June 3rd, 1962                                           Sanctification                                                Late Mr. N. Daniel


Isaiah 4:4 "When the Lord shall have washed away the filth of the daughters of Zion, and shall have purged the blood of Jerusalem from the midst thereof by the Spirit of Judgment, and by the spirit of burning."

God is speaking about the process of sanctification. He is saying that Jerusalem has suffered because of women. So many men were killed. So seven women would surround one man to marry them. They were allowed to marry many women. In the previous chapters, it is said that women began to rule. Isaiah 3:12. A woman who has not found God will want to rule in the home and in society. Isaiah 3:16 When women become vain, they can become terribly vain. Some women were bedecked with jewels so that while walking their anklets jingled. The women of Jerusalem were like that. It makes God sad when women decorate themselves and try to attract people in their pride. God is noticing it. Sin came into the world through a woman and thereby suffering. But then later through a woman the Saviour came. God can transform and make the same vain woman, a blessing to humanity. In the West how the women are in greater number than men. Their dress and jewels attract men and thus sin increases in the country. There are many widows, orphans and illegitimate children too presenting many problems. Sin is continuing to increase. Adultery is the cause for war. There were 14 great wars in India within 20 centuries. An idolatrous country will never prosper. Adultery increases if you do not rebuke it. If not you will suffer with other people. If women and children are not taught about God, there will be danger to society. Women are behind men in spiritual understanding because of lesser opportunity. Women have to cater to the spiritual need according to the level of understanding of the children. Evil traditions of grandmas to women of India is a great set-back to them. What will happen to India? God is speaking about Zion. In Jerusalem there will be a holy people. Isaiah 4:4. If it is said about your family it will be good. We must guard against strong differences of opinions arising between couples. E.g. One boy married a converted girl. She did not understand him. She always suspected him. So he is useless now. John Wesley made a mistake in choosing a partner. She scandalized John Wesley. But there are women of noble character. If women learn the instructions of sanctification they will be useful. There is a high standard of life available in Christ with much victory which you cannot imagine. The Spirit of judgment is given to these women that lead others to sanctification. When you are converted, you are not a perfect man. When you read the Bible and remember His death, His Spirit of judgment or discernment is given to you. The Spirit of examining or discerning is the Spirit of fire. It also purifies. Some important statements are lost through translation.

Isaiah 11:2. God is giving to us the Spirit of judgment and the spirit to examine the truth. We read about it. As we study the Bible and pray we will be able to judge correctly. Do not judge anybody without asking God. God knows how to help His children. There was a boy here. He could not understand some of my actions and began to misinterpret them. So he suffered. Some of God's children's actions, you must not misinterpret. You must ask God.

Hebrews 10:2. St. Paul is talking about Jesus' death. Verses 11 and 12. Our Lord suffered and made a final sacrifice. By that we are cleansed and forgiven. When you believe in Jesus your sins are forgiven. But as you study the Bible, Jesus opens the many layers of your heart. There are hidden things within. The Bible teaches repentance, confession and forgiveness. Even if you do not confess but believe, God will forgive you. But when you harden your heart, you will not forgive yourself. You will remember the sins against your brothers in your heart. So you write a letter to ask pardon. This is sanctification. If you remember the Lord's death often, it will be a blessing. It will sanctify you. When you gratefully remember the death of Jesus, more and more pages of your conscience will be opened. You will cleanse yourself in the presence of God. Study of the Word of God and prayer will give you judgment. The fire of heaven will cleanse you.

Isaiah 4:5 The Israelites enjoyed the pillar of cloud and the pillar of light. It will be so with you also. As you remember the death of Jesus and when you read the Word of God, you will reach a high level of victory. You do not understand the victory of the saints now but later you will understand.

Hebrews 10:22 When the spirit of judgment increases, our faith will increase. Sanctification is nothing but increase of faith. Then you will not forget assembling of believers on Sunday. Verse 25. "Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some is; but exhorting one another: and so much the more, as ye see the day approaching."

When you come to the Cross, when you remember the death of Christ, you will go through the river of life. You will see His riches of life. "Oh! Has the Lord prepared me for this?" You will wonder. Come with gratitude to the Cross. You can never go there without faith. God's new covenant is a new spirit. A new grace He will give you. Spontaneously you will do God's will. You will look for a holy atmosphere. You will find the company of saints around you.

Perhaps in Zion there were once wicked women. God wanted to make Zion holy. God wants you to reach that place of a new spirit of judgment - a new spirit that searches your heart more and more. Then you will enter into the riches of His saints. You will know it is yours. It is a new covenant. By His death you enter into it.