April 15th, 1961                                            "Daniel Walked With God"                                          Late Mr. N. Daniel

Daniel 12:13

"But go thou thy way till the end be: for thou shalt rest, and stand in thy lot at the end of the days", God spoke to Daniel. From the time he was about 18 years old Daniel lived close to the Lord and for God’s kingdom. Daniel was a prophet with whom God shared the great mysteries of heaven. The things that God spoke to Daniel are very difficult to understand. Daniel had a special type of faith which could draw from God a power to understand His mysteries. Daniel shared the knowledge and the wisdom of God and also the mysteries of God’s doings. He walked very close to God. Daniel’s book is a difficult book to understand. Many of the present events and future events are there. Daniel is the John of the Old Testament. He would see a vision and be so overwhelmed by its impact as to fall down and become weak. When God’s mighty thoughts enter our mind, sometimes we become weak. But Daniel would not leave God.

Daniel’s religion and the religion of Babylon were just the opposite. In the land of utter darkness, a young man was living very close to God. What an encouragement it is to us! Some of you may have to live in very bad places. Daniel could see the future kingdoms. He could see Christ, the stone not cut with human hands. By virtue of prayer and sanctification he rose to a place where he could enjoy the mysteries of God- the riches of heaven. He saw the future time, when after Jesus’ life on earth, the worship in the temple would cease. It is not easy to bear the future revealed. If God tells you when your father or mother will die, you will start weeping right away. God has His mysteries in His hand. Those who live in His bosom and share those mysteries are blessed. Daniel shared with God His great mysteries. He had so many dreams and many visions. He has given us so many mystic writings. God wants to share with His dear children the future plans of His kingdom or at least His plans for them. Daniel was most faithful in upholding the name of Jehovah in the heathen land. According to the devotion of your heart God would like to share with you His plans. God visited the home of Abraham because his heart was so one with God. God said, "How can I hide from Abraham what I intend to do to Sodom & Gomorrah?" He could not keep this to Himself without sharing it with Abraham.

Our loving God will share with you many things. Daniel walked so close to God that his dreams were prophetic, and his words were prophetic and the interpretation was prophetic. What a blessing one young person can be! He interpreted the writing on the wall on that historic night, "Mene, Mene, Tekel Upharsin." Within a few hours of that interpretation, that judgment was fulfilled. Was Daniel a bondman? When God’s mind comes into you, can you be a slave? No, he was a ruler. Big men will come to learn from you if you live close to God and God will reveal the future to you.

God said to Daniel, "Thou shalt rest and stand in thy lot at the end of the days." Each one of us will stand in our lot at the end of our days according to our walk with God now.