May 20th, 1963                                  “Looking To Jesus”                                    Late Mr. N. Daniel


Ps. 61:2 "Lead me to the rock that is higher than I."


We are ascending God's  hill. There are difficult places to ascend. God wants us to ascend those places. Jesus is victor.

There was a pastor in Germany named Blumhardt. His watchword was ‘Christ is victor’. Why do you have a foreboding of defeat? Somehow we tend to think we will be defeated. We should think, “I am not for defeat. I am going to be a victor because the Lord is with me. Not in my strength but in His.” This hope comes from the empty grave. But there is an attitude of defeat in you. Why? Because you do not pray.

During my college days nothing happened in the college without my knowledge. Only what I expected to happen happened. I went to a dinner-party or a tea only when God allowed it. If you are careful to obey the instructions from God, you will grow very quickly in your spiritual life.

Once a certain devil-possessed woman committed suicide in Germany. She had locked herself in the house. The house had to be broken open. Blumhardt was bent on getting her back. The body was prayed over. She came to life. She later became of help to Blumhardt.

Do you believe that Jesus is victor? Blumhardt never doubted it. Where there is righteousness and holiness in a Fellowship, all diseases will be healed. All of you must believe and put forth spiritual effort. You must make a spiritual contribution to this Fellowship. Why do you limit God? His promise is there to give us, all financial help as the work grows. We must not falter.

God is looking at me. I fear God. I am not spending money as I like. Even for buying buttons, I get the permission of God. It is God's money. I do not give anything even to my relatives without God’s permission.

What is your share in this work? Believe in Christ. If you believe, God will prompt you to help to build something in this Fellowship. If you do not pray, you will not get a burden. God has a plan for us. You are praying. What are you praying for? Has God placed a burden on you?

Ps. 64:6 ".... both the inward thought of every one of them, and the heart, is deep"   While you pray, you dig deep. There are many hindrances as well as gifts in your heart. There may be some 'mire' too. It has to be dug up and thrown away. God can use you. You thought perhaps you were useless. You think you are old. Suddenly you will find that you are young. If you do not pray, you do not discover yourself. People may have high education. Yet they cannot find the truth. Are you compromising with your parents? Old traditions are still followed at home. If you fall in line with them, darkness will come into you. The heart is very deep. You must dig. Because of the delay in the fulfillment of God's promises, I am digging deeper into my heart. God cannot make a mistake. If God fulfills all the promises at once, I cannot manage the whole Fellowship. If you dig deep, you will find all the lurking hindrances. Then all your weaknesses will be removed. Monica's prayer was a help to St. Augustine. Suddenly he got victory while Monica was digging out what could hinder the answer to her prayers. Some of you have defeats in your lives. Do not fear. There is victory for you. You are not studying and meditating on the Word of God sufficiently. There is no defeat for you, if you study it properly. CHRIST IS VICTOR