July 29th, 1959                                 “Qualified By God”                            LATE MR.N. DANIEL


I Thessalonians 2:1-10


Verse 4 “But as we were allowed of God to be put in trust with the gospel, even so we speak; not  as pleasing men, but God which trieth our hearts.”


St. Paul highly valued his appointment to preach the Gospel. A man who preaches the Gospel must be qualified before God as one who is examined and declared fit by the Holy Spirit. St. Paul had well prepared himself. He spent 3 years alone with God. He needed a certain amount of mental discipline and a certain amount of spiritual discipline and physical discipline. A Christian comes under the influence of the Holy Spirit the moment he is converted. The Holy Spirit strives with him to bring him to conform to the plan of God. The Holy Spirit prays through you and tries to take control of every aspect of your life so that you may be fit to carry the gospel of Jesus Christ to others. St. Paul laboured and travailed night and day. “Labour” we understand, but why travail? It is a wrestling with the powers of darkness. A travail in prayer is needed. Parents who know the Lord wrestle in prayer to bind all the powers of darkness that enter the home through the children or unconverted relatives.


Everything we do must contribute to our spiritual life. Talking must not be a pastime. As you are disciplining yourself physically, mentally and spiritually in the will of God, you are becoming an iron defence for your home. St. Paul did not use flattering words. Flattery is the most destructive weapon. A man who causes you wounds by speaking the truth to you truly loves you and does good to you. Always seek to tell the truth in love. If the person is not prepared, wait for an opportune moment when he will be ready to receive it. St. Paul did not speak with a covetous motive. This is a great temptation for preachers. We need not hint about our needs to others. God knows our needs and cares for us. This consciousness is our gain. Our great gain is that God is with us. To equip ourselves holily and unblameably in all aspects of our life is our gain. A Gospel worker is the one who gains the most. The winning of a soul is a great gain. We must be real evangelists. Do not flatter anybody.