May 16th, 1963                                 “God’s Overruling Plan”                               Late Mr. N. Daniel


Isaiah  60:15   “Whereas  thou hast  been  forsaken  and hated,  so that no man went through thee,  I will make thee an eternal excellency, a joy of many generations.”


As a teacher I had a retirement fund. I put my retirement fund before God. By God's grace I never did anything without the will of God. Everything I put into the hands of God assumed importance and meaning later on. I am amazed at the goodness of God in calling me into a life of faith. I still wonder how I left my place where everything was as pleasant as I could wish. God gave me faith to obey His call and step out into the unknown. Any one who obeys God will never be disappointed. My retirement fund came in handy many years later when the work of God suddenly expanded. Are you willing to deny yourself anything for the Lord's sake?

             I prayed for the U.K. and U.S.A. and Australia long before Joe went to the West. It was a prayer given to me by God. I thought it was too much for me to go and serve in those countries. We must see as God sees. You do not know where you will serve. Take care of your heart. Do you believe your voice will reach the end of the earth? The Lord is searching your heart. He wants to say of you, ‘Behold an Israel without guile.’ You do not know what great things will happen. I believed, that if I believed this Word, great things would happen. Do not take the grace of God shown to you for granted. Give glory to God. Realize that your education and position were given by God. Isaiah 62:7 Until we exalt Jesus, let us not rest. Until we break the idolatry in our country let us not rest.

             Do not look at your resources. What were Moses’ resources when he went to Pharaoh? Did Pharaoh know about God? There was no king and no money with Moses. But you have God on the throne. Every night I meet Him. I am asking Him, “Lord, what are the things I have not seen yet? What are the things I have not asked yet?” Do not think that you will be always like this. God is with you. He will use you one day.

             Your parents may be against you. Your future may seem hazy and uncertain: but it is in the hands of God. He will make you an eternal excellence. Believe and fight the battle. When I look at women, I do not think that they are just women. God has hidden great things in them. Women have lost confidence in themselves, but the God who created women is mighty. He can use them mightily.