May 5th, 1963                              “God Searches the Heart”                              Late Mr. N. Daniel

Jeremiah 12:13   “They have sown wheat, but shall reap thorns: they have put themselves to pain, but shall not profit: and they shall be ashamed of your revenues because of the fierce anger of the Lord.”


It is strange such a thing happens. God says in the 10th verse that many pastors made the vineyard desolate. Many are surprised at the absence of fruit after their labour. God knows the reason. The man who ploughs and sows must be careful. Jeremiah 13:23. Unless a man is rea1ly born again how can he sow wheat?

We often see preachers preaching wrong doctrines. One man got converted in our meetings. He went to the West, fell into sin and came back. He still preaches but reaps only thorns. He teaches that people who have believed are filled with the Ho1y Spirit. That is wrong. Such preaching ruins people. Jeremiah 14:14 these are man-made prophets, self-made prophets. Some look at such preachers and want to preach too. They want to build a Fellowship. But in their sub-conscious mind they want to make an easy living. In spite of such attitudes if they could lead people into true Christian life, I would still be happy. I do not like a property-centered religion. If you and your children can build the kingdom of God that would be gain indeed. Like Joshua you can say at the end of your life, “My family and I will serve the Lord.”

Are you born again? Have you trusted the Lord? Do you believe that Jesus has risen again? Then you will have this experience. Romans 12:1 Read the Word. Meditate on it day and night, submit yourself to its rule. Then there will not be any defeat in your life. Then you will do His perfect will. What is God's will? Have you died to the p1easures of this world? Have you become a living sacrifice? If so, when the Lord asks you to do something, you will do it. I went to Narsapur forty three years ago. I walked many miles in 118 Fahrenheit. I did not mind the heat and distance. Forty three years I prayed for Narsapur. Again now I went and preached. Jeremiah 10:20 Some people, when they are far away from heaven, can say that they are almost in heaven. Parents think that their children are growing spiritually. But they do not know what sins they are committing. Jeremiah l3:13  I was brought up in such a church that when I was born again I understood the truth.

Who can tell you that you are a sinner? Who can make you realise that? When you come in contact with the spirit of God you will understand your sinfulness. Your self will go. Your deceitful heart will be taken away from you. Jeremiah 14:7,17.  When your heart is deceitful, you will never find the truth. Some of us do pray. But true prayer and real brokenness will not come out of us. When did you get a broken heart? Jeremiah 7:16. God looks at your heart. You want to pray only in the time of trouble. In the time of leisure you do not want to wait on the Lord. There are many things objectionable to God in your heart which are preventing you from attaining perfection. God would like to show you these things if you waited on Him.

       In our churches where there is no peace and righteousness, they say, "Peace, peace and righteousness." Jeremiah 9:14. You may be praying. But it is not a deep prayer. The devil is watching to deceive you. You did not repent fully. It you are not in the fellowship of God's people you will backslide.

A true man of God who trusts in God will not reap thorns. He will gather the brothers and put up the tents and build the work. Pastor Hsi believed in the Lord. Let us never lose our faith. Are you doing God's will? Do you try to love your neighbour? If you believe you will live the twelfth chapter of Romans,  and there will be no defeat in your life.

What does God say? The children are gone - the tent is in a desolate condition. This is the condition of the present church. The flock go out of the fold. This is the sorrow of God. God is revealing this to Jeremiah. A pastor must pray for the congregation and have a burden for them. If a pastor prays, God will show him who are the negative forces in the church.

In the spiritual kingdom there are many forces. When we pray in the name of Jesus Christ, an angel may be sent to warn the people through a dream. The hindering person may be warned by a disease. If sickness and difficulties are ordered by God, they are a blessing. You must not preach to those for whom you do not pray. Many people want to preach. Can you preach? Can you bring the Word of God to people's hearts? Do you know what such a ministry costs? We may think preaching is easy. We may conduct family-prayers. But can you send the word of God to hearts of people? The preaching must not be yours. If the sermon comes from the Lord, it will bind the forces of darkness. If you do not pray, the powers of darkness will pounce on you. Any family or group of people who fight the Gospel of Christ will perish. Some people preach out of the evil imagination of their hearts. Our own body can prevent us from glorifying God. Romans 12:1. All the ruined parts of the body are restored by the Spirit who injects strength. The Spirit will fit you into the Work of God. If you really mean business, you will live as a living sacrifice. You will lose confidence in yourself and put your confidence in God. Then you will not conform to the world. You will not mix the world and God. I told some of my close friends that they mixed the will of God with the world. I told one friend; “You do not know God's will.” Remember that 'Good' is the enemy of the 'Best'. You may do good. But it must be acceptable and perfect before God. If you do the perfect will of God, you will be a mighty success. God wants you to do His perfect will. Then you will pray “Lord let Thy will be done on earth as it is done in heaven.”

Overcome evil with good. Even if you suffer it does not matter. Your yea must be yea and your nay must be nay. The Holy Spirit sees everything as it is. If you come to the level of Romans 12th chapter your sermon will be powerful. God says, “My tent is broken” and asks “Can you put it up? In a new place?” You must not be in a place where people will question you saying, “Why are you here?” They must be able to see that you exalt Jesus and demonstrate His power.