May 5th,1959                  “God Looks For a Man to Stand in the Gap”                Late Mr. N. Daniel


            God is seeking for a man and for the right man. Moses was most privileged among the children of Israel. He had been the up-bringing of a very religious home and the education of a royal prince. God heard the sighs of the children of Israel. He wanted to send a man, for their deliverance but Moses was refusing to go back to Egypt.

            God is heading for co-operation. God says, "I will do everything. You just stand in my stead” But we resist Him. Our strength and our intelligence have been given to us of God. Your body and mind are the gifts of God. God has given to each of us a particular training. When you look back on your life, you will wonder why you did not die when so close to death. Many died but you survived. Why you did not perish with the wicked. God's mystic hand was behind you like it was behind Moses. Your body, mind and spirit are vast fields to be used for God. Moses was refusing God's assignment. God often has to go back from us, hanging His head in sorrow, because we refuse to co-operate with Him. God speaks to Moses, "I watched over you in your mother's house, I was with you in the palace and saved your life from danger and from sin. I saved you from Pharaoh when he wanted to kill you. I have given you a wife and a peace - loving father-in-law. I have appeared to you in fire. That fire has already prepared you” But Moses was still not willing. Does not the same situation occur in your life? There are so many people oppressed by wrong ideas and wrong religion that gives no relief. God is looking for men and women who have a burden. God says you are His co-workers. He has been watching you from the cradle so that God's potentialities, which He has put in you may blossom and benefit all those around you. God has watched over you and given you various experiences, that have shaped you to be fit for His service.

            God is pleading with us to whom He has given every good thing. Your healthy body is a gift of God. Has God to come and plead and plead as a beggar pleads for food. We forget what a great God we have and how much power is with Him. Seldom any Christian family wants Him in their home. Unless you see the Lord's loving hand working mystically throughout your life, you will not be grateful to Him. His eye is on you though you live with thousands around you. If Moses had not yielded he would have perished as one of the Midianites.

       By your faith, you must overcome the evil one in your flesh in your youth. God had to plead and plead with Moses.  Six hundred thousand of people were being persecuted and one young man was satisfied with his peaceful quiet family life. He had a good wife and two children to make him happy and a few thousand sheep. He had plenty of meat to eat and milk to drink and life was quiet and peaceful. He did not know as yet the power of God to deliver a people that were oppressed. Mark 12:24 "Do you not therefore err, because ye know not the scriptures, neither the power of God." If you know the scriptures you will know what a mighty God you have. Let us not keep Jesus at an arm’s length, begging.