May 6th, 1963                     “God’s Way for the Family”                      Late Mr. N. Daniel


Titus 2:3 “The aged women likewise, that they be in behaviour as becometh holiness, not gales accusers, not given to much wine, teachers of good things;”


     The very meekness and quietness of a woman can be a sermon. Women must not gossip. If a woman gossips, how can she pray? How can she protect her husband and children? A godly woman has nothing to do with gossiping. (v.4) Loving husbands. Why is this mentioned? When a husband comes, the meal is ready. A message also must be ready. Love must be on such a plane. A godly woman will not give all her time to planning what she will wear. If a woman loves the husband with the Spirit of God, he will never go astray.

     “To love children…” The woman must long for the soul – beauty of the child. (v.5) If family life is in the spirit, it will be a controlled life. There should be no continuous wrangling and no big arguments. Both husband and wife should seek the will of God. Women must be submissive and teachable.

     Men must be sober-minded. If you are filled with the Word of God, you will have this quality. (Proverb 3:5) A man said to me “I know how to keep myself” The he fell into sin. There is pride in us. We think that we know everything. The spirit of arrogance takes hold of us. It is very difficult to be humble. (v.7) The Spirit of God demands certain things of us. One of them is that we set a good pattern. A certain young man was here. His life was a good pattern. He was perfect in his way of life even when he went abroad. Even in eating you must be a pattern. You will not have your youth again. After twenty years you will not be young as you are now. The life you live at this age will be a strength to you when you preach later. Your future is in the hands of God. God is interested in your life. If He has control over you, the powers of darkness will have no part in your life. An example of such a life is Daniel’s. God not only protects, but He also guides and blesses us. If you believe His Word, you will be blessed.