February 1958                                  “Fulfilling God’s Will”                                        Late Mr. N. Daniel


Numbers 22nd chapter.

All that is written in the scriptures is meant to teach us certain truths and certain principles. Balaam was considered to be a prophet who could work miracles. He used to talk to God, the Bible says. He understood that there was no safety for him except he did the will of God. At the same time, he was attracted by gifts, honour, praise that came from people. He who loves God should not be attracted by any worldly gain. When king Balak sent for him, he replied very firmly that he would do only what God said. He was not free to do his own will. The king next sent him more honorable officials, than the first messengers. Balaam replied, “though the king gave me a house full of gold, I would not depart from the instructions of Jehovah in either a small matter or a great matter." But at the depth of his heart Balaam was inclined towards the honour that came from the king. Such is the state of those who once followed the Lord but are backslidden. Many recognized the power of God which changed their lives. They are careful for a time to live by the Word of God. Gradually they get accustomed to receiving honour from people. They get to love the comforts of life and are not careful to understand and obey the will of God. This is a very wretched condition. They are in a very dangerous situation. Balaam did once know the Lord. But he used his gifts for his personal gain.

At the second invitation of the king. he again went to ask God His will and God asked him to go to Balak. After God had very clearly told him not to go and explained to him the reason that he could not curse whom God had already blessed, what was the need to ask God the second time? It is a sin to ask God for His will in a matter that the Bible clearly forbids. When God with reason obstructs your way, it is not good to ask. "Lord, is this Thy will?" God forbids only that which is not good for us. It grieves Him when we  again ask Him "Is it thy will?" In such a situation, Satan finds room to enter in, to mislead us. When we doubt the verity of what God had said, then, it is an opportunity for Satan to take the lead. Balaam mounted his ass. But it was the ass who began to preach to him. "What have I done that you have beaten me these three times?" An ass which is normally considered a foolish animal became wiser than the prophet. There are evangelists who once knew the Lord but have turned away from Him towards the world. They need preaching from asses. Who is their guide now? The ass or the prophet? He that is wise is able to 1ead others. The ass who could speak the Word of God was in a state to guide the prophet.

Worldly desires had entered and planted themselves in the heart of the prophet. "Cursed is the man that trusteth in man and maketh flesh his arm and whose heart departeth from the Lord." (Jer. 17:6) The Lord is greatly grieved with those who say that they trust in the Lord but actually lean upon men. Cursed is the man who makes use of the spiritual gifts of God to gather money for himself. Some have turned away like that even amongst us. They do some part of their ministry secretly so that their gain is not revealed. We should not seek for name or fame in the ministry. We should only strive to win souls. Balaam desired to curse Israel and make a gain for himself. Such people are accursed. The spirit of God bound the mouth of Balaam. "How shall I curse him whom God hath not cursed? Or How shall I defy him whom the Lord hath not defied? God is not a man that He should lie neither the son of man that He should repent. Hath He said and shall He not do it? Or Hath He spoken and shall He not make it good? Behold I have received commandment to bless: and He hath blessed and I cannot reverse it." Numbers 23:8-17. Balaam spoke in this manner. But he secretly gave an evil counsel to send a Moabitish woman to tempt the youth of Israel. He knew that sin always brings a curse even to people who are blessed by God. The resulting sin of adultery brought 24000 men in Israel to death. Balaam was finally slain by the sword for the wicked counsel he gave.

Everyone who is converted should, with great diligence, preserve this precious salvation and seek to know its fulness. Having tasted it, if we neglect so great a salvation, in that we do not press on to taste it and know its fullness, we come to great loss. Christians who have testified to the Lord's salvation but did not seek to grow, fall away and do great harm to the kingdom of God. Having known the Word of God, if we do not obey it, Satan can work havoc with us. Some can even get possessed by the devil. When I was preaching in a certain place, they brought a dumb man to me for prayer. He was once an evangelist. He spoke in tongues. He could not talk at all. When he was prayed over in the name of Jesus, the devil left him. Such people get strange guidances. Satan is able to deceive them with his counsels.

We must remember that we have received a great salvation. We must try to preserve it. With fear and trembling, we should work out our salvation, otherwise, we come to harm. We should carefully read God's Word and understand the glorious riches hidden in Christ Jesus and seek to possess it. People dig deep into mines for gold and precious stones. In a similar way, we should dig into the promises of God and possess the precious riches they contain. We should ask for that which is most precious. St. Paul counsels us to ask for the gift of prophecy (Preaching the Word of God) that saves souls. Seek earnestly for the most precious gifts, says Paul. He shows us the most excellent way. "Though I speak with the tongues of men and of angles, and have not love, I am nothing." (I Cor.l3:1)

An angel with the drawn sword had to stand against Balaam who was going against the will of God. Every evangelist who knowing the Word of God and yet seeks after lands and wealth, will be a great hindrance for the conversion of non-Christians. The angel of the Lord with a drawn sword will stand against him. Such an evangelist embraces death. An ass rebuked Balaam and saved his life. But he very subtly showed the way to the destruction of Israel. His evil counsel took effect. Those who know the Word of God can also use it with subtlety. They can use the Word of God as a shield to prevent deeper truth preached to them. Nominal Christians and the backslidden Christians who refuse to learn the full truth of God greatly hinder the Work of God.

After you have received the experience of salvation, you should dig into the Holy scriptures, and you should allow the Holy scriptures to dig into you to search if there be any roots of sinful desire deeply embedded in you. These roots should be plucked out. Just now they may be lying dormant. But under suitable provocation, they will come out and express themselves. These roots of our sinful nature should be plucked out and the promises in the Holy scripture as concerning our inheriting the Divine nature should be planted in their stead. A Christian must take care to see that the tree of Divine nature grows in him and shows forth its fruit. A slumbering Christian though he was once saved, can give room to strange women when tempted. Neglecting so great a salvation means not taking care to preserve it and making room for it to expand into its fulness in you. Satan is watching to tempt prophets and overthrow them into utter destruction. Do you know what Divine virtues and untold power and unlimited influence for good can come out of your salvation? Are you unaware of this and not diligent to work towards such a fulfilment. Are you stretching forth your hand for favours from the rich and the great? Then you will face the sword of spiritual death. Oh Christian! Oh Christian worker! You who are to wield the sword of God effectively with great power, are you negligent and walking towards a drawn sword? Ps. 149:6,9. A two edged sword is in their hands- This honour have all his saints!