May 28th, 1962                                           Loving God                                                 Late Mr. N. Daniel


James Chapter 1

Jesus did not call Peter to walk on the water on his own. He knew his faith. Yet Peter wanted to come. Sometimes out of enthusiasm we want to do some work for God. God allows us to do that. God gives us time to pray to make us fit. Peter did not see the need for such preparation. But he jumped out of the boat in his zeal. So he sank.

Jesus once preached. "You must eat my flesh and drink my blood." Some were offended and went away. We cannot understand some of His mystic teaching now, but we may understand later. For this reason we must not leave Him. We must hold on to Jesus whether we understand His sayings or not. Then Satan will get tired. Peter was such a man. We must also know the measure of our faith. Constant trials will help us. Was Peter safe in the boat? Or was he safe on the water with Christ? Even if it should be in the midst of trouble it is better to be with Christ. Everyone of us needs Jesus. He will perfect your faith. It is said Peter was crucified upside down. He got the rare privilege of a death like his Master's death. Do not despair even if you fail sometimes. Do not blame Him. He loves you. He wants you to follow Him and not to leave Him. You will reach the goal. Isaiah 59:21. The Spirit will not leave your children. The faith Abraham had learnt was given to Isaac.

Matthew 6:20 Gather treasures in heaven. Your life-long labour in the kingdom of God is a treasure that is never lost. It is for ever a great blessing. It is a similar experience with evil spirits. Some families live in sin. That evil spirit continues in their home. Children must confess the sins of their parents with sincere repentance. Our fathers were not instructed as we are instructed. We must thank God for the privileges we are given. We must confess the sins of our Church also. The Cross brings a separation between you and the sins of your parents, so that the consequences of their sins will not come upon you. Though you are converted and belong to the Lord, Satan wants to follow you still.

James 1:8 and 4:8 We are double-minded. What you desire inwardly, you do not im­plement in action outwardly. After conversion you must pray much. The Word of God and the Holy Spirit unify your heart. Paul spent time in prayer and was one with Christ.

James 1:9,10 There are different kinds of pride. There is pride of riches, education and social standing. If a rich man humbles himself, it is a blessing. He then has a chance to do God's will. Many rich people do not know how to use their riches. They use their riches to make a name for themselves to satisfy their vanity. But God's children are different.

Psalm 37:1,2 Do not envy the rich. Psalm 90:5,6. I Corinth. 7:31, I John 2:17. It is good to know God's will in everything. His will is revealed in the Bible. We must fight the lusts of the body. We must feel sad that we feed on animal pleasures. When we begin to enjoy Bible study and prayer we are moving from the animal level to the spiritual level.

James 1:11. The old age of a rich man will not be peaceful. He will not find a prop in the people around him. His children will covet the largest share in his riches. His relatives will have resentment against him. His relatives will fallout with one another when his will is read out. They will be angry at the memory of him because they are dissatisfied with what was given them. Envious people had amused him, pocketing whatever gain they could make out of him. Rich man gathers nothing permanent.

If a man begins to love God, his love for money will wane away. The more you love God, the less you love money. It does not mean you will throw it away but you will use it wisely for the glory of God. Rich men that are wise spend their riches for missionary work.

James 1:12. Temptations will come for two reasons. Satan comes to destroy us. If we neglect to receive instructions from the Bible to kill the evil concupiscence in us, temptations can overcome us. We go to God to ask for this and that. What we need and should ask for is victory over sin. We never usually come to God and crave for victory over sin. If we cannot love our neighbour, something is wrong with us. We must ask God what is wrong with us. If our neighbour has a car, we ask God to give us also a car. The disciples and the prophets were godly men who were rich toward God. You must analyze your prayers. Are you praying for your children? That you should do. Do you watch over them and notice their weaknesses? Then you can pray better. They have your nature. You can understand them. If we pray for spiritual victory we get it. Youth is the best time to lay hold of victory. Even before marriage you should set your heart on victory and learn to wrestle in prayer. Those who have the victory over the flesh are fit for marriage. Do not marry in the worldly way. For then you will give your evil nature to your children. Temptation does come because of Satan.

There is a part played by our evil nature also. You have not removed the root of it. When you are praying for release from your evil nature, Satan is afraid to attack you.

James 1:13 and 14. We often say that we are tempted by the devil. But that is his work. He will tempt you and me when we are outside God's will. Many get out of God's will deliberately. If your relative invites you for a holiday you must ask God's will. You do not know what temptation is awaiting you there. Without knowing the will of God if you go there temptation may overcome you. Your uncles and cousins have no fear of God. You must study their life and pray and go with a message for them. You must have moral courage to say 'no' when necessary. Do not be a timid man. When they criticize the pastors and men of God, you must not be silent without correcting them. Then Satan will get a hold on you. Real wrestling in prayer for your relatives is necessary. God will help you and the Spirit of God will help you. It is a criminal thing to say, "God tempted me." 'Lead us not to temptation' means, 'Do not allow us to drift into sin.' God will never allow you to fall. God will certainly guide. "Do not do this. Do not wear this dress" and so on. Why do you want to attract others by your dress? God prescribed my dress in my youth. I was laughed at for my sun hat. But there can be an atmosphere in youth meetings that is not conducive to holiness. You must be careful, Many such youth gatherings can present temptations. God wants us to be holy. Why do you go to a place where you are tempted? Joseph was in an ungodly home. But God protected him there. Government officers are in places of responsibility. They must pray and go into their work. They have to work there. It is not their choice. Balaam was instructed not to go to Balak but he went. He was disappointed because God did not allow him to curse Israel. He gave an evil piece of advice to Balak to bring a curse on Israel. "Let your women go and tempt those men", he said. He was later killed in battle. His end was miserable. God will try to stop us even at the commencement of a wrong journey.

Balaam made a lip confession that he declined the invitation. He was very much inclined to go. When you have so much inclination to go, God will say; "Go." When God says, "No," some will stop for some time. After sometime they will want to go because there is the inward desire for the same thing.

A certain boy went to a dark place for work without asking God's will. Now he has lost his simplicity. He believes in a show of works. He deviated from God's will. He fell from the standards of God. A thief will readily come to your house when he has a friend in your house, perhaps among the servants who know where the treasure is.

Through the lusts of the flesh, Satan attacks you. If you just go on praying Satan will continue to attack you. If you still go on praying and resisting that nature, Satan is afraid to attack you. You are protected by your prayers and those of your parents and of the Fellowship. Follow God's will. The protection of God's will will be around you.