July 25th, 1959                                          “Believed in Hope”                                     Late Mr. N. Daniel


Romans 4:18 "Who against hope believed in hope, that he might become the father of many nations: according to that which was spoken, So shall thy seed be."

Abraham believed against hope. I was once in a train which was stranded in a place. It was unable to move because of the breaches on either side. There was no water in the engine to acquire sufficient steam pressure to move. Every one these days says he has faith. How much faith? Faith as much as not to be seen in action. God honoured Abraham’s faith because it was real faith. It was faith which made him move forward. When God called him, he obeyed and traveled away from the idolatrous place of his fathers. Every step he took in that direction was a step of faith. He came to the promised land. Abraham was a babe in faith at the time of the call. Abraham was a prince -- a very rich man. He had moved 600 miles to come to this place. God appreciated it. God said He would bless Abraham’s family. But where was the family? Lot was still with him. Lot was just enjoying the benefits of Abraham’s faith. He had no personal contact with God. He contributed no faith to this partnership with Abraham. He was a lover of the world. Lot chose a very beautiful land which was soon going to be destroyed.

Abraham refused the money of Sodom. If he took that money, his faith would suffer loss. Also that money was sinful money-the money of a king without principles. Abraham was obeying God and rejecting gold. These two go together. Genesis 15:1-6. Abraham believed God. Everyone says he believes. What is the strength of that belief? Does it lend itself to action? To get a great son, is it easy? Fourteen years later God again told him, “Abraham, be perfect before me” God considered Abraham’s faith as righteousness. The devils have a belief in God which does not allow them to act in obedience. Have you got faith of the right kind that makes you move forward? Every step you take in obedience is a blessing for you. Don’t allow any leakage in your faith. A bad friend with loose talk is a leakage in your faith. Every evening when Jesus looked into the face of His Father, He was guileless and had not sinned against Him during the whole day. Just now Abraham seemed to have nothing but there came a time when he carried his son in his arms.