February 9th, 1963                                     “The Straight Gate"                              Late Mr. N.Daniel


Luke 13:18-35    vs 24”Strive to enter in at the straight gate.”


     Jesus wants us to enter in at the straight gate.  It is a gate with many difficulties.  A child’s nature is this, that it always tries to go through narrow ways.  A child always takes the difficult way.  God’s children also will always choose the narrow way.  Straight is the gate that will lead you to a perfect spiritual state.  When I see the nation, I feel unless all of us try to go through the narrow gate and strive hard, we will achieve nothing there.  Many Fellowships can rise because there is power in the Word, but can you do something really deep and thorough in Christian Church and society?  In our church we see people always choosing the broad way.  What is the future of the church in this nation?  A kind of shallow enlightenment is in the churches.  God wants us to strive hard and prepare ourselves for a great task.  When opposition and persecution comes on us, will we be able to stand?  In man there is always a timid nature.  For example, when Jesus was going to Jerusalem, they warned Him that Herod would kill Him.  Jesus was not afraid.  He chose the narrow way.  God is watching us.  Passing through the narrow way, is not easy.  Once our college gate was closed.  There was some space in between.  I tried to get in but I could not.  It was too narrow.  All your nature- the whole of your nature must be subjected to the discipline of the Word of God.  Your spiritual body must be trained that it will enter through the narrow way.  When God’s call comes, it comes to those who have striven hard in the discipline of God.  The call may come but you may be like the five foolish virgins.  You may take the lamp but there may not be oil.

     God wants us to be hardy men.  When people attack us, we must be able to answer them.  People might try to destroy the work we are doing.  If we keep quiet what will happen to the churches?  There is no one who feels sad about the condition of the churches.  There is no concern about the dying and the perishing Christians.  When you see these things what are you going to do?  Will you live like those who knock at the door and receive Jesus’ answer, “I know you not.  You have to work hard for God. Prepare yourself for His service.  You may be employed somewhere but remember you are a Christian.  Are you going to live for your belly and earn some money and thus finish you life or will you build up something that is lasting?

    The Puritan movement in England was a great movement.  Young people meant business with God.  Spurgeon at the age of 18 was well prepared for the great Work God would call him to.  Whitefield and Wesley were a support one to another.  A great movement began in England.  Without God-fearing parents, such children cannot rise.  In South India,  there is no chance for such men of God to arise.  If you allow these things to continue, in 20 more years the church will collapse.  Sin will increase.  Where are the girls who have a vision for the Kingdom of God?  Strive to enter in by the strait gate.  Do not choose anything for yourself.  Let God work for you.  Our united prayer will never go waste. Is your life well disciplined by God?  God disciplined me during my college days.  It is our object to bring the true Christian light to the churches.  And will we succeed?  Are you following the narrow way?  1 Thes 2:12.   St. Paul saw Satan interfering.  In many of our campaigns Satan plays his part.  But by exercising faith we have won the battle.  What is your objective in living in the Fellowship?  Some may enjoy the comforts of the Fellowship.  It is a clean atmosphere.  It is easy to live here.  But remember God will demand of you great service when every phase of your life is brought under the Word of God.  When your spirit is so quickened, you pray for things you never prayed for before.  As you pray, reading the Word, you get revelations; and see fields in your life which are still unprepared.  Your whole life must perceive the grace of God.  One day God will call you.  You may suddenly find you are not equal to the task.  Your righteousness and holiness and self-denial are not sufficient.  The devil wants to invade your life of holiness.  Unless he overthrows you there, he cannot do anything more.  Remember that seasons of prayer are seasons of revelation.  During those times, the unploughed areas in your life will be ploughed by the Holy Spirit and you will pray a new prayer according to revelation.  Your life becomes more extensive and the radiation from your life increases in its intensity.  When you are ripe enough, God will use you.  The world cannot resist you but has to bend to what you say.