March 5th, 1988                                          "Doing the Will of God"                                         Mrs. N. D. Daniel

Psalm 131, Psalm 143:10 & 11

King David was a converted man. He was chosen by God. His life was accepted by the Lord. He learnt to be very humble. His experience is written in Psalm 131. He says, "I am not haughty nor my eyes lofty." He became like a child. Psalm 131:2. After conversion we have to become like little children. After conversion if we do not properly grow, our minds tend to view and desire things that are too high for us. We begin to desire big degrees and high positions. The Psalmist exhorts Israel, "Set your hope on God." He prays, "Teach me LORD Thy will." Though he was converted and though God said of him, I have found a man after my own heart, King David’s life was not a smooth one. He had many responsibilities as a king. He also had a big family. Yet he would sit in the presence of God, and say, "LORD, teach me Thy will." Until the end of his life, he sought God’s will and was in the will of God. One may seek God’s will for his future life and may drop out of God’s path after some time. To continue following God’s path to the end of one’s life is the important thing. David had to face so many problems in his life. But God was with him all through. What family troubles he had! All his children were scattered at the time when Amnon was murdered. His eldest son fell into gross sin. Another son tried to wrench the kingdom from his father. Earlier his father-in-law sought his life. But he lived in peace because he had close contact with God. Some people give their hearts to Christ. But their contact with God is very unsteady. For some time they follow God. But when troubles come they will not be in God’s will. All those who love the Lord seek to be in God’s will. But to do God’s will one must grow in prayer. One must keep receiving promises from God. Our mind tends to speak solutions in every circumstance. Our friends and well-wishers advise us. Satan of course is always there to whisper his wisdom into our ears. Then how do we get to know God’s will? When children of God grow in prayer, they will be praying the answers of God in their prayers. When they are reading the Word the Word will guide them. Jesus prayed at Lazarus’ grave, "I thank you, you always hear my prayer and now you have heard my prayer." This is one way of knowing God’s will. The Prophets did not find it hard to know God’s will. Only false prophets prophesied falsely. But true prophets lived and spoke the mind and plan of God. When one speaks just half the truth and confesses only part of his sin, God’s will becomes hard.

If we want to know God’s will and do God’s will, we have to make sure if we are right with God. Fifty-two years ago we came into the Ministry according to God’s will and God never put us to confusion. Never did we lack provision. Unemployed boys also were staying with us. The Lord had to provide for their needs too. Trials of faith one cannot escape. The path will not always be smooth. There were times when those who received our hospitality and love turned against us. Some who were called to serve God left half way. They did not want to go all the way with the Lord. The servant of God my husband had to face criticism and slander. In all these circumstances God was with us. So these things did not discourage us or hur us. Even bishops rose against the servant of God. They rose against his teaching even though they saw its effectiveness. In spite of their opposition, the work continues. My husband was called to work specially amongst young people. We still work among young people. But when I watch the present girls and boys who have their training here, I find their growth is not commensurate with their years and opportunities. All is set for them that they may grow spiritually. But they tend to treat the love of God and the provision of God lightly. In the midst of his severe trails of faith King David maintained and retained his humble spirit and a spirit-led walk with God.

When one has much money in hand it does not usually help towards growth in faith. But King David kept humble and was kept in God’s will to the end of his life in spite of his wealth. When God calls us into His ministry, He loves to bless us and preserve is till the end. We must take care to see that our contact with God does not become loose and shaky because of the blessing we receive from God. There is much health in the Fellowship. Prayer is health. Bible study gives us health. Taking part in the ministry of God is health. Obedience to the Word brings us health. Taking time to be in God’s will also gives us health. When I said in a sermon, "There are not many deaths in the Fellowship", one pastor from Ireland began to laugh. But it is true that we are enjoying long-life in the Fellowship.

My father was a pastor in a place which was visited by revival. In the midst of all his many big responsibilities as a pastor, he practised speaking only kind words to everybody. Of course a pastor has to administer corection to his flock. But he never used unkind words. He retired and was an evangelist to the end of his life. He loved God to the end of his life. He brought up his family in a Christian way. He lived up to ninety years.

In a particular centre an engineer-evangelist designed a hearse to be used in the times of death. It was used only for my elder sister who died at the age of ninety years. The hearse finds not use. It is dismantled. The people of that town learnt prayer. Whenever they get sick, they pray and get healed. Long life is a blessing of God. It is included in the fifth commandment which exhorts us to honour our parents.

We are enjoying Jesus Christ. The Word says, "Rejoice." Our health is Christ, our joy is Christ, our hope is Christ. Christ has become everything to us. But we must take care to see that we do not take the love of God for granted. The love of children of God is also very precious and we should not take it lightly. Let us also like King David ask the Lord to teach us His will and keep us in His will. As long as Christ is with us, we lack nothing. He builds and preserves our faith. Christ helps us to maintain contact with heaven. He will help us to go all the way with Him till we go to heaven. We all must become child-like in our lives. Then God will guide us into all truth.