July 14th, 1963                                   Dependable Faith in God                                     Late Mr. N. Daniel


Matthew 8:25 "And his disciples came to him, and awoke him, saying, Lord, save us: we perish."


The disciples were really in danger in the midst of the sea. They had not ever seen a storm like this. Everyone has to face storms in life. Once we were sleeping with our little children in a thatched shed on the terrace of our house when a fierce storm broke out over us. The shed did not even seem to move while trees were uprooted not far from us. Only when big storms come people go to God. It should not be so. God wants us to go to Him always: He is intent on preparing us to get more faith. The disciples saw many miracles but this storm made them scream with fear.

To sit with Abraham is a great blessedness. It indicates a quality of faith. Abraham, Isaac and Jacob were men of faith. They prepared their progeny to receive Christ. Is there in you a hope that there will be a prophet in your progeny. A woman like Mary, the mother of Jesus did not come to be all of a sudden. A nation had to be prepared for such a one to be born and nurtured. They had to have received and obeyed the commandments of God. Even children must obey the commandments.

Ruth, a heathen woman, became a woman of faith. You may have a good desire to be a grandmother of a great prophet as Ruth was, but then let the Word of God go into you.

When there is a storm, faith comes into operation. Isaiah 58:9 "Then shall thou call and the Lord shall answer." Is God such a humble person that if your obey His commandment, He will be at your beck and call? He never denied His presence whenever I called Him. When Jesus healed others, the faith of the disciples was increasing. It was very good to be with Jesus when He was awake and when He was healing the sick, the lame and the blind, but when He was sleeping the winds were blowing fiercely. It was a test of faith. If you do not have a right relationship with Him, you will be afraid of waking Him.

The disciples did not wake him immediately because of their respect for Him. That is faith. Their eyes were on Jesus. It was faith. Many hands pointed to Him as they conferred among themselves. It was faith. These disciples had been with Jesus. When tempests come, your hands will also be raised towards Him. He will not wake up easily. Why? To test your faith. It is not like asking a mother for candy. She rises and gives. These are storms to build your faith. He lets them rage for some time.

If you eat the candy in the book of life your eyes will be on Jesus, when the tempest comes. A certain girl in Africa was persecuted to compel her to leave Jesus. She was tied to a tree and was left there in the forest all the night. A lion came and walked around her. But it did not attack her. She had faith and her faith grew through this experience. Those who put their trust in God will not be put to confusion.

One day you may be in a boat gliding over the waters. A storm comes and rocks the boat and it appears to overturn any moment. When you are about to be drowned, whom will you look to? Jesus! Even during clear weather your soul will cry, “Oh, Jesus, I want only Thee -- if I find Thee, I find everything.” Have you ever said that?

Your eyes will ever be on Jesus. You cannot depend on the boat. It will shake and rock. Your financial stability and the health of your family may shake. Your country may pass through crisis. Yet your eyes will be on the dependable Saviour.

When Jesus was on land, the disciples saw many miracles. But on the sea .. ? there also your faith must be wakened.

These disciples were not praying. What is prayer? It is nothing but waking up Jesus, the master of nature. When you call on His name, the rocks break down, rivers stop flowing, the sea parts and stands like a wall. Are you keeping silent unable to pray in the storm? Until you wake him up. He will be as sleeping until faith begins to operate in you.

"We are perishing." - this was their imagination. Is it possible that you perish when Jesus is in your boat? Jesus is with you. Are you one that never crosses His laws? Do you hold on to God's words and live by it? When Jesus appears to sleep, you will still call Him. "Here am I – Oh wave, you stop yourself. The waves will be subdued into stillness and you will be full of joy.