April 24th, 1963                              Seekest Thou Great Things For Thyself”                          Late Mr. N .Daniel


Jeremiah 45:5.


We always seek great things for ourselves, but God says, "Behold I will bring evil upon all flesh." God is judging the world and as He judges He finds other people completely unworthy of His mercies. So He turns His attention to His own people. But in His people He finds some faults. He says "Get right with the Lord. I will not destroy you but I will not leave you unpunished." Why does he want to punish us? So that we might be corrected. In those days there used to be a great city in Egypt. Its name is 'No' also called Thebes. It was built on either side of the River Nile. It was the capital of that part of that country. It worshipped the goddess Amon. There kings built great buildings and had great pillars. It was a wonderful city. So many kings attacked it. But the citizens thought they were invincible. There was plenty of pride and self-assurance there. Many ungodly people are like that. They may be educated. They may be wealthy and they may have overcome many trials of life. Everywhere they appear triumphant. They say, "Everything is all right and nothing amiss will happen to us." God says ''Your end is coming." Jer 46:25,26. This great city 'No' was supported by Egypt. Nobody could destroy it because Egypt was behind it. But Egypt was defeated by Nebuchadnezzar. Jer.46:25. God was going to punish them.

If a nation or an individual becomes proud it is dangerous. None of us are without defects. God is a just God. Perhaps we are carrying on without any failure. We may have success, but we are seeking great things for ourselves, always great things only for ourselves. God says "Do not do that. I am going to punish all nations and individuals. They will be destroyed, but I won't destroy you because you know me." Mothers beat children and they, instead of running away from them, fall into their lap and weep. It is a very interesting sight. God knows we also do like that. We must not sigh against Him. We may feel "though God has sent this trouble, He is just and we deserve it." He is full of love. God says 'O Jacob I won't let thee go without punishment. I will punish you and purify you. You will always be with Me. Don't seek high things for yourself." When you seek high things you must have high qualities which God Himself has. Very often we don't feel sorry for lack of these qualities which Christ wants us to have. He does want to bless us and give us great responsibilities. He may give you a prophet in your home. Can you bring him up for God? Will you be a Hannah or Zebedee? God wants to send great men into this world through you. He wants to send a John the Baptist. Think of how nation would be if a John the Baptist would come and tell the highest to the lowest in the church their faults. 'Ye sons of vipers', he warned. He had such boldness to say such things. This is what we need. But people don't want to hear such things. What is the result? Nothing great comes out of our families. We are selling our children to position and education.

I had a friend. His mother was a good woman and she invited me to her house and taught me the Word. There was no other woman who did so in my life. My friend was the eldest in the family. He showed great enthusiasm for God. Both of us studied in Christian colleges. He showed great interest in personal work. When he graduated out of college he did not do anything for God. He became a professor in the University. I asked him what he was doing for God. He was sent as an ambassador to America but did nothing for God. I felt sad. My best friend in college had become one who sought great things for himself. In that family all sought for a good name and a good position. I never saw in them sacrifice for God's work. Alas! He will go to God empty-handed. There is a kind of punishment on that family. I asked God why it happened so. Ah! They always sought great things for themselves and never sought the things of God! God asks Jeremiah whether he was seeking great things for himself. God always corrected me, healed me and showed me what kind of man I was - all my faults. He gave me the qualities of my Lord. ''If you give me a son or daughter of great Christian character give me grace to bring him up for you", should be our prayer. How many can allow spiritual qualities to grow in their sons - in - law? How are our homes? ''Lord punish me, take away pride from me, make my home a worthy home where angels would grow", should be our prayer. "Seekest thou great things for thyself. Don't do that. I will punish you but not destroy you." God punishes me and I thank Him because He corrects me. I know I am not perfect. He sees my faults. He is always right. "Give me what thou wilt. Let me learn. Make me a worthy man to guide this Fellowship!" This is my prayer to God.