February 1957                                   “The Transformed Life”                                     Late Mr. N. Daniel


John 18th Chapter

Here Judas kissed Jesus. Peter tried to protect Jesus by using the sword. Pilate tried to release Jesus in order to mete out justice. Jesus forgave those that sinned against Him. He finished His prayer and came out to meet His enemies. But Peter rose out of his slumbers to meet the situation. Judas, full of guile, approached Jesus. But Jesus full of the Spirit, was ready for the sacrifice unto death which was planned before the world began. He was radiating the divine nature and waves of love were flowing out of Him. Judas and the murderous group around him came within the range of these rays and fell to the ground. Jesus said “I am He; take me;” But they couldn't bear His radiance. Unrighteousness cannot bear the radiance of righteousness. Unlove cannot stand the encounter with love. The guile cannot stand the presence of the honest, blameless and good. Those who are filled with the Spirit will discern the future and will be ready to face temptations and trials, standing on the ground of love and righteousness. Losing one's life or earthly treasure is considered a defeat by the world. But true defeat is only to lose your Christian character. The body may die. Blood may flow. But a spiritual man will not yield to sin. You will not care for the physical harm that assails the body. But he will not yield to sin. Jesus wanted to be an example to us. Therefore He lived in a human body and yet did not sin.

Judas was one of those who went back and fell to the ground. He understood it was power that emanated from Jesus that pulled him down. But now he had completely yielded to the power of Satan. Therefore, he went forward to accomplish the work of Satan at any cost. A kiss is a sign of love. He was using this symbol to accomplish a very cruel deed. He lived with Jesus and was a deceiver. He hid his deceit by practising hypocrisy. Just think to what a state he descended! Those who have not repented of their sins should hasten to do so, lest their hearts be hardened and they sink into greater depravity.

Let us look at Peter who was a converted man, but who was not established in his prayer life. Sometimes, he would rise through prayer to the Spirit's level and would see reality in Jesus. He understood He was the Messiah. Converted people can live some times in the level of the Spirit and some times in the level of the mind. When prayer is lacking, they will live in the level of the mind. “But to be carnally minded is death. But to be spiritually minded is life and peace.” (Romans 8:6) Now Peter had entered into the actions of death. He thought he was doing that out of his love for Christ. But Jesus said, “He that keepeth my commandments is he that loveth Me.” Peter received the commandments, but was disobeying them. Peter was serving Jesus with a sword. It would have resulted in somebody's death. But because of the Spirit's power around Jesus, death was averted. Only an ear was cut off. Peter thus escaped prison. God's plans for him would have been shattered. After this, Peter who had vowed to lay down his life began to speak lies. Converted people can go down like this. But he repented for that, that very day. Before the sun went down, Peter came back to his original state. Had he hardened his heart and retained his sin in himself through the night, that is till Saturday, the poison of sin would have entered him. He would have gone down further in sin. A man who hideth his sin allows the poison of sin to circulate in his body and soul. He will lose his spiritual vision and have a carnal vision. He will lose his eyes of faith and have eyes like Lot's eyes. He will choose green fields and material profit. He will take his children unto unholy places. All these changes will take place.

Pilate was a bribe taker. He was an enemy of the Jews. He feared to hand over Jesus to death. The Jews began to threaten him, saying he was an enemy of Caesar. He wanted to escape the guilt of sin, by washing his hands. The pride of his position and his ignorance of the truth led to his down fall. “Simon son of Jonas, dost thou love Me?” (John 21:15) The Lord is looking for spiritual love. “The love of God is shed abroad in our hearts through the Spirit.” (Romans 5:5) Qualities of spiritual love are described in I Cor.13th chapter. Those who learn His word and pray will find the love of this quality. “Ye greatly err, because ye know not the Scriptures brings the power of God.” To know the ­Scriptures brings the power of God. It will help us to live our life in the power of God and with the fruit of the Spirit and wisdom. “If a man has the gift of prophecy to understand all mysteries if he hath not love, he is nothing. If he giveth his body to be burnt and has not love he is nothing.” Envy, boasting, being puffed up, walking ungraciously, seeking one's own, being easily provoked, keeping account of iniquity in the heart, rejoicing in evil - these are not the attributes of love. Eight virtues and eight contradictions are used to describe love. Those who cling to Jesus, confess all their sins, keeping back nothing and strive to preserve a clean heart in them, their love will glow and bring them into likeness with Jesus. True Christians will love God’s Word and thank God for this. Those who find Christ rejoice greatly in this treasure and proclaim Him with a humble mind. Here we see how unfaithful Peter was greatly used by God later. Cannot God use you? HE IS ALMIGHTY !!!