May 18th, 1963                    “Walk Before Me and Be Thou Perfect”                      Late Mr. N. Daniel


      Genesis 17:1 “Walk before Me and be thou perfect”

I am teaching you practical things. Many started with me: but God taught me one thing, John 16:13 "Howbeit .... come." The Holy Spirit will teach you. When He comes He will teach you. When will He come? When you are born again. When we do not learn from the Holy Spirit, we do not grow.  We begin to follow and imitate one another. One of our evangelists tried to imitate me. I told him, "I am not your guide. The Holy Spirit is your leader." When people look at me like a little God I feel sad. When my servants fear me, I am sad. I wish they would fear God and seek His will. Then ultimately they will please me. "He will lead us into all truth." If He does not lead us into all truth we will miss the way. If I missed the way, I used to wrestle with Him in prayer asking for the reason. Once God said, "You got your guidance all right, but you mixed your will with mine. So you failed."  Again and again I learned that God never makes mistakes.

Gen. 17:1 God was guiding Abraham and giving him promises but Abraham was, in a way, for sometime, sleeping over them. Many of our Fellowship members are praying and praying but not according to God's will. Abraham sometimes did not follow God's will. He was waiting for a son. When would that son appear? When he fulfilled God's commandments! You are a mighty man when you fulfil God's commandments. If you tremble at His word, the world will tremble before you. Is. 66:2   Do you tremble at God's word? Generally we have a rebellions spirit. I have noticed it in my life. Your inner heart says, "Not Thy will but my will." Christ said, "Not my will but thy will." So he was the Lord. If you obey the Word of God nature will obey you. You do not know the secret of Christian life.

Jeremiah 12:1-3 "Thou art near their mouth but far away from their reins." These prophets have gone deep into the depths of truths. Therefore they can make such statements and point out discrepancies. Yes. We can speak good things about the Lord with our lips. But we have no power. Our words do not draw people to God. We need power to build God's kingdom. Abraham had to build God's kingdom. So God gave him promises. Many are sleeping over the promises God has given them. What are the promises you have received since your conversion? Do you remember them? When I was born again, God gave me the promise of the new covenant. Ezek. 36:25-27 I do not know whether I have appropriated the fulness of this promise. You can sleep over such promises of God. You have entered into this covenant. Some want to live in this covenant without being born again. This is not possible. Do not try the impossible. Many tried to do great things for God without being converted. They did not succeed. I was careful not to get involved with such ministries. A truly born-again man dies to self. He must maintain the death of self and the life of the spirit. 'Self’ tries to put up its head time and again. ‘Self’ is coming back into some of the Fellowship members. I do not command such people. I only tell them and warn them.

There is a difference between our own children and others' children. Some are converted in others' ministry. They want to come and join us. I ask them to come and stay with us and test their faith. They ask me to pray over them. They get some faith and start a new fellowship. My children, in spite of their many victories, do not leave me. They have confidence in me. I keep on praying for them.

Abraham was going on believing he would get a son. If he had claimed the promises, God would have corrected him. Then one day He gave the corrective exhortation to Abraham, 'Be thou perfect.' Abraham was not perfect in the sight of God. He took an Egyptian woman for wife. If you get an Egyptian woman, you will get Egypt into yourself. A wife can be a blessing or a hindrance.

God told me to ask for his promised hidden riches which would be a proper supply of funds for the work. I replied I did not want that because I was afraid of money. Money can swallow anybody. I wrestled with God for fifteen minutes and then I agreed. I thought God would give it that month. But twenty-five years have passed. God has not yet given it to me. God said that it was dangerous for me at my level of prayer. Due to lack of prayer I did not have the money for this house. (112, Kodambakkam High Road) when it came up for sale. Then denying the fulfillment of God's promises He deepened my prayer life. If the money had come earlier I would have been unworthy to possess this house for God. Pride would have come at any moment making me feel that I had done this.

"You are sleeping, Abraham! I told you I would give you a son," God said. "If you believe you will get a son, exercise your faith. Purify yourself. Get in tune with God." We fall short of the holiness of God. I see I fall far short of God's holiness. So I am getting purified. God delays His promises for our good. Can you tell me all the promises God gave you? When I asked the Lord, “Lord, will I be faithful to you?” God gave me John 10:28,29 In a humble way I believed this

promise. Many attractions and distractions came my way - like the possibility of speaking in tongues - but God helped me to overcome. Your parents might have been led by a certain spirit. The same spirit will lead you also. But when you are truly born again that spirit will leave you. But that spirit will be waiting for a chance to attack you again. 1 Tim. 4:1 Do you want to lift yourself and be conspicuous? If you have the Spirit of God you will not want that. You will keep the secret of your spiritual life. There are envious people. There are people attracted towards the opposite sex. A man of God must not be conspicuous. Till certain victories are won God does not bring you to the forefront. If He keeps you hidden, it does not matter. Your attitude should be, 'Let no one see me. Let me purify myself.' Psalm 71:1,8,20  "Thou, which hast shewed me great and sore troubles, shalt quicken me again, and shall bring me up again from the depths of the earth."  Will you obey the Word of God and tremble at it? It does not matter if people do not recognize you. One day they will come to you. Let us hide ourselves in the wounds of Jesus. That is our place. Let us lose ourselves in meditation and come out in His likeness.

Heaven will recognize you.