July 8th, 1961                          “God is a Loving God”                            LATE MR. N. DANIEL


Exod. 3:7 "And the Lord said, I have surely seen the affliction of my people which are in Egypt, and have heard their cry by reason of their taskmaster; for I know their sorrows."


God is a loving God. All the afflictions of His children are before Him. He sees all our afflictions and how we are reacting to them. Are we casting ourselves on God? There is no affliction in your home that is not seen by God which He does not use to draw you close to Him. Some of our afflictions are of our own making.

God gives us light in those matters.  Moses had no spiritual fellowship in the palace. He treasured up in his mind the stories of Abraham, Joseph and Isaac which his parents told him.


We may have knowledge but we may not know how to act unless we have directions. Moses acted erroneously and had to flee from the country. There he had to be cleansed from dependence on himself. When you are in a deep God-fearing fellowship you will be cleansed from filthiness of the spirit. Moses would have meditated and prayed, while looking after the sheep. He must have felt defeated. We are never defeated while God is with us. God will fulfil all your sublime desires. Faith in the Saviour who died for you makes you an eternal personality. As you take in the Word, you are taking in power, because the Word is spirit and life. An intellectual man sees nothing in the Scripture. But a spiritual man takes in life and spirit. Your carnality dies and you are gathering in Jesus’ life. Certainly you will become strong in spirit. You can't be misled by evil spirits.


In my youth the Bible became the source of my existence. I poured over the Scripture. Hence I was not misled by people with strange spirits. Once a man's spirit is caught by an evil spirit it is very hard to be delivered. Do not rush here and there. Sit at the master’s feet and learn His word.


God met Moses. God said He saw the afflictions of His people. He wanted to deliver them.  Moses' parents gave him sound knowledge which he developed later into wisdom. He was asked to go and tell Pharaoh that God met him. God equipped him to say that. We have to declare God's will boldly, and God will reward us.