July 7th, 1963                                         The River of God                                             Late Mr. N. Daniel


Ezekiel 47:9 “Everything shall live whither the river cometh.”         


This is the promise given to the Fellowship this summer in the month of prayer. We prayed on the hills that God may use our lives and God gave us this promise. When we are born into this world we are sent with a purpose. Every family can live for a purpose. Hannah's family lived like that. She had no education. God's denial to her was a blessing. When she had no children, she went to God. Because we have everything we need, we don't go to God. Hannah went to God and discovered a great thing in her life that she was going to be the mother of a great prophet. That son would be the leader of that nation to guide it. In my town, when I was a child there used to be many men like prophets. They prepared themselves to appear before God in prayer. But now that river does not flow. Selfish men have risen up. In Tiruchi, I met God in a place every evening. The river Cauvery which flows there is a life-saving river. It is a river with water. Mettur dam is the source of it. If a family fears God and if it is nurtured in the Word of God, it will be a river one day. Hannah was the source of a river. Hannah drew very close to God. Her husband supported her. What a vision and devotion she had! She refused to go to Shiloh every year as was her custom. The child was old enough to be left behind without her. She did not think of herself. How to leave my only child in a faraway place? Some missionary mothers found it very difficult to send away their children to their own countries for education. It is not easy. But it was an act of faith. I greatly appreciate Hannah's devotion. Because of her son the fear of God came upon the nation. If a nation becomes religious through your son, it is a great blessing.

Jesus is looking at your families. We are happy with our children. Are they going to become a river? Your family is there to create an atmosphere where great rivers will have their source. Don't take your family lightly. Your home may provide you many comforts. But is it a comfortable place for God? When we believe in Jesus, we have connection with heaven. When our homes are hallowed and your nature is sanctified, angels will come and dwell in your house. Through Jesus we are related to heaven. When children are given to us, they are like angels. God has a life for them and a provision for their training. In your words etc .. your children must not see such things as lust and pride. 

Suppose you migrate to another country, your neighbour will see something new in your life and they will receive blessings through your children's lives. A God fearing family will have an influence upon the congregation (Church). Families excel in vanity, lust, pride and then ruin themselves. The behaviour of girls is contagious. So it must be holy. Others will copy them. You surrender your will to Jesus' will. He that doeth the will of God will live. Children of such families listen to the message and do it in their life. A group of boys and girls will rise up and follow their example.

You may gather in the name of Christ, but have you got the Spirit of Christ? Would Hannah go with Samuel to such spiritless mothers' meetings? Samuel will be listening to Hannah's story telling. Peninah's children would learn to quarrel always. Hannah would not have allowed Samuel to go and play with those children. Hannah would have asked Samuel to help her in the house. There was prayer in her house. Peninah and her children were like wild animals growing around them. Samuel was different. Joseph in Potiphar's house was different. What his father had taught was still ringing in his ears. Daniel in the king's palace was different. When the king's food was brought, Daniel would have closed his nose against it while another group of boys just swallowed the food. Is there God's blessing in the food we eat? We belong to the living God. We never tell lies. We never worship idols. Very soon Daniel and his friends became a river. People began to listen to them. Three of them were thrown into the fire but it could not consume them. They were untouched by fire. Lions feared to touch Daniel. Angels were there. If you spend the day carefully, angels come and visit you in the night, when you sleep. If whatever you learn of God you believe and remember, one day you will overcome the evil one. The Word of God is in your heart. It won't evaporate from your heart. If the parents don't believe, children can lose what they have learnt. Children notice your prayer and your Bible reading.

Hannah produced a river. Jacob produced another river which flowed into Egypt and produced wheat for a starving nation.

Can we find a man like Joseph? ... said Pharaoh. Can we find a young man whose word will be God's word? What a blessing it is to be without lust and pride but saturated with the Word of God! When sinful thoughts strike such a one they are simply destroyed. No wicked thought can prosper there. At the table, and while playing games, there is no possibility of evil thoughts getting established in those with you. They will be saved by being with you. This is God's purpose for you. Pray that God may make you such a river. You have many relatives. Let them also get converted. The foot of the Cross is the place where God will make us a river. Wherever it goes, the dead will live.

Some are spiritually at the verge of death. They ruin their family. A pure heart and a clean conscience makes it possible for the life of Jesus to flow into you and through you. Hudson Taylor was a river. Judson of Burma was another river. Though he lost his wife and children, the river did not stop flowing. Is your faith firm in the death and resurrection of Jesus? You must know that God is with you.