May 29th, 1963                                        “Victory In Jesus”                                         Late Mr. N. Daniel


Revelation 19:7,8


What is this fine linen ? It is the righteousness of saints. The church of God will qualify herself in the presence of the bridegroom by her righteousness. Vs.16. You will be surprised to see Jesus as the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. Your Lord is the real Lord. The one whom you have called King is the King of kings. There are many called kings and lords but Jesus, you will find, is the Lord of lords and King of kings. You have chosen the highest. You will find that you have had grand success in your life. You will say, "I have not made a mistake in choosing Jesus. I chose the highest when the others were choosing the so called - great things." You have chosen the simplest and the greatest. How happy you will be then! "The one I have chosen is the highest in the universe. I suffered for Him, I denied myself for Him. Now He reigns. Now He shows Himself as He is and I am one with Him. I reign with Him. He is the King of Kings and Lord of Lords." His bride wears righteousness as linen. It is my righteousness. My righteousness has beautified His bride. By His grace I have attained such perfection. The church is beautified by your life. I John 3:9,14. You are born of God, not merely born of the Spirit.

When we have new birth we are born of the Spirit. When we are perfected we are born of God. We are full of the love of God. Love is the all-conquering power. So you supply the bride of Christ with her garments. She wears your holiness, your love, and your sanctifying graces. Do not forget that you are going to beautify the church. The lust of the eyes, the lust of the flesh and the pride of life will not touch you. You will reach a height where these things have no place. Once you struggled against them and thought you couldn't conquer. Many Christians despair at certain levels. There is no despair in Christ. You will win and you must win. That is resurrection! Your Lord has won the victory. Be filled with the love of God and the righteousness of God. Then your righteousness will become the white linen of the Bride. You have had struggles in your spiritual life. To have wrestlings in spiritual life is good. Jacob was defeated for long but he won finally. At the time of defeat say, "I will win." Those whom you are not able to love, say within your heart you will love. In the matter of a holy life where you were defeated you will win. I John 3:24. Don't give up your faith, hold on. Fight the battle. Victory is yours. God wants you to be perfect and wants you to obey all His commandments. "All power is given to Me to give it to you", says Jesus. In this Fellowship let us not expect any defeat. A deeper sense of righteousness will take hold of us. In the recent retreat, what perfect harmony we had! How peacefully we lived here! Is it not of God? God kept the weather cool. I John 4:7,12. If we love one another God dwelleth in us. When you get accustomed to God dwelling in you, your whole personality undergoes a change. Those impossible things become possible. Where you could not love, you begin to love. Where you could not exercise faith, there you will exercise faith. There is no defeat for you. Just believe in the Son of God. Say, 'there is no defeat for me, but I will rise from height to height, and reach the place which the saints reached. I will reach the inheritance of the saints. I will pray in wisdom and according to God's will and one day see perfection. I will walk hand in hand with my Lord. Then I will become one with Him.'

I John 5:4 You are filled with the love of God. You are decorated with the holiness of God. Thus the bride of Christ looks beautiful. II Chron. 5:14. You come to a place where your confidence reaches perfection. As a young man I asked according to His will and I had the victory by His grace. When I was failing He held me up and He Himself led me. I don't despair about you since you have chosen my Lord. At the time of failure He comes to help you. I John 5:15 This is very difficult to understand. A man named Bevington was once dying. Doctors gave him up. He was an evangelist and they were not taking proper care of him in the house where he stayed. When he was dying he asked all to leave his room. He was fainting but as he came back to consciousness, he put his finger again on this verse and prayed. Suddenly healing came and he jumped out of his bed. The hostess was frightened. But Christ had healed him. We should never be discouraged, but claim victory over every weakness. Be perfect! Supply the white linen to the bride. Know that your LORD is the real Lord. How this faith manifests itself in your personality! How bold, courageous, hopeful and joyful you will be! Say that you will obey the commandments, love your enemies and be like your Master. Say that you will be completely victorious.