July 23rd, 1994                                        “Our God is Holy”                                                Mrs. D. Daniel


Psalm 93:5; Psalm 96:6,7 & 8. Holiness becometh the house of God. God has given us a nice place, and it is His house. It is a great opportunity given to us to live in that house. Psalm.96:9. God says first of all that we are the temples of the living God and the Holy Spirit dwells in us. God wants to put His Word in our hearts. So, we have to keep our bodies holy and the house of God also where we worship, we must keep it holy. God always wants us to be holy people. Our God is holy, and we have to live holy lives before Him.

Here new boys have come to learn the Word of God When I stand before you, I see that all of you are very young and you have so many years before you to walk with God, to learn of Christ and to become Christ-like. God first said, “I am holy; I am your Father, I am holy. You are my children, you must be holy.” God has given us a nice place to pray and to worship Him. But, I am very much concerned those days as to whether we can keep this house of God as holy as God expects it to be.

Though we have the invitation to go abroad to help a few needy people in England and in America, my concern is about the people here - how they will be praying; how they will keep the house of God. Great things will happen in this house of God, when it is kept holy. People will think that it is a hard job to keep such a big hall clean. Not just clean, it must be kept holy because ‘Holiness becometh the house of God.’ A big responsibility is upon us to keep this house of God holy for God to dwell here. Otherwise, devils will come into the house of God. When we give them room devils will come. Satan and the powers of darkness are waiting to trouble God’s servants. The devil wants neither the senior servants nor the younger servants of God to live and preach the Word of God to the present generation. He is watching whom he can catch and whom to spoil. So, with fear and trembling, we have to walk before God and in the house of God.

God wants to send His angels here to help us and to carry our prayers into the presence of God and bring answers to us from heaven. We each have our own angel to help us. When we are keeping our bodies which are the temples of God holy, then we have angels of God to help us and protect us when the evil spirits attack us. When Peter was keeping himself holy, living a life of abiding in God, an angel was sent to the prison to bring him out of the prison. The Church was praying, but when Rhoda went to the door and said ‘Peter is standing outside’, they didn’t believe at first. Then they said, “perhaps it is his angel”, that is, ‘Peter’s angel’. We have got our own angels of God to guide us, to protect us and to help us. God has not left us to suffer alone. We have learnt in the Fellowship that Christ is Victor. A certain man comes every Sunday and says ‘I become so tired and weak in my work that I can’t even stand, but I always remember you say that Christ is Victor. When I say, Christ is Victor, I am strengthened’. Our God is power, and our Christ is Victor and we have the Word that is power. The Gospel is power and His love is power. His Spirit is power. God wants to bless us to be partakers of all these blessings of Christ. So converted people have been well provided by God to keep themselves holy for God. James 1:27. We should not be without bridles to our tongues. True religion always has a bridle to the tongue. Only thus the power of God comes out of our mouths as prophecy and that will help the hearer to come to the Lord. We should not be talking and talking. When the Lord says “Open your mouth” , we have to open it. God’s servants preserved their bodies as the temples of the living God. Though we have invitations to go to other places, I am very afraid whether all of you will keep this place holy because holiness becometh the house of God, and your bodies holy as the temples of the living God. And when you are careful this way and praying, then it will be a great blessing to the ministry. I will tell you one or two instances how your prayers will be powerful and useful when we go abroad for ministry:

One sister Ornald, was coming to the Retreats in Germany with crutches. I was at the entrance and I said, “Sister, leave your crutches here, and go to the prayer meeting.” So she left her crutches there and walked into the prayer hall. That’s all, she started walking after that. Bro. Gunter’s mother-in-law was a Catholic lady. She was in bed. She had fallen and broken her leg. The doctors had told her, ‘You cannot walk again; you have to be in bed only.’ Then we went there for prayer. I said to her, “I have a medicine. If you take that medicine, you will walk again. Do you want that medicine?” She said, “I want that medicine”. So I said, “In the name of Jesus, in the name of Jesus, in the name of Jesus, you will receive healing.” She exercised faith. And the Lord healed her. Now she attends our Sunday worship. The place of worship is upstairs. These people have become witnesses to the power of God. One man came to the prayer meeting and in the middle was walking out. God had great plans for him. He had lost his wife in an accident and he was depressed. I called someone and asked him to call him back. I asked him to stay till the meeting was over. The Lord blessed him and lifted him out of depression. He is happy today and all his family is happy and he is also serving the Lord. One woman came to see me and I asked her, “Where is your husband?” She said, “I divorced him. It is all finished. Now he is not staying with me.” I said, “What can I do for you? You must repent and go to your husband and ask his forgiveness.” When she went to her husband and asked pardon, he came back to live with his family. I won’t tell any more, but what I want to say is, “Christ is Victor”. We should not make Him appear to people as a weak person. How many great things God is doing in this house of God! God is using His servants. Prayers made with pure hearts, God is answering. We have been learning great faith. But if we are not holy people, God cannot be with us. And a host of devils will come into our families and lives. Converted people should have their goal to be holy and perfect, as it is said in the Bible. Converted David says in Psalm 101:2 “I will live in my house with a perfect heart.” What a determination he had as a father, king and servant of God! So if parents are perfect, there is hope for the children also to be perfect and holy. Here he is speaking about holiness and perfection. We should be perfect. Our saviour Jesus Christ is a perfect saviour. So He did a perfect ministry for the glory of God. He did not sin, there was no sin in Him, and he glorified God.

So when we work in various countries, we want those of you here to be holy, and in the house of God where you worship, worship Him in the beauty of holiness. Pray and support the work of God. If we are all holy, whole heaven will work with us. Thus in this year, we will be able to win multitudes of people for God and God will be glorified.