May 12th, 1963                        “In Close Touch With God”                             Late Mr. N. Daniel


Deuteronomy 30:19,20

God says, 'I am placing before you life and death.' God has for us a pain killer in the Word of God. When God called Abraham, He gave him the truth. God said, 'Abraham is my confidant.' He believed God's Word to that degree that God was sure he would teach God's Word to his children. God could not hide anything from Abraham. For an Almighty God who reigns in heaven and on earth, to say that He could not hide anything from a human being, is an extra-ordinary thing. And God meant it. Abraham believed God. And God could trust and count on Abraham. It is a great thing! Many of us think of belief in different terms.

Everyone who goes to Church believes that he believes in God. He tells lies all through the week. When you believe in God, you imbibe His nature. Abraham was imbibing the nature of God. When Abraham was about to sacrifice his son, we see God's nature in him. God was happy that there was at least one man to offer his son out of trust in God. God thought it was a great success in the training he gave to Abraham. Faith began with Abraham. He gave it to his children.

God gave the law so that the faith in Abraham may be imparted to His children. There is a mystic power in the Word of God so that every nation that accepted the Bible and obeyed it, prospered. It prospered in proportion to its obedience. To a certain extent England followed the Word and prospered. Righteousness exalteth a nation. (Prov. 14:34) England was lifted above the nations. It is a creative Word. Those who receive the Word into their hearts by obedience, receive of that creative power. It eliminates sin.

Those parents who counsel their children to believe and obey God's word are true parents. When I was born again my father said, "It is enough. My son is converted. God will take care of him." Then I did not understand the import of his words. I understand how God took care of me. Every parent must hand over his children into God's protection by inculcating the fear of God into them. I had some students in my school. They used to look at God for their needs. If children look to God and not to parents for everything, it is a great gain. When a servant looks to God and not to his master or mistress it is a great blessing. It is a blessing not to live entirely to please the master rather than God.

When you believe the Word of God, it will have a peculiar effect on your personality. It produces certain emotions that strengthen your nerves and keep them in a sound condition. Your blood is also purified. Your mind is kept clear and sound so that it rejects negative thoughts and overcomes the negative emotions of the body. Negative emotions are dispelled and positive emotions are built up which will build your body. This leads to long life.

        A certain man testified at Nuzvidu, he suffered from headache, asthma and T.B. He came to a sanatorium from where he came to our meetings and heard the Word of God. "You doubted the authority of the Word of God, you rejected the Bible, you have driven your life into sickness. When calamity comes upon you, you just weep and weep." These words brought him understanding. He understood why this situation arose. He turned to God who healed him. If there is anything wrong in my family, I blame myself. I search my heart. If my children are not right with God, I search my heart. God shows me my faults. He once said, "You are not right in your words." As a guide and leader, I ought to be very careful with my words.

        Deut. 32:46,47 On account of this Word that will be in you, you will prosper. It will control you.

        Daniel, by his character, was able to control the king. When he was delivered from the lion's den people knew that he was a man of God. People who will not read the decalogue, will read it in you. When you walk in the streets, people will see it in you.

        Esther was a clean, godly girl. She consecrated her life and body for God. If anyone truly believes his body belongs to God, God will come and dwell in him. God will use him one day. Esther lived according to the Word of God. If anyone lives that way, God will surely come into that life and use it. We seek for importance, degrees and big jobs. I have seen collectors die miserable deaths.

        Mordecai said, "For this cause, you have been brought to this status." When some people see good and secure positions they want it for themselves. They think no more of others. Some are ashamed and afraid to fight for Christian standards in Parliament.

        One single woman, Esther, took the responsibility for a whole people. That meant faith and advancement in faith. She was willing to face death or life. She stood before the king for God's people. I do not know what step was demanded of her. Are you preparing yourself for such crises? The salvation of ten thousands of souls will depend on your faith, Esther lived in 476 B.C. Yet she was Christlike. Does God acclaim physical beauty? No. It was her inner beauty he commended. A woman's beauty is her inner beauty. It comes through the study and meditation of the Word of God. Prov. 31:30 "Favour is deceitful, and beauty is vain, but a woman that feareth the Lord, shall be praised."   Esther stands dignified in her example of teaching the whole world about inner beauty. Womanhood is raised to its highest level by her character.

        Haman wanted to destroy God's people. But God's hand came upon him heavily. He was hung on the gallows he himself had built. Honour and glory come from God. Those who trust in God's Word will rule this world. Saints will rule this world. Will you be one of them? Then there must be no place for sin in you. Romans 12:1-2.