July 25th, 1963                             “The Song of the Heart”                                         Late Mr. N. Daniel


Psalm 137

Vs. 4 “How shall we sing the Lord’s song in a strange land?”


The Jews were musicians. They were great singers. They developed singing but they also developed a sense of God's presence. They could not sing just anywhere. They were being taken captive to Babylon. They took their harps with them. They were asked to sing. But they would not. They hung their harps on the trees. They said that their songs belonged to Zion and that they belonged to God. They would not sing their song in a strange land. They could not sing in a place where God's presence was not felt. We cannot go and pray everywhere. There are places of darkness. In certain places you may try and try but it is difficult to get into the spirit of prayer. Some of our consecrated girls say they cannot pray when they go home. Parents are angry about it. There is however one truth. Where God's presence is absent there you cannot pray. We used to experiment with oxygen. If you put a red hot splinter into a jar of oxygen, it immediately begins to burn. If you put it in a jar of nitrogen, the little glow will disappear. You cannot pray everywhere. In the company of God's children, the red hot splinter will burst into a flame. I was reading a magazine. There it said, 'We will get employed in a town where a brethren group is.' It is correct. They are a praying group. When I was a boy, I used to watch them sing. They loved to sing a lot. When I grew in spirit I felt like singing too. I like the prayer of certain groups. They are like jars containing oxygen.

Now we are going to Tambaram. We want many of you there. Your presence will add to the intensity of the oxygen for red hot splinters to burst into a flame. Your presence is of help. Do not say, 'I am not preaching; nor am I on the platform. So why should I be there?' But your heart is one with us, your thoughts are a help. You are a light by your thoughts. Jesus came into this world and He is the thought of God. Wherever He went that thought shone forth to all around. It saturated the house of Lazarus with the thought of God.