February 22nd, 1958                                            "The Faith of Hezekiah"                                       Late Mr. N. Daniel

Isaiah 37: 14-38 and 38:1

Hezekiah spread the letter before the Lord. He got a threatening letter from a great king. He was fortunate in having a great companion of faith in Isaiah. Both of them had their own trials, but together they worked a revival in the land. Hezekiah led the whole nation into true repentance. Hezekiah began to work in the whole country. When the revival came, he made arrangements for the Passover to be observed. When the nation was spiritually strengthened, there came a great test. Hezekiah went up to the house of the Lord and spread the threatening letter before the Lord.

Conversion is entering into a new consciousness that you belong to God. The heavy-laden conscience is relieved of sin and a new consciousness comes in. Hezekiah faced the situation as a leader with superb faith.

You cannot advance alone. The nation, the Church, the family must grow together. When we advance together each will uphold the other. Hezekiah took the threatening letter to God. His mind was steady. That is what happens to a mind that contacts God and meditates on the Word of God. Isaiah 37:32, "For out of Jerusalem shall go forth a remnant, and they that escape out of mount Zion: the zeal of the LORD of hosts shall do this."

In certain places no miracles take place because there is no God-consciousness there. What is faith? It is but a consciousness of God who is deeply interested in you. Hezekiah was praying and God gave him a promise. Sennacherib’s army was blasted in one night. Sennacherib had depended upon his army. Now they were all dead. He had to flee. His own sons killed him.

The second crisis in Hezekiah’s life came when he was sick. The third crisis was when he was tested against flattery. When great events take place, we are sometimes negligent and we allow ourselves to run down spiritually. The devil attacks us after great answers to prayers.

Flattery of people was also a great crisis in Hezekiah’s life. And it was here that he failed. God wants to be seen through our lives. We all need to rise higher. Let us not accept flattery.

We must live what we preach. We must not be found wanting in love and faith. Even in a crisis of flattery we shall be true to God, giving all the glory to Him.