July 28th, 1963                                            Faith in God -II                                           Late Mr. N. Daniel


Acts 3:6 "Silver and gold have I none; but such as I have give I thee: In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth rise up and walk."

That was a fact. They were not rich. If they were rich they would have given the beggar some money. He would have praised them. John and Peter were not ashamed to make that statement. A Christian is not ashamed to be poor. He does not beg others. Begging others is not a dignified act. Some evangelists forget that they dishonour their God, by going from house to house expecting something. God's teaching is not that way. He is a wonderful and rich God. If you abide in Him always, you will lack nothing. If God allows you to starve, then that starvation has some meaning. With purpose God has allowed it. Your wants and sicknesses are blessing. The troubles you encounter are a blessing.

We won't say, "Silver and gold have I none, please give me some of what you have" because it is not in keeping with the status of a child of God. But Peter and John stated their lack of silver and gold with all their hearts. They remembered the day when Jesus came to them. Peter was told, "You are a rock." Have you the revelation of Jesus Christ? Then the church will be built on that. Hold on to the revelations of God.

Though Peter said he did not have silver, he had Jesus with him.

Peter once came out with the wisdom of his fleshly mind. He was very opinionative and strongly opposed Jesus going to the Cross and was rebuked by Jesus. We don't know how Peter felt that severe blow of rebuke. When a man like Jesus called him Satan, it is hard sometimes to take it. Satan in us also puts up his head. So God has to give a blow.

Peter forsook all. Matt. 19:27 "Jesus forbad, when you do like this you will have all the blessings." It is true Peter left all. Now the heavenly energy was flowing through his hand. It flowed and through the body of the lame man. Creative power and the healing of heaven was flowing out of Peter. God will restore the years of your life wasted by cankerworm and the palmerworm.

Do you know what Jesus will make of you if you follow Him? Many families will become happy. Many lame men who are parasites on society will receive strength to stand on their own feet. Poverty in India is due to lack of character. You will drive out poverty.

I don't want silver and gold. I found everything in Jesus. Uneducated as Peter shook a crowd by his sermon. Perhaps God rebukes you severely, but that does not matter. The rebukes of God are good. Ps. 141:5 How many broken hearts are you binding? In how many hearts are you creating the confidence that God can do all things for them.

Abraham said to the king of Sodom. "I don't want your money." Are you satisfied in your not having silver and gold? Have you got unshakable confidence in Jesus? This Fellowship was founded on that confidence. Your faith is a great contribution to this work.

We don’t have silver and gold. But we have all the things that God has for us. i.e. joy, health, peace, prosperity etc. God enables us to live for His glory. It will be very difficult for the next generation to forget you. Your children will bless you and say, “This my mother sowed faith in my heart, this my father, by his example led me into the right path. There are no negative forces or feelings in my house. When Jesus called me, my parents let me go. My parents did not hold me back.” What a grateful memory your children will treasure.