March 1957                                     “Blessing From God”                                 Late Mr. N. Daniel


Judges 1:14& 15

Caleb's daughter asked a blessing of her father. After her marriage, she requested of her father a field. Her father gave her all that she asked and even more. That is the nature of a father to give more than his daughter asks. Her father had given her a field. She asked for springs of water. Without this water­ supply, that land could not be cultivated to produce a harvest. She was an intelligent woman and he was a loving father. Her request was for an earthly blessing. A wealthy father would never deny his daughter's request. Our heavenly father has also said that He would give them those who ask. What are you asking? What kind of a blessing do you desire? An eternal blessing or temporary blessing?

Esau asked for a blessing. Isaac his father did pass on his blessing. Esau was not worthy to receive the blessing. He had that bag of holes which could hold no blessing. He was an unbeliever and a worldly man. He married idolatrous women. He grieved his parents. One thing he could do well was to prepare a good meal. Can such a man receive the blessing of Abraham? Pharaoh also desired a blessing: Exo.12:32 "Take your flocks too, with you and bless me also." Pharaoh saw the power of the God of Israel. He learnt that there was mercy also with God. Though God gave him many chances to repent and obey, he hardened his heart until he lost his first born; and all the first born of Egypt perished. Unwillingly, and benumbed with fear, he was compelled to let Israel go. Incidentally, he asked for a blessing also. Can such a man receive the blessing of God? Even if he did, can he hold it? Many people seek for the healing of the body. But they do not have the strength to hold the healing. In a very short while, Pharaoh would reject God, the source of blessing and pursue the Israelites. He was going to pursue Israel with his army. He was born and bred in the nature of Egypt. He was a guide and leader to mobilize men deeply rooted in the nature of Egypt. Pharaoh was a man blinded by pride. Can such a man receive the blessing of God or retain the blessing of God? A man who was deeply at enmity with God at heart, can he be fit to receive the grace of God? If he received God's blessing, could he prosper in it? Even after losing his son, he was unrepentant, and determined to walk the way of his own will until he and his army were submerged in the sea. You may ask for a blessing. But are you in a state to receive it? Those who ask must be prepared to receive; they must prepare the vessels of their heart to receive the blessing of God. What are God's thoughts about us? Is it His desire just to bless us, or does He want us to do something more? What did He say to Abraham? "I will bless you and make you a great name. And you shall be a blessing and in thy seed shall all the nations of the earth be blessed." So it is not God's intention to just stop blessing. He wants to make you and me a blessing to others. Through His prophet Zechariah God spoke. He said "Even as ye were a curse among the nations, O Judah and Israel, so shall ye be a blessing. To what extent does God save? He saves until you are able to save others. To what degree does He heal you? He heals till you receive the gift of healing to heal others. He makes you rich. To what degree does He give this riches? Till you are rich enough to enrich others. To bless you! How far? Till you become a blessing to others. He grants you repentance. To what degree? Till you loathe yourselves, when you remember your iniquities and the abominations you have committed. Ezek.36:31. He gives you honor. To what degree? In those countries where you have been put to shame, He will give you a good name and honor. This is the nature of love.

Do you want a blessing so that you can enjoy it for yourself? You will not profit by such a blessing. Do you want riches so that you may enjoy the riches yourselves? Are you praying that way? Please don’t. Such riches will be harmful for you. You want health and you have no desire to declare the truth about your healing? You have no desire to show people the way to physical and spiritual health through repentance? Then, such health is not profitable for you. The riches that God imparts is His boundless salvation. This riches will flow through you to others. Some people are converted to keep the blessing for themselves. Such people become dwarfs. They pray "Lord, bless my fields, my children’s education, give my wife good health", and so on. But they do not pray that God may use them for the extension of His kingdom. They do not pray that their wealth and their children should be engaged in the building of His kingdom. St. Paul says "We do not look at the visible, but look intently upon the invisible". Being poor, we make many rich. Jesus told Peter, "Verily, verily I say unto you, there is no man that hath left house, or parents, or  brethren or wife, or children, for the kingdom of God's sake, who shall not receive manifold more in this present time, and in the world to come life everlasting.” Luke 18:29,30.

Caleb gave to his daughter the upper springs and the nether springs. God wants to give you, precious heavenly graces and also earthly blessings which you need. If you will cast yourself into the hands of God to be his daughter and son, He will shower his heavenly blessings on you and blessings that are hidden in the depths of the earth. He will give you spiritual fruit, as well as the physical. If you are risen with Christ, seek those things that are above. Set not your minds on things that are on the earth. What is the blessing you want? To be a partaker of the divine nature is the highest blessing. That rivers of living water should flow out of you, is the reward you should desire. You should wish to be a tree of God's planting by the rivers of water which bear fruit in its season, whose leaf also will not wither, will not be dried in the year of draught. MAY YOU BE A WITNESS FOR GOD THROUGH LIFE OR DEATH!