May 16th, 1963                 “Are We God’s Threshing Instruments?”                 Late Mr. N. Daniel


1 Kings 18:31-46;  Isaiah  41:15


"Thou hast made the hills chaff." Can we believe it? God gives us this promise. When you are praying, you are formed as a threshing instrument. God is preparing you to thresh the mountains. He is forming 'teeth' in you for grip and tenacity. When you pray, one day you will break the mountains. Mountains that block the extension of God's kingdom will be beaten to chaff. A praying man will become mighty. Do not be afraid of talking men who never pray but talk a lot. When they talk, they are in the hands of the devil. One day the devil will use them for his purpose. Who are the people dangerous to the Church? Those who come regularly but never pray. What is prayer? That is the time of opportunity we give to God. He is sharpening the 'teeth.'  When God uses us, we will thresh the mountains. When I read these promises, I simply wonder. We see mountains and hills everywhere. Ungodly people are like big mountains. They take the leadership in the church. One day, they will be dust and ashes. A praying man will thresh. Our Churches are in a bad condition. There are people who have university degrees. They are not vessels prepared for the kingdom of God. They did not keep away from adultery in their youth. They are great fools. Prov. 6:32. I read it as a boy. I marked it. I used to tremble when I read that verse. Those who do this sin are useless for the kingdom of God. Those who hide sin may preach from the pulpits. Then the devil is happy. Missionaries come from the West. They can sometimes count on their sacrifice. When any sin is hidden in your life, your sacrifice is of no avail. A man of sacrifice can mislead others easily. St. Francis realized this. The whole of Europe was ready to follow him. In a few matters he missed the way. We as preachers and evangelists can mislead others because of our sacrifice. It is not your sacrifice. It is Jesus' sacrifice that has wrought salvation for us. When the Cross stands before you, you will not hide your sin. Then Jesus says, "Come, I will show you the unlimited way of righteousness" - Isaiah 48:17

     He will teach you, "This is the way you should go." His teaching is profitable. Whatever you learn from Him will be profitable. God says, "I will teach you to profit. You learn this and that and many things in college; but what I teach will profit you." When you take God's counsel you will never regret it. No saint has ever regretted it. If you are a father or a mother, God is preparing you. God will thresh whatever is wrong in your house. Your relatives may come against you. They cannot do anything. You will make chaff of their opposition. Big rivers are a picture of peace. Those who pray earnestly will be like waves of righteousness as far as we can see. I used to go for a bath in the sea sometimes. Waves would come and roll me over in their direction. Like that your righteousness will make others roll. Elijah was like such a wave. His righteousness came like a wave. Ahab, his wife and eight hundred Baal prophets went rolling down. God says, "Your righteousness is My righteousness." Isaiah 54:17

     O young man, O young woman, are you a praying man? A praying woman? Many criticized Madame Guyon: but at one stage, even the saints went and met her. I hope the righteousness of the Fellowship will be like the waves of the sea. Claim these things from God. Twenty eight years ago, I read this verse. I had some financial difficulty. I asked God, "Lord, did I come here on my own zeal and on account of my presumption? Or, did you bring me here?" I fasted and prayed. God gave me this verse: Isaiah 48:15  About midnight God spoke to me through this verse. Then I was very happy. I did not mind the very simple food we had that day for lunch because we had only a quarter anna (equal to 1 1/2 paisa) in hand.


There was famine in the land of Israel. Who was taking up this burden?  Baal's prophets had a gala time at Jezebel's table. Look at the Church's condition. What will happen to your family? Who will teach the children the truth? Do not be blind to the truth. Elijah was like a mad man. Food or no food - he did not mind it. He prayed near the brook - Cherith. He would have asked God, "Are we the people delivered by Moses?" Have you any sorrow for the condition of the Church? What is your attitude towards the Church, the Christian colleges and schools?

     The condition of the country made Elijah mad with grief. He wanted to meet this God. He wrestled with Him. Did you ever pray at least one night for the Church? For a divided family or for others? If you have the spiritual vision, you will be driven to pray. Elijah came back from prayer and met Ahab. Before that he did not go to Jezebel's table to eat and drink. He went to a widow. He went to a place where there was faith and not to a place where there was royal bounty.

     Elijah proved the Living God. Do not act according to your zeal. Is your heart on fire for God? Are you praying at midnight? Is the burden of the churches coming on you?

     You are young. You have no other burdens pressing on you. So cry to God. God will make you a threshing instrument. ‘Lord, show me my unworthiness and use me’. Let this be our prayer.