January 27th, 1962                 “The Deep Work of God in the Heart”                   Late Mr. N. Daniel


I John 3:20

“For if our heart condemn us, God is greater than our heart, and knoweth all things.”

            When we come to Jesus repenting we can come on different levels of repentance which is merely a condemnation of the conscience. But that conscience needs to be Christ-educated. When the heart is enlightened, repentance becomes more deep and the Spirit of God dwells in you. People who say they are born again sometimes have only a superficial repentance. Such people will go back. But if the Spirit of God brings repentance it goes deeper and deeper and keeps on enlightening the heart.

            When I was converted the Spirit of God lay bare my heart to me and my repentance went deeper and deeper. Some power gripped me and made me long after deeper things. Sometimes our heart may not condemn us. That is a higher state. Isaiah was a prophet. But when he went into the presence of God his conscience did not condemn him nor did his heart. But God condemned him. If one goes on seeking deeper and deeper, suddenly the presence of God will come to them and their repentance will go deeper.

            One should ask himself, "Why am I not like Peter? Why am I not like John?” Most of these disciples began their repentance at the time of John the Baptist. When Jesus came, their repentance went deeper. When Jesus was risen, their repentance went still deeper. When your repentance is going deeper and deeper, you will have the experience of Isaiah. You must emulate the lives that are recorded in this Book. As light comes into you more and more through the revelation given by the Spirit of God, your repentance will be deepened. A day will come when God will not condemn you. Then your mind will be one with the mind of God. Then great power will come into you as in the case of Elijah. Elijah's achievement was no small achievement. We must not be satisfied with mediocre things. The world can be taught only through our lives. If our hearts condemn us not we have confidence towards God. Isaiah went with confidence but suddenly he was condemned. Suddenly a higher revelation will come to you and you will feel condemned. In Wesley's group there was a striving for greater and greater holiness. Their lives changed England. It was an England full of sin. But it could not resist the lives of the Wesleyans.

Sometimes people feel condemned by your life and turn to be your enemies. You have brought judgment upon them. Do not fear. God will reward you. All the deepest longings in your heart will be fulfilled.