fulfilment of His promises which is causing us to go forward from day to day.

The Spirit of prayer which descended on many was most thrilling to witness and greatly challenged the rest of the students. In between the sessions, the hall rang with the earnest prayers of individuals praying by themselves in the vast gallery space.

The season of fasting prayer saw a powerful visitation of God’s Spirit, when many in the vast audience cried out to God, some for forgiveness of sins and others for a deeper life.

Youth Camp in Imphal, Manipur

Arriving in Imphal, the capital of Manipur, soon after finishing the meetings in Shillong, Bro. Joe had to go post-haste to be present at the wedding of two of our Bible students. The wedding address of Bro. Joe normally rouses many from their slumber. Cutting across the native culture and causing the Word of God to be central brings with it great blessing.

From the morning of 22nd June, the Youth Camp began. With rapt attention the young people heard God’s Word, as Bro. Joe and John Daniel laboured here wholeheartedly.

The Spirit of prayer appeared to be very strongly present such that many were heard pouring out their hearts in prayer and confession between the sessions.

The Lord is certainly doing a new thing and transforming the lives of young people so that many great things can be expected to come out of their lives.





Revival Meetings in Vellore, Tamil Nadu

It has been a very long time since we had revival meetings in Vellore. The name of this town was made famous by the dedicated work of missionaries, both from the Scudder family and many others, who had pitched in and laboured for the medical uplift of this whole area. Some of these great missionaries literally buried themselves in sacrificial service. Today there are at least some missionary-hearted doctors who seek to walk in the footsteps of their great forerunners.

After the first revival meetings under Mr. Daniel (Senior), which saw widespread blessing, our more recent contribution to the spiritual welfare of these parts has been small. Just a few of our medical men and women laboured for relatively short stints in this famous medical college and hospital. Those who were converted in years gone by when they were students here, have either gone on to their reward or are still serving the Lord as aged saints.

After addressing over 2000 people at our Central Hall in the Headquarters on Sunday, Bro. Joe was driven to Vellore, around 150 km away. Hence both Sunday evening and on Monday morning and evening, he addressed the moderately big congregation that gathered at our small campus. Many simple and poor people also heard the Word  at the meetings.

Meetings in Ponneri,  Tamil Nadu

Soon after the meetings in Vellore, without even a pause for one day, Bro. Joe embarked on the important burden of reviving the work in Ponneri. From the time that the Fellowship started labouring in this small town, Ponneri was notorious for the unbelievably unfaithful and even immoral conduct of those who were called Christian workers. Now this was before Mr. Daniel (senior) and Bro. Joe stood under a tree and commenced preaching in this town.

Today there stands a Fellowship High School on that very ground, with nearly 700 students. Successive teams of our hardworking preachers and their wives have laboured in this place and area down these decades. For the last several years, Bro. Moses Charles and Chandra, his wife, have been working diligently to produce young people who have distinct moral and spiritual moorings and to make this school one of the finest in this area.

From years of observation, it is clear that institutionalised Christianity sooner or later grinds to a halt, being satisfied with mediocre spirituality. Now in our few schools we must pray and maintain a high level of integrity, purity and truthfulness. Hence more than attempting to reach the outlying areas, we concentrated upon the school, the teachers and our own congregation. Once again after burdened sowing, we know the Lord will give “His increase”.

Meetings in Guwahati, Assam

At our meetings in Guwahati, the capital of Assam, even from the borders of Bhutan there were people present and from other remote areas. Quite a majority of the crowd consisted of young people from the professional colleges and nursing schools of the hospitals. The dear Lord caused His Word to go forth with power.

Though it was the height of the festival season which is marked by a very high degree of idolatry and spirit worship, yet the dear Lord stood with us and caused the truth and reality of the Lord Jesus to break forth through the darkness.

Meetings in Shillong, Meghalaya

It was at short notice that allocating a few meetings for Shillong, the capital of the State of Meghalaya, was decided upon. The only dates available in Bro. Joe’s heavy schedule were the 19th and 20th of June, as he was due to be in Imphal, Manipur, from the 21st to the 24th.

Bro. Joshua Thomas went away with these dates and checked for the availability of the only big hall in that city which was suitable for our meetings. The Lord so ordered it that the only two days in the whole month that the hall was free were those two days that were assigned for a short campaign there.

The Central Library Auditorium is currently being used by the Legislative Assembly of Meghalaya when in session. As might be expected, our message is hardly popular. It is only when hearts are really shaken and broken that they go out and bring in their friends. Hence on the first night there were a quite a number of vacancies. On the second night there were a lot more people present. The Word of God went out with power and grace. There were many who desired prayer after the meeting closed on both nights.

Meetings in Delhi

Straight from the meetings in Leipzig, Germany, Bro. Joe and Sister Lily flew to Delhi and managed to arrive just before the first meeting. Many new souls were drawn to the meetings. The accommodation for the people was not as large as it should be in a capital city. The Lord alone must give us precious souls out of these painstaking labours.

Now the lack of our own hall in Delhi is being felt more and more. We badly require a place where people can just come and pray. New Delhi, from where over a billion people are ruled, has no proper place which can be described as “A House of Prayer for all nations.” Bro. Joe feels deeply condemned about this. Sadly lacking is also a prophetic voice which trumpets forth the Truth.

Many of you are praying for Delhi. We need to be more like Jesus and set Him forth vividly in action before  a whole sub-continent.

Meetings in Madurai

Being a prominent temple-city, Madurai is always teeming with pilgrims from many quarters. It was with a great burden and concern that Bro. Joe went to Madurai for the meetings there.

Our television viewers appear to be growing in numbers and there is evidence of the Spirit’s work in their hearts. The meetings in the mornings were well attended too. In the evening meetings, there were an increasing number of people who kept coming in from many places and the crowd consisted of many outsiders. We need to pray much for the work in and around Madurai.


Meetings in Gummidipundi

Gummidipundi work was started as a result of Bro. Joe having to pass through a crowded market area on his way North every now and then. The Northern Trunk Road ran right through the bazaar until the seventies of the 20th century. The multitudes had always moved his heart greatly. Hence we opened a clinic almost next door to the police station right in the bazaar, where the Gospel was given to many by Dr. John Thomas and the brothers who helped him.

A little later, in a small piece of land which the Lord showed in the heart of this little town, we built a simple structure where Sunday services began to be held. This was a valuable and strategic acquisition which with much prayer the Lord made possible.

Today our clinic stands in one corner of this medium-sized plot and a school stands on the south-eastern side where children are given the Word of God besides some sound teaching. By our present standards our hall is rather small today and requires rebuilding to take in a much larger congregation.

Most of the crowds sat outside the hall with a good view of the platform, the hall being fully packed, and heard the Word of God. The loudspeakers carried the Word to the passersby on the main street.

The Big Campaigns in Andhra Pradesh

Revival Meetings at Masulipatnam

John Daniel started the three-day campaign here. On the second day, due to the disruption of rail traffic, Bro. Joe could only reach just in time for the second message, John, having preached first.

On the next morning, the well-filled hall of the well-known Noble College heard John and Bro. Joe ministering God’s Word to a group of earnest young people.

The open-air meetings in the evening in the college grounds were very well-attended. Our telecasts are being heard by so many that the desire of many for God’s touch upon their lives is drawing them to the meetings.

Meetings in Vijayawada

John Daniel, together with members of the team, commenced the meetings here. From the second day, Bro. Joe too plunged into the heavy work amongst a multiplying crowd of people.

Despite the heavy mist, even at 7 in the morning, for the first meeting of the day, many came. Most of them were students and were very earnest and attentive. We dismissed the meeting by 8.10 or 8.15 am so that they could get to their colleges in time. The second meeting at 10.30 which was addressed by the team members saw more people in attendance, despite being a week day.

In the evening, the crowd was so great that it filled the whole vast ground. When so many from all walks of life hear the word of God, there should be a great diffusion of light in society and in many workplaces. Our trust is in the Word of the Lord, not in human oratory or charm. The people who come to our meetings know what to expect and that there will be no entertainment or stuff which tickles human ears. Pray that God will bless many.

What a delight it is to hear the voice of prayer rising from many corners of our campuses in many places!

The Big Convention at Stuartpuram

This year, at Stuartpuram, our brothers had actually extended the vast meeting arena, covering another third of the area than our extended meeting pandal of last year. It is really amazing to see how year after year the crowd gets larger and larger and orderliness and discipline only increases under the Good Hand of God. Hence when Bro. Joe preaches, there is complete silence in the vast concourse of motley individuals. It is very sad to note that godly reverence is scarcely to be found today in many parts of the globe.

Some of our brothers are ably expounding God’s word and are a great blessing to both the people and the work. This year Dr. Samraj, Peter Paul, Priya and several others helped in the preaching of the Word.

Bro. Whitson who normally used to help at the start of the convention at the first few meetings, was not recalled from Gujarat, where work has commenced and is starting to grow in four or five places.

From 8.30 in the morning, when Bro. Joe addressed and prayed with all the trainees and preachers, to the last meeting of the day which closed at 9.30 pm, it was full steam ahead. Praying with people, looking into their several needs, asking the Lord to set free the deeply afflicted is all a demanding ministry and there is nearly always a stream of people waiting and even clamouring to find entry at his room.

At these meetings, the visitations of God’s Spirit were very strong so that a veritable roar of tearful repentance arose from the vast assembly on several occasions. The Spirit of God gave us tender hearts, sensitive to the Spirit’s rebuke and the Word that pierced hearts was sharp and powerful. Now this great blessing of a broken spirit should be broadcast and taken to many corners by this vast congregation. Although the size of the crowd has been estimated to be over a 100,000 for some years, we are not quite sure how much the exact count is. But may God make even “the little one” amongst them “a thousand.”

Meetings in Hyderabad

The cities in this country are facing a new work culture, where the pay-cheques are considerably higher and the demands of the work have greatly increased. Health problems also increase with this increase of stress in the workplace. When quality time cannot be given to the Lord, people become mere machines—religious machines. Children too are being overloaded with home work and extra tuition.

In the morning at 7, there was a goodly congregation who were drinking in the Word of God. There was a women’s meeting too at 10.30 which Sister Lily addressed. The dear Lord enabled Bro. Joe to address the whole group of our young preachers and instruct and warn them concerning those special spiritual diseases that preachers are prone to contract.

There were a number of new people at the meetings. The Lord in His mercy helps souls to forge ahead even in the midst of rampant worldliness around them.

Meetings in Narasaraopet

Brother Prasad Rao, who is in charge of this work, has been doing faithful work and now he is old and weak. That is one reason why Bro. Joe wanted to visit this place.  He found that he had preached here last around thirty years ago!

Here in an open-air meeting Bro. Joe found a huge gathering before him sitting and drinking in the Word with great earnestness. The Lord helped him to preach to them in spite of the sun being almost on his face at the second meeting next morning.  The hunger of the people always moves his heart deeply.

Christmas Carol Services

It is often felt that December is a month which should be given over to celebrations and festivities only. Any talk of revival meetings is considered to be an intrusion into the festive spirit of the season. But in the Fellowship we have always seized the tremendous opportunity that the Christmas season affords to declare the why and the wherefore of Christmas.

Today with a civilization which has lost its way, to lift up Jesus and put Him ‘back in Christmas’ is imperative. Thus at all our centres, the singing of carols is accompanied by the preaching of God’s Word, when Jesus the Saviour of the world, is lifted up before the large groups of people who gather at our carol services. News keeps coming in of the blessing and overflowing congregations, from so many centres. The dear Lord used our brothers to give the needed Word to the crowds.

In Delhi, a special meeting for the Members of Parliament brought twenty-five of them to the breakfast meeting and they heard God’s Word.

This year Bro. Joe could address the huge crowds that gathered to hear God’s Word at our carol services in Hyderabad, Coimbatore, Royapuram and at the Headquarters.

The carol services in Detroit at our centre there and in Windsor, Canada, were also blessed of the Lord.

These carol services afforded us a unique opportunity to sing the praises of the Loving Saviour who left Heaven’s glory and came into the world for us.

On the Literature Front

Through our books and magazines, many are being reached in widely scattered areas. Some of our books are being greatly valued and the readership of our magazines also keeps growing continually.

At last a great effort has been made to produce a book of daily readings and a precious book entitled “Faith is the Victory” was published in May. This book contains messages given by Mr. Daniel (senior) and Bro.  Joe, set in a daily reading format for each day of the year.  Reports of blessing from the readers are coming in as many are greatly stirred in their spirits and quickened in their hearts by this book for a closer walk with God.

For those who travel often and for those who struggle to read small print, we have produced a big-letter edition of select books of the Bible—the Four Gospels, the Book of Acts and the Book of Romans.

In his lifetime, Dr. Jayasingh walked close to God and was a challenge and blessing to many. Thus he assisted others to straighten out more by his example than his words.  A new book on Dr. Jayasingh’s life and a few of his messages has been printed in English, Tamil and Telugu.

It is very gratifying to see that notwithstanding the big wave of television purchases and the numerous channels now available, our readership appears only to increase. Hence we constantly run out of stock of our publications. In Telugu alone twentyseven reprints had to be made.

The book on Mother Mrs. N. D. Daniel “Faithful to the End” is available in Tamil also now. The life of John G. Paton who worked among cannibals was published in Tamil. Three other Tamil titles which needed reprinting are now ready.

Book Fairs

In three capitals of the North-Eastern states of Manipur, Assam and Arunachal Pradesh, our book fairs took place. Our literature team works long and hard preparing for these book fairs. The need of the hour is books that touch the heart and quicken the spirit.

When Bro. Joe sent an urgent message to our literature team to have book fairs in Nellore and Ongole in Andhra Pradesh, at short notice our team ably managed to have these book fairs in these two strategic towns. The brothers and sisters from our centres in these places unreservedly gave their time and labour and helped them to set up everything. It is wonderful to see the public coming in and purchasing good Christian books at these book fairs.

Bro. Joe often says that our present coverage in literature distribution in India and the neighbouring countries is so poor that our hearts must grieve over our small faith. We need to get into largescale printing of huge editions of many books, in several languages so as to reach millions.

The Annual Retreat

We were a far larger group than ever before—in all we were 8,300, besides the day visitors. In the first session of five days, we were over 5300. In the second half of the Retreat, although quite a large number of the first batch had left, others who had been allotted the second half of the Retreat, came in and the number exceeded 5100. Now all these were resident in the camp.

Anyone with a modicum of imagination will see that taking care of this large group for so many days and supplying adequate water and food is no easy undertaking. In fact, the campus looked like a little township. As the State Electricity Board was painfully subject to many power shutdowns, we decided to use our own electricity, generated from our diesel generators. This also prevents fluctuations which do not go well with the video and audio recordings.

The Lord graciously granted our springs of water to meet all our water requirements. The water purification plant also supplied good, aerated, inexpensive drinking water for those who wished to have such water.

Now it made our hearts to dance in praise and jubilation when the sound of the huge multitude singing in this great hall resounded and re-echoed, we trust, until Heaven. The Word of the Lord, which is the principal thing, went out with power.

This year Bro. Russell Mills and Betty Lou Mills also joined the team. There were several in the crowd who knew them from the time when they ministered amongst us seven years ago and earlier. When Bro. John Branch really gets on steam, he produces such penetrating sounds that few can sleep through his messages. Normally, of course, we never have sleepers. John Daniel and Bro. Whitson Paul shared in this great responsibility of breaking the ‘Bread of Life.’ Now the time is come when we have to implement the wealth of teaching which we have received.

At the start of the Retreat, Bro. Joe did feel pronounced weakness due to much work and revival campaigns which needed to be finished before the Retreat; but as he had to minister most often both morning and evening, new strength and grace was given to him. The people scattered themselves under the shady trees and many were found praying. Many enjoyed the greenery of Beulah Gardens.

The Lord in the midst was the One who conducted this Retreat and all honour and praise is only due unto Him. We, His human instruments, scampered around like children seeking to do His bidding.

The Internet Ministry

Perhaps this is the fastest growing in our many-pronged work. Spanning the continents with close to lightning speed with the message of God’s love is now possible.

Our website, which began with 15 to 20 hits, has over 50,000 who look into it each month. Let us pray that millions worldwide will be going to our website, in order to meet the Saviour Jesus.

With a little more diligence and stepped-up prayer, the scope of this work and its depth can be greatly increased. To how many have you introduced our website?

Television and Radio Ministry

Airing eight weekly telecasts, which cover the greater part of the sub-continent of India, is by no means easy. It involves hard, diligent work. As we pray, the dear Lord sends in help to pay for the enormous cost of these telecasts.

These telecasts are meant to be a blessing to the many people who know little or nothing of the great and loving Saviour who died to bring them salvation. Inasmuch as our numerous broadcasts over the radio and television around the world need to be easily identifiable, they are uniformly called, “The Lord’s Challenge.”

From the beginning of August 2005, “The Lord’s Challenge” is being aired on the Revelation TV, from London.  From June 2006, we have added one more channel to our UK television ministry. The Reality TV has just begun broadcasting “The Lord’s Challenge” every Sunday morning. These channels cover almost the whole of Europe.  Let us cry to the Lord for His touch upon all the viewers.  The Word of God is the only hope for all these nations.

The small nation of Guyana in South America continues to have “The Lord’s Challenge” given to them both by radio and television every Sunday.

 In Australia, twentyone radio stations are now airing ‘The Lord’s Challenge.’ We must also pray that God must bless our ten weekly quarter-hour broadcasts in the US.

A true understanding of the purpose of our radio and television broadcasts and the wide scope of their blessing and a live expectation that God will touch the hearts of millions  must grip our hearts.

Our Schools

While running schools has become some sort of business enterprise to many people, our schools are meant to build the lives of the children and young people in the fear of God and in the knowledge of Jesus Christ.

A little sacrifice on the part of our teachers and staff who make do with small salaries and a continuing effort to keep the fees in our schools at a moderate level, are significant facets in the functioning of our schools.

Our school in Bansi, not far from the Nepal border, sent their fifth batch of students to the Matriculation Exam and again obtained 100 per cent pass.

Our schools in Salem and Mettupalayam also obtained 100 per cent pass in the Matriculation Exam.

In our Ponneri school, out of the 42 students who appeared for the School Leaving Matriculation Exam, 41 passed and out of the 17 who appeared for the Plus Two Examination, 16 passed. Four of our other schools are elementary schools.

How well will our pupils fare in the severe tests of character which await them out in the world, is the real test which our schools must pass!

Promoted to Glory

Mother Mrs. N. Deevana Daniel

Mother Mrs. Deevanna Daniel was a mother of mothers, who was more than the mother of just her four children. In her larger role, as a prayer-support and prayer warrior, she mothered and sustained many. Those who went to her for prayer always felt her motherly love and concern for them and for their families. 

Her partnership with her husband, Mr. N. Daniel was not a rosy path. After they were both called of God, many a time they passed through very hard and trying times but never did they feel forsaken nor were they cast down. Though she gave all her jewels and ornaments to the Lord, she never spoke of them. In her role as one who assisted her husband in the intense work required of them both, she never lagged behind. In all the trials of faith, none ever heard or saw a grumble or gloomy look from her.

One of her oft-repeated reflections was—“Who are we?” meaning, we are nobodies and “From whence has God chosen and lifted us?” This humble frame of mind kept her in the constant enjoyment of the presence of God.

These 42 years since the death of Mr. N. Daniel, she saw her role to be one of praying much and supporting Bro. Joe and the growing work with persevering prayer. Bro. Joe says, “Oh, how I will miss her prayer!” There are many who will echo the feeling of the same kind of loss.

Now in her absence, how many girls, young women and mothers will rise to fill the great vacuum created by her Home-going, remains to be seen. We need to take this as a great challenge. What a role a woman is given to play scripturally as she adorns the Gospel with a ‘meek and quiet spirit’ as Mother Daniel did!

In a very real sense therefore at this critical time in mankind’s history, we stand or fall by the quality of purity, love and faith of motherhood today. Oh, may we be found faithful in producing holy families bent on “seeking first the kingdom of God and his righteousness.”

The Fellowship dare not produce worldly mothers who will only destroy their families. We need to remind ourselves continually of Mother’s exhortation which was tersely and pithily put into these words so pregnant with meaning: “Learn Christ, Live Christ, and Glorify Christ!”

Dr. Jayasingh

“He being dead yet speaketh.” (Heb. 11:4) This is how the Bible describes the testimony of Abel. Yes, there are some voices that can’t be silenced even by death. Now Dr. Jayasingh’s is one of those voices.

When one like Dr. Jayasingh leaves this planet, there is a considerable gap created. But we must realise that the ranks of the selfless and those who are determined to walk like Jesus Christ must continually swell. There is need today for thousands of nurses, technicians, doctors and other lay people to obey the call of the Saviour of the world, to take up the Cross, follow Jesus and bring salvation to millions of souls, who otherwise would be engulfed in eternal darkness.

Bro. Joe often sighs, “When will we ever meet another like Dr. Jaysingh? Who will take on his mantle and who will step into his shoes?” Now the question should ring in your heart: “Is my life going to make a difference too?” It is for you to say, “Here, Lord, I give myself away,  Tis all that I can do!”  Then the Lord will indeed accept you and make you too a blessing, like Dr. Jayasingh.

Bro. Yesudas

Bro. Yesudas, who for over five decades served the Lord faithfully was called Home. in October, 2005.

Bro. Yesudas in his pre-conversion years was a highway robber and his testimony always had a telling effect upon audiences. We must see more fearless preachers like Bro. Yesudas arising from our Seed-sowing and proclamation of the Gospel, in the highways and byways around us.

Bro. Yesudas used to testify that his fingerprints were kept in the High Court and that a few years after his conversion, those records were destroyed. He also used to say that his dad, who was also a notorious criminal from Stuartpuram, taught him that the worship of a particular deity would greatly enhance his robbing and burglarising skills!

Bro. Elijah

Bro. Elijah was marvellously reached and converted from a Hindu background and from a remote place. When our medical ministry was initiated 60 km north of Madras, he was one of the first to go there with late Bro.  Solomon to pitch a tiny tent and build a humble mud hut. 

In that little tent Bro. Joe gathered three medical men just out of college and spent an extended time instructing them and praying with them. This in fact became the springboard for the spread of our continuing medical ministry, and as it is well-known quite a stream of medical missionary workers have since gone out into various fields.

Elijah helped in a humble capacity attending to various chores and manual work related to establishing Christian missionary centres. 

After several years spent in Arambakkam area, he was moved further north to Sulurpet and eventually he was posted 500 km north of Madras at Kaikalur.

Now after many years of faithful labour, he was called Home on August 22. He leaves behind his faithful wife and a boy and a girl.


Remember, Remember, Remember!

The Bible is full of God’s exhortation to remember His works. Thus while in these pages we have remembered a mere fraction of His many mercies bestowed on us this past year, let us individually also recall the tender mercies of our Saviour and give Him thanks.

Last year Mother Mrs. Deevanna Daniel was present with us and this year she is mingling her praise with the Hosts of Heaven. Her place as a faithful watchperson should be taken by the vast multitude of women and mothers who are with us today.

It is no accident or mystery that the multitude of converted men and women grows continually. It is humble trust in prayer and faith in the Almighty Saviour of the world that has carried us forth in this manner.

At this time when the devil is weakening the faith of many and while we keep getting shocked to see some of them put their trust in money, gold, houses and material possessions, let us keep our eyes glued to the Cross and follow Jesus ‘seeking His kingdom and His righteousness first.’ Thus will we be dominated by ETERNAL VALUES.