June 10th, 1995                                        “Communing With God”                                                Mrs. N. Daniel


Jeremiah 1:4-10

In this Fellowship we stress the importance of God speaking to us and our speaking to God. This great lesson we have been learning we should not lose.

God spoke to Jeremiah that He had a great work prepared for him. God said to Jeremiah before he was born, He had chosen him to be a prophet to the nations. Jeremiah humbled himself and said, “I am a child and do not know now to speak.” Then God said, “Don't say you are a child,” and He stretched forth His hand and touched his mouth and put HIS words in his mouth.

Then God said, “You have to speak all the words I command you.” Vs.10 “See, I have this day set thee over the nations and over kingdoms, to root out and to pull down, to destroy and to throw down, to build and to plant.” What great plans God has for His people!

Prophets are required now to prophesy humbly, they themselves obeying the voice of God. The holy God wants His holy prophets to publish His holy gospel. We have not prepared such humble prophets who speak to God and who have God speaking to them. If we humbly go to God, then only God can prepare us to obey Him. But we are a calculating people. We want some advantages through following God. But God says to obedient people, “Rise up and go.” There were families also who were willing to obey Him. To Mary and Joseph God said, “Go” and immediately they rose up and went. So even families were ready to glorify God through obedience. Joseph was a prophet and Mary was a prophetess and they obeyed God. We need holy families with prophets and prophetesses ready to leave a place and go where God wants them to go to glorify God. Only when prophets are afraid they are put to confusion. Situations will arise when they can be put to confusion. David prayed, “Let me never be put to confusion.” When Jezebel said she would finish Elijah in a day, he arose immediately and ran away. Situations will come when we would like to run away. At such a time, we lose much of our faith in God. Jude Vs.20 says, “Building up yourselves on your most holy faith, praying in the Holy Ghost.” We have to learn this holy faith. In the life of faith, situations will arise when we do not know what exactly is God's will.

Jesus said, “It is good that I go away to the Father. Only then, the Holy Spirit who can lead you into all truth will be sent. And He will abide with you forever.” We have to learn more of this holy faith in this month of prayer. We must see that the Holy Ghost dwells in us always. He does not commit any mistakes. We can commit mistakes. But he corrects us. So we need the Holy Spirit in our hearts to guide us. We should get promises from God during this month. He wants to give us new promises to encourage us and to fit us for His holy ministry.

The last 60 years the Holy Spirit has led the Fellowship. We cannot do this work in our own strength. When the Retreat was before us, we said, “We can't do this work. We want the whole heaven to come and help us.” And God heard our prayers. He helped us just like that. Even the heat, we did not feel during the Retreat. God wants to hear our prayer. But we must be humble.

When God was to reveal to Isaiah His great plans, Isaiah said, “I am a man of unclean lips.” Because he was humble and confessed his condition, God cleansed him and put His word in his mouth.

When I first went into the presence of God in those days long ago, God said, “You are a foolish woman.” There are only two kinds of people on earth - the wise and the foolish. Because I was brought up in a pastor's family, I thought I knew prayer and how to read the Bible. But the Lord said I didn't have His wisdom. I shared with one of my sisters what God told me. She did not relish that statement. She didn't understand the difference between God's wisdom and human wisdom. Anyway we are foolish people, but God is wise. So God wants to give us His wisdom so that we may not make mistakes.

Right from 1935 God gave us the month of June as a month of prayer. He has given that to many people in the Fellowship. We must praise God for this. He has given us this month that we may rise up to His expectations. God's plan is that prophets, prophetesses, experienced servants of God and holy families should rise up in this Fel­lowship. God loves us. We should glorify Him.

We cannot escape trials of faith. Severe they may be sometimes. But He wants us to have victory. Christ is Victor and He wants us also to be victors. God has given us this month that we may spend time with Him and hear His voice and know His mind and obey Him. He wants us to inherit nations for Him.

You must all pray much for Joe. He has to decide many things. God's plan is we should all live long and serve Him and glorify Him. May God bless us!