May 19th, 1963                                         “Watch and Pray”                              Late Mr. N. Daniel


Genesis 16:13 'And she called the  name of the Lord that spake unto her, Thou God seest me; for she said, Have I also here looked after him that seeth me?


It is a great blessing if we see God who sees us. An Egyptian woman has much darkness in her. She comes from a country of idolatry. When Abraham went out of God's will he went to Egypt. There an Egyptian attached herself as a servant to Abraham's household. It is not good to take any woman as a stay-in servant. Many servants bring in sin and darkness. You must be very careful when you take a servant. The greatest service of your life is to your children. You and your wife have to build a home shaped by Heaven. Your home must be a little heaven. Unless the Lord builds the house, the labour of the builders is vain. God was building an ideal home for Abraham out of which God wanted to produce a son almost like Jesus.

There are very few who can be compared with Jesus in the Bible. Isaac was one such. If the home is shaped after heaven, you can bring up a son like Isaac. Jesus was born in a home shaped by God. Mary was a holy woman. Joseph was a prophet. He was in contact with the Holy Spirit. God could trust Jesus into the hands of these two. We are educated and our culture is built up in many ways. God cannot give a son like Isaac into our hands.

When God gives us children sometimes He weeps because the parents do not know His laws, and applying their laws spoiling their children. Great is the sorrow of God's heart when He looks at our homes. In our homes proper training is not given to make the children prophets. All the chances of producing a prophet are gone. Darkness comes with a servant and also sickness.

The devil knew that a great son would be born into that family. So he tried to spoil that home. Abraham was misled to go to Egypt. There Sarah was taken to the harem of Pharaoh. God meant her to become the mother of a godly nation. But she was in an ungodly king's palace.

If you go out of God's will, you expose your children and wife to danger. God protected Sarah. The Lord was zealous to guard His children. Pharaoh did not touch Sarah. A woman who is not faithful to her husband cannot bring up a noble personality. God has given woman the capacity to bear children. If young women are careful to keep themselves pure, God will bless them. You will have joy and gladness through your child. Your body, soul and spirit can be sanctified and the child in the womb be made holy. Your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit. With all your education can you give your child the upbringing that Mary gave her son?

A woman can quickly contact the Spirit of God. Sarah was growing and Abraham was getting promises. He did not understand the will of God in all wisdom and spiritual understanding. They both were getting training but they were making many mistakes. Sarah made mistakes. Women make mistakes.  They do not want to be corrected, especially by husbands, as they know their weaknesses. Anyway they are thrown together. They must correct each other. The aim of a Christian home is to produce angelic children. In Moses' home all the three children were used of God. Now and then they made mistakes, yet all of them were prophets of different levels. It was a great achievement.

       Abraham was getting training. The devil also was trying to train him. The Lord wanted to give him Isaac. The devil wanted to displace him by Ishmael. What can an Egyptian woman produce? Only a donkey that can kick! But God eliminated the donkey.

I once brought a poor widow to take care of my children. It was not the perfect will of God. Rom. 12:2; Jude Vs. 20 When you pray in the spirit you will prophesy. Paul built his life on faith. Eph. 6:18,22. Abraham was fighting against powers of darkness.

If you produce a Judas Iscariot, the devil does not mind. If you produce a Joseph, a Daniel, an Isaac - well, the devil will make counter moves. A consecrated mother has to war against the powers of darkness. If she is not a praying woman her husband will go astray. She must guard her children and husband. Some women neglect this holy trust given to them by God and they want to get more degrees through higher studies. Bring up your children in the fear of God! That is a very big work.

Sarah was a faithful wife. For sometime she was foolish. Some women are foolish. But God's grace operates in them and they become wise. When women are pregnant, they are proud that they are going to become mothers. But they must know the responsibility it involves.

Be careful with servants. If you show them some kindness they lose their heads. Instead of being humble and grateful they become haughty. One day Hagar left the house. How easily people leave the hallowed places where they can develop into good Christian life! How foolish that woman was! Hagar never met God. But God met Hagar.

One man boasted he would make the governor speak to him. He threw stones at the governor and he was brought before the governor. The governor did speak to him. But it was not pleasant words he heard. Some people are like that. They do not meet God. So God meets them to stop their

foolish and dangerous ventures. Thus it was that Hagar prepared herself to live in that house for some more time.

There came a time Sarah got a new name and with it a new nature. When Sarah was spiritually fit she had a baby. There were no negative emotions in her body when she gave suck to her baby. Her whole body was brought under the Holy Spirit.

Your children are precious creatures. Do not send them anywhere they like. I John 2:17 If the Word of God abides in you God's power will be in you. With great intuition and purpose God has given you a home. Guard it. God Himself will come to your home. God will sanctify your home and use the inmates for His glory. Isaac lived a guileless life. It was due to the home in which he grew up.