January 2nd, 1963                                        “God’s Promise”                                     Late Mr. N. Daniel


Isaiah 65:17 "For behold, I create new heavens and a new earth: and the former shall not be remembered nor come into mind."


God is giving a great promise. 'A new heaven and a new earth.' In eternity it will come to pass. When we walk in heaven we will see it. We will see all the promises in the Bible being fulfilled. All the other religions will have been wiped out by then. All boasters and political leaders will not be seen. When the Israelites came to the promised land and had their own kingdom, they were happy. They could sow and reap. They occupied vineyards and olive yards. Was it not a new heaven? They believed God. They were Abraham's children. They were a mighty people. Maybe some had a small faith. They followed and believed Moses.

We will see new things. It may be all fight and struggle now. You do not know how we began our first Retreat. With great difficulty an amplifier was made. There was no money to buy it. There were many students who were enthusiastic but not praying people. Sometimes during the meetings and meal times, it would rain. When powers of darkness are able to enter, they can do any kind of mischief. Now we are all knit together. How smoothly everything goes on. Do you know it is the result of your prayer? In the early days we had many struggles but somehow, we managed. Even in other meetings at first, it was a struggle. When we wanted a 'pandal' in Bezwada we gave the dimensions as 50 yards by 30 yards. The worker there was troubled. In his mind he rebelled. It is far too big! When he went home he got a stomach ache and when he inquired of God, God said, 'you doubted my servant'. If God is not with us, what can we do?

I see now a new heaven, and a new earth. There are many praying men and they understand us. If we all unite what mighty things can happen! You will forget the old times and the new times will come upon us. We do not know what mighty things we will see. Expect great things from God. When I think of the past, how grateful I feel! How well the first Retreat went on! We were not financially strong, but God had given us faith. When we pray and we are one, we will see new heavens and the angels will come and help us. What a happy thing to be brothers in Christ! What a joy to serve the Lord with the feeling of Christian brotherhood! We depend on your faith. We need your faith also to add up to the total. Let us be grateful to God for what He has done.

Madurai meetings are coming on. It is an uphill task but if you all pray, what great things the Lord will do! What is your strength? The faith of the members of the Fellowship. Let no thought arise in your heart against this work. We are marching to Zion. "Let those refuse to sing who never knew our God. But [we] children of the heavenly king must speak their joys abroad."