May 4th, 1963                                “Doing God’s Will”                                  Late Mr. N. Daniel


Romans 12

This chapter comes as the climax of all the doctrinal teachings that St.Paul gives in the letter to the Romans, Galatians and Corinthians. Vs.1 When we try to obey the Word of God we begin to die to sin. Our bodies would be living sacrifices. We need not specially work to control our bodies. As we obey God's Word our bodies become completely dead with no assertion of our own. The Spirit of God comes into them and kills the spirit of the flesh. (Romans 8:13) Through the Spirit you mortify the deeds of the body. (Colossians 3:5) When we are following the Word of God, a death is taking place conforming us to His perfect will. Our thinking, ambitions and desires, they all undergo a change. We will know that the chapter we are studying so carefully and with such a yearning to fulfil becomes our experience. When St. Paul wrote it, it had become his experience. When Jesus spoke the sermon on the mount, it was a spon­taneous sermon out of his experience. It was the consequence of willing obedience to the Word of God. Christianity is spontaneous. First we may be conformed to the world. Our relatives may say this is our custom you have to follow it. But you are not bound to them. Is it God's will? Will it profit me spiritually?

'Renewing of your mind!' Your mind goes through a process of transformation. All the former desires and understanding will undergo a great change. You no more conform to this world. You do not do like others. You do not follow the world. You trust in God.

Some are converted but they do not grow because they conform to the world. Some, after making mistakes begin to practise the Word of God and grow. When we do not grow as we ought to grow, one day we find the measure of our faith falling short of the standard of Christ. When you come to the place of doing God's perfect will, it is as if you are sitting on the throne. When you share His character you will share His power and grace. His noble qualities are present in you as if they were your own.

God has given us a certain amount of faith. The quality and quantity of faith depends on how much we obey the Word of God. You will find that your very desires and thoughts become a mighty prayer which will reach up to Heaven. Your thoughts are tangible and they are fulfilled. When you desire something for your church or your family, it will be fulfilled because you conform yourself to the Word of God. It is a wonderful experience.

Waiting on God, helps us. Do not hurry through prayer. Carefully study the Word. As you wait on in prayer God will reveal where you are standing. God will show your failure, success and what you ought to do. There is much around you which is topsy-turvy. You must set it right. Only a praying man can do it. You do not know what is wrong in your family. Suddenly you may see what is wrong when it is too late. But if you pray God will show you now what is wrong, and where and how to set it right.

VS.15 'Rejoice with them that do rejoice and weep with them that weep.' That is not easy. We cannot rejoice with them that do rejoice. Man's nature is not that way. But when you grow to that level, you can rejoice with them that rejoice. It means your heart has received from Jesus love and sympathy for your fellow-men. Then every aspect of your life will change. Hospitality comes spontaneously to you.

VS.17 If a man does evil against God's children he will suffer terribly. (Amos 2:11,12; 5:14,15) There are some young men and women who turn to God when meetings take place. But what does the congregation do? They give Nazarites wine to drink. Some man undertakes to take care of you and gives you a luxury which feeds the vanity in you. Walking is a good exercise for an evangelist. It is good to work hard. (Amos 5:4,5; 4:12). A certain teacher was going on his cycle and a tract was given to him which said, 'Prepare to meet thy God.' He was robust and healthy. This man had gone back quickly after repentance. Prepare to meet thy God! God gives many a chance and if they neglect it, God may not give another. It is not easy to find people who grow steadily after conversion. It is due to lack of proper fellowship. Being praised of men prematurely is another cause. As we steadily grow we will reach the goal soon.

If you are praying and try to conform to the Word of God, you will see many evils around you which you should change by prayer. If you do not bother about it, one day your family will suffer because of it. It is our duty to set right what is wrong. When Christian revelation becomes spontaneous in your life, you will set right those things that are wrong!