May 12th, 1962                                 “Confidence In God”                                    Late Mr. N. Daniel


Exodus 14:13

            The confidence Moses had in God was extraordinary. The circumstances through which this lonely devotee had to pass were strange. There was no man to cheer or encourage him. He came from the wilderness at the call of God as Jesus came from a period in the wilderness to commence His ministry. In that solitary life which Moses led in the wilderness, he learnt many things from God and unlearnt many things. He studied in the colleges of Egypt and that made him a very strong man. But God's school is different. We also have to learn and unlearn many things. Our God is a great God. Do not come to God and limit Him. God has something in you which fits into His great plans. God works in us through Jesus and we appear great to Him. Your greatness depends on how humble and meek you are and how deeply you understand your deceitful heart and ruined nature. The more you understand your ruined nature, the more God is able to put into you His power and make you work like Him. God can make only gods. 'You are gods', says the Bible.

            I am amazed at how Moses grew in the Lord as a solitary man. One who spends his solitary life well will find that such a time is most profitable. We must develop our solitary (individual) prayer. As Moses was alone with God, God's presence and the visitation of angels must have greatly helped him. Just look at the boldness of Moses. He is speaking so confidently to Pharaoh, the great dictator. Are you sure God has called you? If He has called you, it is an awesome thing. You have to obey absolutely. It is a 'dreadful' thing to be called by God because the great demands of the call are almost beyond your reach. We should be very humble and watchful. How very watchful we must be! How much we can pray while walking! How much we can pray while going in a bus! How deeply you can go into meditation!

            Was it easy to believe and give the command, 'Stand still' when the armies of Egypt were coming upon them? Moses commenced his journey out of Egypt after the lamb was slain. We should think more and more of the Lamb that was slain and the blood that was shed for us.

            God has not rewarded us according to our sins. We must eliminate  everything in our life that is not of God. The spirit wants to serve the Lord but the body demands of you its share and drives you to enjoy life in its own way, hindering your spirit. But when the spirit controls the body, God will be glorified in you. At first there will be a struggle between the flesh and the spirit but one day the spirit will reign. When the body dominates, nothing great will come out of it.

When we study the life of Moses, we learn that we can tap the unlimited resources of God and live in the fulness of life. 'Stand still', he said in the face of great danger. All the Israelites united with Moses in sacrificing the lamb. What deliverance they saw! And God talked to them in an audible voice. Let us wait on God to see this kind of deliverance. Very soon the Israelites saw the dead bodies of their ferocious and powerful foes floating on the water. Shall we look to our Saviour for the power He has released into this world by His death and resurrection? You will win. You will conquer. The forces that are coming upon you to crush you are dead forces. You will see them disappearing and you will see the victory !!!