July 8th, 1962                         “Get Thee Out of Thy Country”                         Late Mr. N. Daniel


Genesis 12:1 “The Lord had said unto Abram, Get thee out of thy country and from thy kindred and from thy father's house unto a land that I will show thee.”


              The same thing God tells every individual today. We have to leave our father's house if that is a place where Christ is not the Lord. You leave your father's house because you have a greater Father. He wants to shield you and support you and make you one of the mighty sons of God. He wants to give you the wealth of heaven which will last forever. He wants to give you faith in 'the everlasting God', Leave your kindred. Leave them so that you may join the kindred of faith. Leave your country if it is an idolatrous country. If you are in an idolatrous atmosphere God will ask you to leave it. It you are among a kindred which is full of darkness, which cannot contribute to your spiritual life, leave it. This is a very clear guidance. Even today many Christian parents are hard at heart. They are still following the ancestral customs of the heathen. You cannot make any progress in that house. When God gives you a counsel that is clear, you have to obey. Surely, He doesn't want you to make compromises and adjustments in your obedience. You must free yourself from everything that hinders your life in God. It does not mean that you should hate your kith and kin. If your kith and kin have contracted cholera, you would not go and stay with them or dine with them. If you get into the habit of conversing freely with heathen people you will be taking in dangerous thoughts. If your relatives are infected with small-pox you will avoid their house. But if you are a doctor you will go as a doctor to treat them.

              When boys and girls are converted, they do not make progress because of their relatives. Finally they say, "Where is the promise of God? Where is the victory?" But God says, "Where is your obedience to my words?' If Abraham had stayed in his own place among his kith and kin and after 30 years asked, “Where is the progress in my life?” What would God say? God has said, "I will make you a great nation. It was fulfilled because Abraham obeyed God. The Jews in the time of Jesus persecuted Him and so they suf­fered. They drew God's judgments upon themselves. But even today when Hitler drew his sword against the Jews, he perished, as God's promises are still following them.

              When parents leave a blessing through obedience, it follows their progeny for generations. God will not take away the blessing but children can add many curses. But what the parents had earned will never be lost. The Jews are a very intelligent people. They have given us great scientists. Einstein, the great mathematician, was a Jew. He foretold the destructive power of the atom bomb. Today those calculations are very true. Many doctors, lawyers and very wealthy people are found among the Jews. But their riches lead them nowhere. They still look for the promise of the Messiah. They do not know that it was fulfilled in Jesus.

              If God tells you, 'I will make you a blessing', you are happy. Every young man can see the fulfillment of this promise. How? By not being unequally yoked with unbelievers. By leaving idolatrous places of their birth. If a young man understands the meaning of the counsel of God and follows it, he will be rich. He need not need to run after money. His riches are with God. Every child of his will be a blessing. What a store of wealth that would be! Do you know your wealth? Are you a blessed person? Or are you like a vessel full of holes? Are you cleansed? Is the word of God stored in your heart? As you get filled with the word of God, you are a mighty power. Faith in the living God grows in you. "I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee. In thee shalt all the families of the earth be blessed." Oh would to God we would comprehend the greatness of the word of God!

              God says you will be a blessing to all who contact you. You will say, “God is my shepherd; I shall not want.” Sickness will not overpower you, untimely death will not overtake you, wickedness will not prevail over your children, there will be peace in your home. No thief will attack your home. God will be with you in your journeys. Your wife will be an olive tree, around your table will be small olive plants. As soon as your head touches the pillow you fall asleep. You will have no doctor's bill to pay. This is being a millionaire. What Adam lost Abraham gained. What Eve lost Sarah gained. They were growing together in faith.

            Genesis 15:1 “I am thy shield.” If God is your shield, what will you lack? One man carried the shield before Goliath. But it was no protection to Goliath. David killed him. But God says, "I will carry the shield before you". If God is your reward, you will not lack anything. Aladdin had a lamp by which he got whatever he wanted. One cunning man came and through deceit stole the lamp. Aladdin became poor. If you lose God, you will become poor. God says,  I am thy reward.” What are the true riches of a Christian? God's promises. Have you got these promises?

              First of all have you come into His kingdom? Has He forgiven your sins? There begins your life. Then God begins to give you promises. God says you are not a slave. Before you were born again, you were servants or beggars. Many Christians are servants or beggars. I was preaching in a certain place. There was a clever man there. He didn't want to confess or repent. He travelled by bicycle 40 miles and preached to others to please the local missionary. Satan tells such people, “Go and preach.” They hide sins like adultery and preach. Satan laughs at them, Those who hide sin - what will they preach? The consciousness of sin will hinder them every step of the way. A certain woman came and attended our meetings. The Holy Spirit came down on the people. She confessed her sins and prayed. Her husband wasn't there then. When he heard of what had happened he sent her away. But she began to prophesy. The husband was taken aback. He felt drawn towards her. She received much wisdom from God. Her confession made her like an angel.

              The wickedness in our churches is sadly seen in young men who live in adultery. They somehow marry people who are not converted. The younger ones also follow their example. Hagar only wanted the wealth of Abraham 's house. Her eyes weren't on the spiritual riches of Abraham. God's blessings will follow for a 1000 generations. If Hagar had had faith, her son would have been blessed richly. Sarah said, “He must go away. Hagar's family will be a curse to Isaac.”

              There are donkeys in the streets. Don’t befriend donkeylike boys. Isaac was not an ordinary son- he was a divine gift. Through him, God's name would be glorified. God said Sarah was right. Isaac must not have this friend – Ishmael. The tongue of Hagar must not be heard anymore in that home. God's eyes are on the faithful women who are the saviours of the world. God wants young women to be faithful. God will bless you with an Isaac. Your faith will flourish in Isaac. What is your wealth? Some receive promises but they don't see their fulfilment. Therefore they are poor and pitiable. Are you sleeping over the promises you received? God reminded me of His promises to me and called me to claim them. Isaiah 45:3; 44:3; 60:22. Claim the promises. Heb 6:12.

              Rev. 19:13 His name was The Word of God. Are you living the Word of God? Christ wants to give you His life. He wants to give promises, and wants to fulfil them. When you fulfil His word, the armies of heaven will follow you. Wherever Abraham went, angels went with him. It will be so with you too. Let us live the Word.


Abraham was not perfectly obedient. But he learnt obedience. When we are the children of God, we learn obedience to God. Many people lightly throw away God's blessing. Hagar wanted to flee. Did she understand the blessing of Abraham's house? An Egyptian woman will not understand and cannot live in God's house. She will find it irksome to be with the children of God. She will flee. She brought up Ishmael as an Egyptian boy. Sarah was shrewd and clever to discover the truth. She had eyes to search out the truth and hearing ears. Our wealth is the Christian training in a Christian house and a Christian Church.

              The company of God's children creates an atmosphere in which evil influences can't touch us. Hagar did not understand or possess these blessings. Sarah was once behind Abraham in the walk of faith. In this situation, she seemed to be ahead of Abraham to lead him. God said, “Listen to her.”

              The Lord visited Sarah. It was a great blessing. It made all the difference in her life. An angel came to Hagar too. But it did not make that difference to her. Many take God and His gifts lightly. Even your testimony and the healing power God has given you - do not use them anywhere and everywhere. Use these gifts in such places where Jesus may be glorified.