July 16th, 1995                                          “Learning Christ”                                              Mrs. N. Daniel


Let us see from the Word of God what the Lord Jesus said. Matthew 11:28-30 “Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.” This is the call of Jesus Christ. This is the call for all of us. We are yet to learn more of Christ. Jesus Christ said, “Come unto Me and learn of Me, for I am meek and lowly in heart.” So in this one life, we have to learn Christ, we have to live Christ and we have to glorify Christ. This is what we should learn in this one life. Those who are converted will have their names written in the Book of Life, and they have special teaching. They have to put on Jesus Christ also in this one life and glorify God.

Our Fellowship is yet to learn to be meek and lowly in heart. The Holy Spirit God will be the teacher for everyone who is converted. Only one subject is taught in this School of God's children. Because we have to live Jesus and give Jesus, we must have that learning as the goal of our life. In this one life we have to glorify God and we have to be in God's will. When Jesus Christ came into this world, He did not come with wealth for us, but He came according to God's will, and He wanted people to learn that they had a Father in heaven. He taught, “God is love”. So, He wanted every child to have this love for God and learn these teachings of heaven. And, Jesus will teach faith in God. He did not bring anything from heaven. He taught love and faith to His children. We do not know how to live by faith.

When we, as a family, were learning from Jesus Christ these truths, we had the call. Till that time we were glorifying God in our own place amongst our own people. In our work in our schools, we were leading students to Christ and there was revival in our schools; and teachers were converted and many people in the church were converted; many families were converted. And when we were so happy and comfortable, and had four children, God called us. We did not hesitate to follow Him having a calculating mind. When the call came, we rejoiced. In this place, we did not know the language. Where our children would study, we did not know. But, with Jesus Christ we came into this city. Jesus taught us faith in Him. He gave promises to us. So we came and learnt the language to some extent, and we have been working for the Lord all these years.

My son Joe loves young people. My love is for families, because parents must take the responsibility of training children to work for the extension of the kingdom of God with our children. So we began to work in a small way in the beginning. We came into this city, with no money but God said He would provide. So with this promise we came. So all these years heaven is helping us. Jesus has been with us in our problems. Because Jesus Himself lived in this world, He knows all our problems. And so, He is interceding for us in heaven. In the recent Retreat, we said, “Lord, unless the whole heaven comes here and helps us, we cannot manage.” All these years He has been so faithful. He is still teaching us great faith in God.

When the disciples came to Jesus and said, “Why have we failed to help this possessed person?” He said, “You haven't got that faith; if you have faith as a grain of mustard seed, you can move these mountains.” So, I always learn more of this mustard seed faith, because Jesus said, “If you have faith like this seed it will grow up into a big tree, and the birds of the air will come and settle there, and so it will become useful.” Many people know a mustard seed, but we only know how to swallow it! Everyday all of us have been eating mustard seeds because they add flavour to our meals, but we never see the Word that Jesus said, “All things are possible if you have faith as a mustard seed.” In Matthew 17:20 you can read it. All of us have got problems, but have we got that kind of faith? I generally take some mustard seeds and keep them on my table. I gave one seed to a Western lady. For her, to hold it even was very hard. But when she took it, she told me, “At home I have so many problems.” But I said, “If you have this kind of faith, all your problems will be solved, says God's Word.” So last year I asked her, “What did you do with that seed?” She opened her Bible and showed the seed to me and said, “I stuck it here and it is speaking to me.” She started praying, “Lord, give me at least this much faith.” Their family problems were solved. That family which was separated, God is now uniting. And she is learning Christ, trying to live Christ and glorify Christ.

The first convert in our Fellowship was a young girl. When my hus­band went and preached in different places, one girl of 18 years got con­verted. She found the speaking God. God spoke to her. The man of God said, “If you fall on your knees and pray, God will speak.” When she knelt down to pray, her knees began to pain. But she got some support and continued to pray until God spoke to her. God told her, “Take a pencil and paper and start writing.” God told her to write down all the promises He would fulfil in her life. God said, “You have to go wherever I lead you. You have to speak the words which I put in your mouth.” As a first woman preacher she was invited to preach. And, she used to preach like an angel of God. She was a great help to me spiritually when I wanted to learn God speaking to me. And till now, that blessing has not left me. But, we have to glorify God in this one life. Whatever we speak, the Words of God will be a blessing to others.

Yesterday when I was coming to the meeting, a little child for whom I had prayed in the name of Jesus Christ was brought to me. That doctor's wife came and asked for prayer. They were returning from Apollo Hospital, nearly 10 years after their marriage, and they were told, “You will have no children.” She said, “But we have come for prayer.” So, by faith and prayer they got that child. The father is a doctor. Yes, the boy is growing up. Not only that, in other countries also we want to glorify God: Once a Catholic sister was coming with crutches. I was standing at the entrance to the Prayer Hall then and I said, “Sister, leave those crutches there, and in the name of Jesus, go in.” And she left them there and started walking! So, great things we have to do for the glory of God.

We women think, “What shall I cook? What shall I make for tea?” Only these things we think of all the time, all the days of our life! But, God calls us for His glory. God gives us love for needy people and sick people. I don't know how God will glorify Himself through your life. He gives us love and faith and a great share in His power. And, he will give us the whole heaven's help, angels' help. And when you are praying, angels will come and talk to you and you will talk to angels. And you will have that heavenly protection. Then He will give you rest and peace. There is no rest for the people of this generation. But God wants to take all your burdens on Himself and make you free from all this love and cares of the world. But, Satan wanted to make Jesus a lover of this world and money. But when He prayed for all of us and the people in heaven, He overcame Satan and got victory over the love of the world. Satan showed Jesus all the beautiful creations of the Father and said, “I am going to give you all this.” Those things were not attractive for Jesus. He defeated Satan and did not set His love upon worldly pleasures and worldly things. So He said, “I have overcome the world, and you too will overcome.” So set your love on the things of God and not on money, not on clothes, not on this or that. Jesus did not sin at all when He was a young man. No sin got into Him, because He had close contact with heaven. So He did not come to sin in this world, but He came to show us God, so that we will be victors. We are learning now that Christ is Victor, and we too will become victors.       

So, let us give our hearts to Christ and learn Christ, live Christ and glorify Christ. Please pray for me.