May 20th, 1962                                             “Faith in God”                                           Late Mr. N. Daniel


II Chronicles chapters 15 & 16

            God being in us is very evident when we are with Him. The prophet says, "God is with you." Because God gives answers to our prayers we must not think Him lightly. Asa deposed his mother and broke her idol, i.e. he took away from her the honour of being queen-mother. It was a big step, but as days went on, he deviated from the right path. He began to depend on Benhadad and not on the Lord. At that time his faith began to veer off towards men. Later he was attacked by a disease. He could not depend on God. Our attitude towards God can undergo change. Unless we are watchful, our dependence can move towards men. That is an offence against God. The moment we shift our faith from God to man, it is an offence to God. We must not give God's place to any human being, however great or wonderful or faithful he may be. God is omnipotent. Don't shift your faith to a human being. Such a change is very dangerous. Abraham started well. He deviated from the path of faith by going to Egypt. Then came the step of marrying an Egyptian woman. But as he grew in age he began to adhere to the Word and commandments of God. He was becoming more perfect in the presence of God.

God gave us success during the past Retreat. We had accommodation and stirring messages. We can become complacent thinking, "O I have done this." Be humble, or very soon you will begin to go down.

Abraham's faith increased during old age. God gave him a new name. He established a covenant with him. Angels visited his house; a son was born. God perfected his faith by making him able to offer up his only son. It was symbolic of the action of God in the future at Calvary. He became more and more faithful. He was humble and willing to learn.

In our Fellowship, we don't look up to men. Everything we got here for the Retreat was of God. God is the giver and does everything. It is God who blesses us.