March 3rd, 1963                                                 "The Justice of God"                                             Late Mr. N. Daniel

1 Samuel 21

When we read the Old Testament we will be able to glean out of it God’s application of His truth in human affairs. Though God is Almighty, He is just. We see His justice always in action. Jeremiah 17:1 "The sin of Judah is written with a pen of iron, and with the point of a diamond; it is graven upon the table of their heart, and upon the horns of your altars." It is true. There are national, family and individual sins. But they are all recorded. India’s poverty is the result of national sin, that is extreme selfishness of the rich and the high caste people of India. The Brahmin in order to be comfortable has organized the society with a view to rule India. Indian religion has never given us any sense of justice. Lack of sense of justice has crept into the Christian Church also. We still maintain caste.

God’s laws operate in our lives. Saul when he became a king was abiding in the will of God for sometime. Soon he became proud. The influence of Samuel was taken away. Then he behaved in a cruel manner. He wanted to kill his son-in-law. God prevented it. Once he fell upon 80 priests because they lent the sword of Goliath to David. What are the consequences? Sin is sin. Its consequences must be borne. The whole nation was affected. There were other murders too. There came a famine on the land. David inquired of God and found out it was because of the sin of Saul. In order to propitiate for these sins 7 sons of Saul were held and hanged. All that David knew was that real propitiation for human sins was on the cross and it would meet all the needs of humanity. In our lives we must not allow any unforgiven sin to pass without repentance. We are saved to be saved and to be perferted. It is a progressive salvation that is come into us. So we have to confess the sins of our parents. It is by waiting on God, we know the sins of our fathers. Lamentation 5:7. God taught Israel to repent for their sins and the sins of their fore-fathers. Hinduism thinks that by bathing in waters they can be forgiven. When you preach the gospel you are sowing the seeds of salvation and the remedy for the future ills of nations, economic, political and moral. The only hope for any country is the gospel of Christ. This light must shine among us and from us.

Some people were baptized in Akividu. One woman said, "Last year I came alone but now I have brought four with me. I believed in Jesus and now I pray to Him." By God’s grace, the word of God is reaching others. This woman heard that she should be baptized. She went and asked the Lord. He asked her to read Matthew 3. The light is spreading in Andhra. It is not easy to gather 4000 to 5000 people to hear the Word of God. They know what we preach is true. But some early converts have gone back to sin.

When we are waiting in prayer God will reveal to us how to pray for our father’s family. When famine came, David asked God the cause. It was the sin of Saul the king! A ruler could bring so much suffering on the people. Even church leaders do not want the light to spread. They don’t do it and don’t allow others to do it. Such behaviour will bring a curse on them for generations. Some of the church dignitaries are sitting at Jezebel’s table. The condition of the church in India is desperate. David was doing something in his own country. Is there anyone to teach our people that for every action of theirs, there will be a reaction?

David’s son Absalom became a very wicked son. He went step by step down into further sin. Suddenly he met death from which he could not escape. A king’s son one might be, but he will not escape the unerring judgement of God. Unless God keeps us we cannot be safe. "If thou blessest O God it will be a blessing for ever", David prayed. Saul was careful in the early part of his life. In the later part of his life he had missed the Fellowship of good people. God’s children’s company is a protection. In their company our sins are brought out. The sooner we know our sins the better. Even our health will improve. The germs in our body will die. Scripture records suffering but if we search carefully, we will find the cause of that suffering. God judges righteously.