May 14th, 1963                                  “Your Faith Content”                                 Late Mr. N. Daniel


St Luke 21:1 “And he looked up, and saw the rich men casting their gifts into the treasury.”

Jesus looked at the treasury and at the rich people. He was assessing how much of their heart and faith was going with their money into God's treasury. Many give to God; but there is no faith content in their giving at all. Nothing in it contributes to the extension of the kingdom of God. What is the faith content in your giving? Does it go with your money? William Carey went to India. He had no money. The United Kingdom gave Rs. 9,000 to help him: but it would not allow him to build a college, a printing press or God's work. He worked and earned Rs. 600,000. What is the faith content of your giving? Many give money to God and they are satisfied with it. God looks at those gifts and feels sad because there is no faith in them. When tests come and when you have to go forward through them, you may find there is no faith in you. Once Carey had no money. He was in a strange land. A merchant took him into his home and looked after him. He started serving the Lord from there. Wherever he went he was a blessing. A man with faith is a blessing wherever he goes. Even if he is poor, it will not hinder the blessing.

        We have had many kinds of servants. Some served for their wages, Some chose to serve God with us. A man who served for many years felt depressed whenever he felt his finances were low. He left us and found a situation where he could earn much money. He did earn well, but his wife became sick. He himself became possessed with the demon of gold. Another servant who valued his stay with us later took the gospel to his village and brought much blessing to people. He spent his own money in this service.

        When rich people empty themselves in God's service, they are filled. God fills them with great joy.

        At the time when people were offering to God, Jesus was watching. He saw a widow. She was really a widow. There are some ladies. They have husbands, yet they are like widows even while their husbands are alive. Their husbands do not love them or care for them. They do not know to whom to cry during their trouble. There are some others who are in the same plight, but they do not murmur at God. They trust in God. God has allowed that trouble, they feel. They have Jesus Christ at their side. So they think, "How can I glorify God in this situation?" The husband of Pandita Rama Bai died. Did she behave like a widow? Did she despair? How many missionaries were inspired by her prayers! She had great faith. When a saintly widow prays, it is a blessing. Even angels will obey such women. Losing a husband will not be a calamity to them. 'I can serve God. I will not lose heart. I will make my children obey God,' is what they would say.

        Prov. 4:25 'let thine eyes look right on, and let thine eyelids look straight before thee.'  'Take care of your heart.' This widow took care of her heart. Solomon did not take care of his heart. When Herod built a big temple, the disciples pointed at the stones to Jesus. Jesus said all these stones would be broken one day. Herod was a murderer and adulterer. Yet he was building the temple. When those who live in sin give money to the Church their example does such great damage that the offering is not accepted by God. All the young people are influenced by the example. June, the month of prayer is here when we should weep day and night.

        Although David advised Solomon as much as he could, yet Solomon's heart was distracted by the women he married. David had warned Solomon to take care of his heart. How is your heart? The widow's heart was perfect when she gave those two mites. It was her all. Can you give all? Somewhere in some corner you want to have something you cannot give. The widow said in her heart, 'God is with me and that is enough.' Do you take care of your heart when you read popular magazines? When you move with people belonging to a high society do their clothes and life-style attract you? Do you borrow money to spend like them? Something is wrong with you. Take care of your heart. It is God's treasure house. Out of it can come great songs which can inspire the whole world. Wesleyan hymns are great. I see my needs are expressed in these songs. They used to make me kneel down and pray.

        Where is our faith? This widow was robust in faith. Jesus took note of it. When you have faith God takes note of it. When we came to this city, God gave us this promise: II Chron. 7:15 'Now mine eyes shall be open and mine ears attent unto the prayer that is made in this place.' Your prayer is never lost. The humble prayers of my wife and me are fulfilled now. Because of the element of faith in your prayer it will not be lost. God's eye is fixed on your house. David lost that blessing once. You too can lose it. Real faith never loses contact with God.

        The widow's heart was with God. It is good to have such a woman in any prayer group. John Wesley had some men who were sanctified and were so close to God that Wesley said he could not compare with them. He wondered at their sanctity. A woman like this is a treasure. When a woman takes hold of God, she can be very sincere. If a man finds a wife who loves the Lord he gets a treasure. The widow was right with the Lord. Her face would have been bright and shining when she came to offer the two mites. We cannot tell how happy she felt when she saw Jesus.

        Jesus did not want money. Yet He watched the offering of the people. He made a remark of commen­dation when this widow put in her two mites. Jesus looks at our heart. When Joshua commanded the sun to stand still God was with him. His heart was right with God. His voice was God's voice.

        How is our heart? How is your mind when you go to church? I always considered my time in the church precious. I listened to the message carefully. Shall we be fully consecrated? Zech 3:7; 4:14. If a husband and wife are accepted by God this way, it will be a blessing. There is nothing of which you despair. Christ is risen. He is with you. Give your heart fully to God. This widow gave her all to God. As you are cleansing your heart, you are cleansing your home. One child after another will be touched. No harm can enter in. You can build the wall of heaven around you. Children of some widows became mighty men. Let some young people rise up, and change your home. Go on cleansing your heart. Heavenly graces and power will come through you. People will not be able to resist you.  Ungodly parents cannot resist your influence. Victory is yours. You trust in the Word of God.