July 10th, 1963                                      " I am the Way, the Truth and the Life"                                 Late Mr. N. Daniel

John 14 : 6

"Jesus saith unto him, ‘I am the way, the truth and the life’." There is no other way in the world. The world cannot change the Word of God. He gave His life to speak the truth. He says that He is the Way and the truth. If you miss the truth you miss life. Once a family went to a new city. A member of the family, a young man, wanted to buy clothes. He said, "Show me a shop where people will speak the truth and sell me good clothes." You know how dishonest some shops are. Some years back I was leaving the city and needed to buy cloth for a coat. I went to Moore Market. They treated me respectfully and sold me what they said was good cloth. But my tailor said that it was shop-soiled. It would not stand even one wash. The tailor was right. That coat did not stand a single wash.

When you want to choose your life-partner, you seek a family where truth is spoken. You do not want to marry a mad girl. People try to give in marriage their daughters who had attacks of mental sickness without disclosing this. I know the case of a man going into blindness. He got married without disclosing this fact. This is the world. Jesus says, "I am the truth. Believe me. I will lead you into eternal life, into perfect life, health and peace." He will lead you into eternal life. Why trust others? Jesus says, "Is there anything in My life which is shady? Did you see Me on the cross? Did you see Me when pierced by nails? Was there any deceit in Me? Did you not see love and only love in Me? Then believe Me. I am the way, the truth and the life." Dear people, do not be deceived! Young man! When you commence your youth look at Him and be blessed. As a young man, I did not want to yield my life to any vain thing. I believed this verse. "I am the way, the truth and the life." Many school-mates and college-mates wanted to drag me into the world. "Is it God’s way?" I would question, "the way of One who spoke no lie?" He sealed His words with His blood. Those who followed Him became world-changers and world powers. Kingdoms were shaken by them.

Today Jesus says, "I am the way". Why do Christians fail? They don’t believe Him. Some believed Him for the advantages they would get. Follow Him and believe Him and you will find your whole life turned into gold. Your very touch will be a healing touch and your little home will be a little heaven. If you follow His truth, you will marvel at your own children. "What! Is this not my boy? What a wonder it is to see he has become a power!" He speaks the truth.

What is the truth that can bring you to the place of eternal life where there will be no disappointment or defeat for you? There is no defeat in Jesus. When Jesus says, "I am the way, let us believe it. In him you will find all that you want to find. It is not gold or silver. What is the use of gold and silver? I know a woman with plenty of gold and grand clothes. As she was dying she wanted to set her eyes once more on them. With one longing look at them she breathed her last. She had a beautiful daughter; the mother never taught her the truth of Jesus. That daughter suffered much in her life- all for want of the truth. I have seen families where truth was inculcated. When children said, "We want you to live longer." They prayed and saw that life was extended. In Christ there is no failure. He is the truth and there is "life" in Him. If you choose the truth you find you have chosen life also. Whoever comes within the influence of your life will become a changed man. He may be a thief but He will be changed. I have seen thieves who are changed are able to heal snake-bites and sick people. When wicked people came to them they were changed.

Isaiah 56:10 God is speaking about the leaders of the world. They do not ever bark. They will not wake up a sleeping family at the approach of thieves. When there is danger they do not sound the warning. They love slumber. They are greedy dogs. Leaders in nations are like that. They are greedy dogs. They do not know what is harmful. It becomes a leadership into sin, lies and impurity. When I was a boy when I crossed the boundary of our Christian colony, I used to hear people using bad words. All kinds of wicked things happened there. I saw temples and they were full of nude images. Alas! What chance is there for those Hindu boys and girls? I tried to teach them but I thought I was doing a vain thing because they would go and worship those idols afterwards.

Isaiah 58:9 God says this: "If you call me I will say, ‘Here am I’." What a responsive God! What a sense of responsibility He has! "My child is calling. Here am I." (Vs. 11) You will be a watered garden and build the ruined places. It is God’s Word. It must happen in your life. Girl or boy! Your prayers will never be in vain. Wherever you go you will set things right since God Almighty is with you. "I will pray for this sick man and that miserable family," you will say. If we are all united and look at the Cross, a new power and a new hope will come into us. It will no longer be you but the truth. He will bless you and use you.