May 1957                                 “Doing the Will of God”                                        Late Mr. N. Daniel


Romans 16:20                                                                                     

“The God of peace shall bruise Satan under your feet shortly.”

St. Paul was writing this to the believers in Rome. Your obedience is come abroad unto all men. (Romans 16:19). Satan is not particularly bothered about those who are just righteous men. A man can be righteous but may not be in God's will. Our Lord Jesus fulfilled all righteousness and at the same time was also in God's will. "Thus it behoves us to fulfill all righteousness,” (Math.3:15)  Jesus said to John the Baptist. Those who do good deeds are considered righteous people. But they may not be able to build the kingdom of God." I always do the will of my Father”, said Jesus. He said, "l did not come to do my own will." The great heavenly architect and mighty God has called us to build His kingdom. He has called us to live in His will. Nathaniel was a righteous man. There was no guile in him. But only when he heard the call of Jesus, and obeyed, he became a builder of the kingdom of God. Joseph was a just man. But he listened to the voice of the angel and accepted Mary as his wife. It was then, he became a builder of the kingdom. He shielded the chaste virgin mother of Jesus, from false accusations. He guarded her good name and showed her to the world as pure. He surrendered his life to work in cooperation with God, in His purposes. Nicodemus was a righteous man. But his righteousness was of the law. It was not a spiritual righteousness. He tried to understand the truth of God keeping himself away from the public gaze. Those who openly fulfil God's righteousness working together with Him are those who bruise Satan under their feet. God rejoices in such people. Satan mourns. A man who will not openly declare His faith but serve in the shadows, as if for him, is a man who grieves God. He makes Satan glad. Paul said, "What mean ye to weep and break my heart? for I am ready not be bound only, but also to die at Jerusalem for the name of  the Lord Jesus.” (Acts 21:13) This is bruising Satan under one’s feet. A man who fulfils God's righteousness doing only that which is according to His will, is one who willingly becomes partaker of Christ's sufferings. Satan trembles at such men. If you are converted and just live a good life, it doesn't disturb Satan. A man who does God’s will, will bear fruit a hundred fold. He who holds God's Word in his heart, and obeys it, is the one who loves God. The Father and the Son will come and make their abode with him. (John 14:23) Paul who bruised Satan under his feet led a very fruitful life.

            If we do not overcome the powers of darkness, we can see no fruit. Those who are converted and follow Jesus for a while and obtain answers to their prayers- pride can enter into them. Satan works to this end. He makes them to pray selfish prayers. They have no burden to do God’s will and build His kingdom. Their prayer is not directed this way. A deceitful spirit takes hold of them. To go from town to town with Bible in hand, as preachers of the gospel may give people some satisfaction. They may preach good sermons also. Conversions may take place in their meetings. They preach the Word and the Word bears fruit. They are righteous people. But their victory is short lived. They cannot build the eternal, holy church of God. They lead people to conversion, and heal them to fend for themselves. They make no provision for the sustenance and spiritual protection of these souls. This is very wrong. Only a mother who can bring up a child should bear a child. Those who just seek to spread their ministry will fall into evil. Only those who dig deep can lay their foundation on the rock; they will very gradually spread to regions round about. When we receive answers to prayer, we should not glory in them, but humble ourselves further. If we give place to pride, a deceitful spirit will take hold of us and lead us into many troubles. Some evangelists have fallen into this trap. A certain man gave up his job and began to preach the gospel. As a fruit of his ministry, he also began to buy lands and property. His righteousness also began to fade. When he was corrected, he proudly answered, “He that is born of God keepeth himself and the evil one toucheth him not.” He did not understand what was being born of God. He that is born of God goes towards being perfected in Love. Love does not desire earthly property.

He that preacheth should preach as the oracles of God. It means, a preacher should not preach what he likes. But he must preach what God wants him to speak. He must pass on God's message to the people. He cannot borrow some one else's sermons or preach one of his old sermons. This grieves God. It makes Satan glad. We are those who can not preach God's mind. You have to preach what God wants to tell the people in your care that day. You cannot preach your own thoughts and put them to sleep. Some sermons put sinners to sleep. If you are preaching the message God has given you, you are prophesying. “If a man minister, let him wait on his ministry.”(Rom.12:7) In all these things God should be glorified through Christ. The ministry of Christ was in the will of God and in the strength of God. The people glorified the God of Israel. (Math. 15:31)The ministry of Paul also was of God. This is a very high level of ministry. To heal a man according to the will of God, to help a man financially according to the will of God, to minister to a man according to the will of God, this destroys the kingdom of Satan. Jesus served this way.

Finally, the powers of darkness fell upon Him and led Him to death. But He fulfilled the will of God even in death. Through His death, He paved a way for sinners, to be saved eternally. Satan was  defeated. Christ was not only righteous and holy but He did the will of God. He would speak only the words which His Father gave Him. He did not independently do anything. Oh! May such grace be granted unto us! Are you bruising Satan under your feet? Are you overcoming the powers of darkness? If you refuse the glory of this world, you are walking in the way of the Cross. Then you are a blessed man. Whether by life or by death, it will be only VICTORY!