July 20th, 1960                                "She lighted off her donkey, to make a request"                          Late Mr. N. Daniel

Joshua 15:18 & 19

She lighted off her ass in order to make a request. Many of us are riding asses and those asses are of our own choosing. They have brought into us pride. You cannot make a request sitting on such an ass. The ass may be your own satisfaction with your prayer. You must get down. In many places which we visited many confessed their sin and learnt to pray. A certain man began to pray for money for the education of his son. Wonderfully God sent him two thousand rupees. He could not get a seat in M.A. and when they prayed, he got one. All these prayers were self-centered. They were not prayers to conquer themselves or their vile nature. It is not enough if one leaves Egypt. One has to march and march till he reaches the promised land. He has to face the Amalekites. He has to halt at Horeb and receive the law of God and be taught of Him. Israel saw the glory of God in Horeb. They were afraid to hear God directly. They thought they would die. Later they sent spies to the land of promise. Of the twelve, only two knew the Lord. The ten others brought an evil report and all the congregation wept. God said they were unworthy to enter the promised land. From then on the pillar of fire led them away from the promised land. Thirty-nine years they wandered until all those who wept died. Those who do not have the proper degree of faith cannot step into the promised land.

Caleb’s daughter got down from the ass. It took 39 years for Israel to get off their ass. She asked her father who had given her the south land to give her springs of water. God has promised us much people in this city. Her father gave her the upper springs and the lower springs. When our self dies and God’s glory becomes our only aim we receive springs of water. God wants to give us those springs. Many who were converted in our meetings began to ask for many things but all of them were worldly blessings for themselves and their families. Seek the kingdom of God first. If you find in your heart a desire to do something towards the material welfare for your family, do not yield to it, but go on seeking the kingdom of God. You will find the kingdom of God extended and also your desire for your family strangely fulfilled.