March 4th, 1961                                                   "The Abundant Life"                                            Late Mr. N. Daniel

John 10: 1-14

"I am the good shepherd and know my sheep and am known of mine." Jesus’ object is to give us life and abundant life. Life in children is not abundant life. All the signs of life are there in them but they are inarticulate and cannot express their needs. We also are like that when we are born of the spirit. We are not very useful in the kingdom of God. But we grow and express our needs to God. In the beginning our prayers may not be very correct. But the more we search our heart and His Word, we begin to ask for higher things and better things. The life He gives us is an abundant life. Sometimes new converts find their prayers being answered and begin to ask for worldly things. They do not give themselves or their children to God. The innate quality of Christian life is to search deeper into the heart and deeper into God. The life takes on itself the needs of society. The poor are attended to. As man keeps on changing and getting better and better, He brings more and more blessing into the world.

A little boy, the son of a brewer was converted and became a preacher. He immediately felt very keenly the evil his father was doing in selling liquor. He used his wealth of 1.5 million dollars to fight the demon of drink. He told his father that what he was doing was wrong.

Is the life in us abundant life? Is our life more abundant this year than last year? The Divine Spirit is always wanting to purify you. Strange spirits are watching to mislead you. The want to guide you according to your desires. Keep your mind on spiritual advance. How much have you advanced in bringing conviction to others?

Jesus is our good shepherd. Is the abundant life operating in you? Then your life will be better and better every day. Christianity reforms society. We have made Christianity a dead religion. Unless we rise as children of God and fight the evils in our society, our religion is not true.