1992                                              “God Remembered Noah”                                       Bro. G.B. Solomon


Genesis 8:1 “And God remembered Noah, and every living thing, and all the cattle… and the waters assuaged.” “God remembered Noah.”


God will not forget His own. We used to sing a chorus “God, is still on His throne, He will remember His own.” God will not forget the righteous, those who are living in His will, those who are obedient to Him, those who are walking with Him, He will not forget you if you walk close to Him. Specially, when you are very obedient to Him, He will never forget you. Sometimes there comes a kind of discouragement in your heart. Sometimes you will think, “God has forsaken me. He has forgotten me.” Never allow such discouraging thoughts. Many years ago, I used to have such thoughts, thoughts of unfaith, thoughts of discouragement and they troubled me very much. But when I came to hear the Word of God in the Fellow­ship, suddenly, the Lord changed my thoughts. Just one sermon of the servant of God, senior Mr. Daniel brought my mind to rest. I was suffering from heart trouble. I thought "God has forsaken me." But when I came to hear the Word of God, it was the first time I came here on a Sunday. The servant of God spoke to me through his message, “Young man, you are thinking that God has forsaken you. But God has not forsaken you.” These words gave great comfort to my heart. But, he said, “You have forsaken God.” That was truly my state. “Because of your sin, the holy body of Jesus was broken on the cross.” These words brought to my heart hope, understanding and conviction. Then the Lord gave me His salvation after I confessed my sins.    

Isaiah 49:14 & 15 “But Zion said, The Lord hath forsaken me, and my Lord hath forgotten me.” Verse.15 “Can a woman forget her sucking child, that she should not have compassion on the son of her womb? Yea, they may forget, yet will I not forget thee.” Gene­rally, a mother cannot forget her sucking child. But sometimes she may also forget, but the Lord will not forget. That is why the Lord did not accept the vinegar on the cross, lest the vinegar bring stupor to make Him forget us even for a moment. That is the love of Calvary. He interceded for us on the Cross.

A woman had a caesarean section done and the baby was in a crib in another room. I was called to pray for that mother. I was taken to the hospital and 1 prayed for her. I asked her if she felt better. Just then the chloroform effect was wearing down. She came to consciousness. And she said, “I feel like I am in hell.” The next thing she said was “Where is my baby?” The nurse said, “Your child is safe and secure in another place. Do not worry about the child, be restful.” But she could not rest until the child was brought and laid by her side. What a love is a mother's love! But when she was under sedation, she did not know, what happened to the child. She was oblivious of the child. She completely forgot. Only when she came to consciousness she remembered her child. That is why our Lord did not want to take that vinegar. I think He felt "If I take it, I will forget My children. I will rather endure these sufferings than forget my children.” ‘Father forgive them’, He interceded for us on the cross. The Word of God says, "Even mothers may forget, but I will not forget.” That is the great love of Calvary. That poor thief prayed a proper prayer, “Lord remember me when thou comest into thy kingdom. Lord when you enter your glorious kingdom, when you establish your kingdom on earth with your saints, when thy people rise from the graves, millions and millions and millions of your saints will surround you - will you remember me? Will there be place in Thy great heart (memory) or love for an unworthy sinner? I lived a wicked life. I am sorry. Dear lord, will you remember me?" Jesus' answer was "My son, till yesterday you were a thief, today by faith you have become my son. I will never forget you. Today you will be with Me in paradise.” What a great comfort would have come into the suffering heart of this thief! The fear of death was driven away from his mind! "O death, where is thy victory?" A word from Jesus “I will remember you, My son, do not be afraid. Come on let us go into paradise.” God remembers His own.

One day the servants of God senior Mr. & Mrs. Daniel were travel­ling on a long journey in a car. The car, all of a sudden broke­ down in a remote place, where there was no help available. What a difficult situation! Those who were in the car came out of the car spread a mat and began to pray. I was among them. The servants of God said “The Lord knows and remember that I am standing here, in this place. He will not forget me. I am His servant.” What a great courage a man can have, when he is walking with the Lord! After sometime, a studebaker car just like ours was coming that way. Mr. Daniel stopped that car and two men alighted from the car. Mr. Daniel asked, "Who are you?" they said, We are mechanics.” He asked, “Can you repair my car?” They said, "Sir, we are specialists in repairing just such cars as yours." He said “Alright, please repair my car.” They got under the car, did some­thing and within a short time the car started. They said, “Sir, you go ahead, we will follow you. If the old trouble crops up again, we will repair it again.” What a loving God we have! He will never forget you. One day, St. Paul was in a difficult situation like this. Acts 27th chapter. He was sailing in a boat and there were a number of people with him. There arose a terrible tempest in the sea. The ship came to the state of being almost broken. All would have died. But St. Paul, a man of prayer said to the people - Acts 27:22 to 24.

A man who is in direct touch with God can bring a great comfort to the people. A righteous man, a man who walks with God, will be a great blessing. “My God, whom I serve, He told me, I have got promises from Him.” The servants of God received many promises from God. And through those promises, this Fellowship is protected. We are all protected. So be courageous. There is a great blessing in being with the servants of God, who are walking with God like St. Paul All the people were saved. All the people who were in the ship of Noah were saved! I believe that 1 am protected by the blood of the Lord and also by the prayers of the true servants of God. It is not my own strength. The prayers of the servants of God surround me. And so in this fellowship, many of our brothers and sisters are safe and secure. Your prayers supported us and were of great strength to us in Stuartpuram. Your prayers do help the servants of God when they travel long distances to preach the Word of God. God remembered Noah. He will remember you also. So let us walk close to the Lord faithfully and hopefully. The Lord will bless us and use us for His glory!