July 14th, 1962                          “The Love of God”                                LATE MR. N. DANIEL


I John 4:12,13


John lived longest among the 12 disciples. He spoke much about love. Christianity teaches us the mystery of love. Alexander the Great was a warrior-king. He never met with defeat in battle with men. But he was defeated by the mosquito. Jesus was never defeated. Jesus' love is not the kind of love relatives have for one another. His love was the love of God. He was the concrete shape of love. Jesus shed tears, but that was not the indication of defeat. He showed that all power was given unto Him. If any young man or woman can be like Jesus, it is a great blessing. God wants to make us small Jesuses. If we are ready, the Holy Spirit can come and make us like Jesus. Jesus died for this purpose. In other religions, people carry on their devotions with sins in their hearts. There is no power in us to get rid of our sins. To make us powerful, our sins must be taken away. Jesus rejoiced when He died. "It is finished", He said, "it is achieved. I can produce men like Me." The Bible tells about forgiveness. He is a God of forgiveness. The man who murdered the Prime Minister of Ceylon was executed. He declared that there was no forgiveness in any other religion. He knew that this is found only in Christianity he said. He took baptism and declared it. It is a great privilege to be born in a Christian home. Children must know this. They are on their way to heaven today because there is forgiveness with Jesus. Jesus forgives sins and helps us to obey His commandments. "I will sprinkle clean water upon you and ye shall be clean". Ezek. 36:25. When a man’s sins are forgiven, his life is powerful. His actions and words are powerful. Why? His sins are gone. He walks in the commandments of God. Christ is the solution for sick and suffering people. If there is the love of Christ in us, our life will be a creative power. We see unhappy families. Sickness and sin are there. But your sins are forgiven. Perhaps you are not a power today. But one day you will say, "I can do everything by the grace of God". Because of the love for my parents I was able to do anything. Because of the love for Christ you will do everything.


If you receive the gospel, God will give you whatever you need. God will give you back lost sons and the healing of ruined families.


Many are sad. They need the gospel. It's the remedy for all the ills of the world. That is why I am happy, I know the Word. At the foot of the cross, at an open grave, many times I ask a question: “Why can't I love so and so?” If I could love him, I could do something for him. When you walk in His commandments, the Holy Spirit will be with you and you will walk in love. If you marry, you will love your wife very sincerely. You will praise God even for the flowers that bloom around you. Even they declare the skill of the hands of God. Do you show forth God when you walk along the streets, like the flowers do on the fields? Does your life bring joy to your parents? Are you a blessing? When you waste your youth, you can't be a blessing. When God gives you a child, you can make her an angel or a worldly woman. She can be a blessing to the family, the church, the town and the whole nation. God can change the whole world. God wants us to love one another. When a person comes to you in trouble, send prayers up to heaven for him. Don't leave God until He answers your prayers. When we are united, there is nothing we cannot do. What is the use if evil thoughts overpower you?   There is love and holiness for you in God. Your words will be powerful. Your children will be blessed by the words of your mouth. If you read the Bible carefully, it will purify your blood. The Word is a wholesome food for you. This book, the Bible, is given to us. No other book in this world can compare with it. I love this nation sincerely, but there is no leader to lead our country to peace.


If there is the possibility of helping an individual or a family, I will preach to them. I will preach as long as there is breath in me. From today onwards let us seek this love. By His death this love can find entry into us.