April 18th,1962                         “Calling Evil Good and Good Evil”                            Late Mr. N. Daniel



“Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter.”

In this world such a thing keeps happening. People call evil good and good evil. What can we do with such people? I met a girl who when she was given good food would always say there was poison in it. She was brought to me for prayer for healing. Satan had per­verted her mind. When Adam sinned, his mind was perverted. When Jesus came He brought the true light. Psalm 43:3. In our homes, if we have this light and this truth, they will be small heavens. Even our churches would be so. But there is no light in some of our churches and the truth is not given there. Churches have settled down to be organizations to collect money and to observe certain ceremonies.

God taught me that in Jesus we have all that is good and all that we need. Today, if I lack anything, it is only my lack of Christ. I do not have enough of Him. While I go preaching and peo­ple look to me as a prophet, I feel so sorry that I do not have enough of Christ. If I had prayed more I could have been more use­ful to people spiritually and in the healing ministry. A certain Kshatriya (of high caste) woman said she had no sin in her. She said she always stayed at home and never encountered temptation and never sinned. But when the true light came to her, she saw she was full of sin. Many Christian officers say that they have not taken bribes and and so they have no sin. But when I told them that unless their children were converted, they cannot be pleasing unto God, they could not understand it. The first need for true humbling is felt when the true light has shone in the heart. A christian officer was alarmed when his daughter was converted. He wanted her to be changed but not so changed. This man was preaching in churches. What message could he give? Once when a scorpion stung him he was healed by prayer. He was so surprised. People do not know the power of God.

Once while conducting meetings in Hyderabad district, a woman who was suffering due to scorpion-sting was brought for prayer. She was healed immediately. The missionary said, “Is it so simple as that?” He said he had spend Rs.250 to descorpionize his house (clear it thoroughly to rid it of scorpions). When we were leaving the place he said “You have brought to us the ministry of Christ.” What is the power in Christ? Is it mainly healing? No. It is mainly lighting up the heart and making man see his sinfulness in God's light.

There is a story told of Ulysses and Circe. Circe was an enchantress who lived in an island. She used to feed her guests and use her enchantments to turn them into birds or animals. Their na­ture used to change into that of those creatures. Satan has done the same to us. We look respectable, but we call evil good and good evil. We have taught our children so. Eph.4:17. “This I say therefore, and testify in the Lord, that ye henceforth walk not as other Gentiles walk in the vanity of their mind.” Who can deliver you from the vanity of your mind. No one can do it but Jesus. There was none that could take your place before God but Jesus. He who lived a spotless life in a mystical way took your sins upon Himself. It was because He took our sin upon Himself, it was possible for Him to be killed. Who can save you from your perverted mind – Ye who call good evil and evil good? Through Jesus the true light has shined and the standards of hea­ven will come into your heart and you will view the world diffe­rently. When I saw many Hindus coming into our meetings, I was very glad. Those Kshathriyas had never known the true light but now that light has shone into them. Many of them are suffering persecution. They are driven out of their property. “Let our houses and lands go, but we will not leave Christ” they say. Let us thank God for Jesus Christ.