February 8th, 1962                                  “Moving Forward”                                        Late Mr. N. Daniel


Matthew 12:30 “He that is not with me is against me; and he that gathereth not with me scattereth abroad.”

The Lord is speaking a great truth. People that are not with God cannot understand what He speaks. The Jewish nation had reduced religion to a set of observances and ceremonies like Hinduism. The disciples were crushing corn to remove the husk to eat it. The pharisees objected to this action. It was breaking the Sabbath, they said. They had a temple full of animals, birds and money-changers and they did not object to that. They were raising objections about unnecessary things. When Jesus healed the man with the withered hand they were furious. They wanted to kill Jesus because He was healing on the Sabbath Day. Jesus healed a woman with a bentback on the Sabbath day. Jesus knew this was caused by the devil. Some diseases are caused by the devil. Jesus cast out the devil and healed her. The people were very angry. We have a wise Father. He is merciful. Religion becomes ridiculous if we are not in the spirit. Even in reading the Bible, the Spirit must guide you. You must understand what the Spirit of the Lord is speaking to you. Many people’s religion is not of the spirit. I knew a man who was very particular about going to church every Sunday to take communion but all the week used to be drunk. What was the use of that religion? These men were finding fault with Jesus and saying He was working with the devil's powers. It was very wrong. They could not judge Jesus. We must be very careful and see that we walk with God all through the day. Sometimes I lose God's presence. I would have done something which grieved God. Jesus was very careful after heavy work not to seek recuperation through physical food but to seek God's presence to be spiritually strengthened. Those who do revival work should go for prayer immediately after the meetings. Otherwise Satan can attack them. "He that is not with me is against me." If we are not in the spirit we can easily go against God's will. We must be careful to maintain ourselves in the proper spiritual life. It is a great blessing to be with Jesus. But many people were against Jesus. When you pray together with cleansed hearts each prayer will lift you. Revelations will come out of you.